Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Written by: Craig Shelton


Earlier this evening, a trusted HMW source spoke to us regarding the Houston Texans and their circumstance regarding the long-term futures of head coach, Gary Kubiak, and GM, Rick Smith. Our source indicated that Texans' owner, Bob McNair, is planning to retain both Gary Kubiak and GM Rick Smith for the 2011 NFL season. Our source went on to say that Bob McNair will require that Gary Kubiak fire embattled defensive coordinator, Frank Bush, and the entire Houston Texans' defensive coaching staff. Our source gave further indications that Gary Kubiak is not in favor of having to fire Bush and his defensive coaching staff.

Barry Warner of Sports Radio 610 reported that his sources tell him the Texans will retain Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak will be out. Warner added that the Texans top preliminary candidates are Hugh Jackson, Troy Calhoun, and former Texans assistant Mike Sherman.


When you hear that Gary Kubiak may not be on board with a mandate that would come from Texans owner Bob McNair, it can only lead one to speculate. Could and quite frankly should Gary Kubiak make the Denver leap? You have to ask why not? I mean, Kubiak is apparently revered by most Denver Bronco fans and is rumored to be coveted by Denver ownership as well. Kubiak is familiar with all things Denver.

Having coached and played there and coming in after this troubled season for the franchise, Kubiak would be a stable upgrade in character at least. Job security and fan-favor wise, taking on the Tim Tebow project would guarantee him a Bob McNair-like, brand spanking new five years of job security.


Further comments from the aforementioned HMW source suggested that a culture exists within the Texans organization that may value this coming Sunday's rumored fan protest outside Reliant Stadium as a needed eye opener for owner Bob McNair. If in fact there really is "smoke where there's fire" its appears the Reliant Stadium "roof is on fire"!

This should be a simple equation to navigate for Texan fans, but instead it's proven to be a stubborn barrier for fans to move past. "To march or not to march, that is the question?"

Honestly folks, as much as I can say I would never "March On Reliant", I certainly understand the mood of the fans. With that said, I'll amend my comments on "The Matt Thomas Show" on Tuesday (12/28) when I called Matt up on the air. At that time, I encouraged fans not to "rally @ Reliant".

My thinking was that it would have ZERO impact on the Texans brass, i.e., Bob McNair in their decision making format. Well after speaking to the HMW source, I want to encourage all fans to "RALLY @ RELIANT" on Sunday!

I believe Mr. McNair to be a passionate man with strong convictions who appears to have a good heart (see Texans Boys & Girls Club @ MLK Blvd. & Griggs Rd.) I feel McNair will likely have a positive reaction to a clean, organized, genuinely emotional fan rally with fans voicing their passion for the Texans. Hey, it's clear after watching the many ways Mr. McNair's players found ways to lose games this season that we know how to lose games down hear in Houston, Texas. We may as well show the nation and Mr. McNair how to bitch!

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Thomas said...

Oh man good one Bob McNair. You almost had me fooled. I was initially outraged when I read on message boards of Warner's inside info of leading candidates to replace Kubiak. I actually said to myself "I rather keep Kubiak if those are our choices."

I then went on SR610's website and listened to the podcast of the Eric Winston show. During the 2 minute drill segment, they played nothing but Pro Kubiak calls. I understand that SR610 and the Houston Texans are in bed together, but they don't need to insult our intelligence like that. You have to be living on Mars not to know that overwhelming majority of the Texans fan base wants Kubiak gone. Yet they want us to believe that its closer to 50-50 on whether to fire Kubiak.

After listening to that and reading your post on here, its pretty obvious the Texans leaked that list to SR610 to try to soften the fans' opinion on Kubiak. They are planning to keep him and are already in damage control mode.

Well played Bob, you almost had me.

badweatherman said...

Great post as always. Yes, Big Bob is probably trying to butter us all up for the disappointmemt that will be the retaining of Kubiak and Smith. Frankly, I would be okay with Smith getting the axe and Kubiak being retained - the problem with this team is personel first, then coaching. That is not to excuse the poor job that Frank Bush has done. This team flat out sucks on D. However, lets look at the other facets of this team that have fallen off: the O line and Matt Schaub. Eric Winston and Duane Brown have been inept at their positions. This team has no leadership that comes from the line. Strong personalities (or radio personalities for that matter) do not equate with leadership. Wade Smith and Caldwell have done a decent job this year, but the tackles and the center flat out suck. There is no way that the job Foster and leach have done can be minimized. Congrats to them!

I also think that we will find out that Schaub has been playing hurt this year. His throwing motion is not as sound as it was last year, and he has lost the zip that he had last year. It would not suprise me to find out that he has some sort of arm issue that will have to be addressed this offseason. I can live with Schaub for another season or two. Far too many other issues for this team to address.

My picks for a new GM would be Omar Khan from Pittsburgh or Reggie McKenzie from Green Bay. Both guys have spent time as integral parts of organizations that can find talent. The new GM should be in charge of hiring the new DC. Kubiak can not scout talent, and he sure as hell can't coach defense (or hire a decent DC). I think that Gary would flourish in a "less is more" environment.

Please Bob - hear the fans. Let's get this right.