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Date posted: 1/ 27/2011



Chad Ochocinco told Trey Wingo on NFL Live that he was going to change his name back to Chad Johnson and that he wanted to fight his coach, Marvin Lewis, on television. Since the Bengals were nowhere near the playoff action and since Ochocinco had a not so great season paired with his reality TV buddy, Terrell Owens, Chad probably wanted some attention.

Those remarks to Trey Wingo translate to: "Hey look at me!!! I really need some attention here and no one is looking my way. How outrageous do I have to be to get some attention here? Do I have to say that I rooted for the terrorists on September 11 in order to get attention?"



Mike Meltser on the Thursday (1/27) Morning Show on SR610 said that if the Texans ever won the Super Bowl and didn’t give Marc Vandermeer a Super Bowl ring, Mike would boycott the Texans. Yeah, right and I’m the Pope’s nephew.

On Thursday (1/27), Adam Clayton pinch hit for Matt Thomas on Sports Talk 790. That's like Tim Bogar pinch hitting for Jeff Bagwell. It's too bad Dylan Gwynn wasn't available, as he was at a mandatory station meeting regarding the station's trip to Dallas next week on Radio Row. But Adam still hasn't lost a beat. He kept a caller, Bruce, on hold for 36 minutes while he talked about the smokin' body of an Olympic gymnast, played a dumb "Bill Walton on a mobile" spot (that's getting old along with his Jim Rome impersonation that went on for over a half-hour), chit-chatted with the highly paid-intern, etc. Caller Bruce said that he was falling asleep while on-hold. So was I. And speaking of phone calls to the show, it seems that Matt's regular callers/listeners took the day off.  Adam is just another egocentrical sports talk host telling us how great he is and that he should win a Marconi Award (maybe a Macaroni Award).


Now with the Super Bowl upon us, I have to go to my “Keys to the Game” file and pick out some keys that may be used during next week for the Big Game.

How about "must establish the running game," "take what they give you", "bend but don't break", etc., bullshit talk. I'm sure our local sports talkers will be using some of that stuff when they do their heavy analysis for the game.

The most important thing in a game like this, as in most NFL games, is mistakes. If mistakes like fumbles, interceptions, dropped passes, bad snaps, penalties, and bad calls by both the officials and coaches are so "key," why do "expert analysts" even bother to analyze and predict?

When analysts tell us the team that makes the fewest mistakes will win the game, they're telling us nothing we don't already know. So this is my key to the game: "The side that makes the fewest mistakes has a definite advantage."

Footballs are ellipse-shaped, with pointy ends that cause them to take crazy bounces. Once a football hits the turf, it's more like throwing dice, but unlike in throwing dice, in football chance favors the prepared.

But who's to know which team will be better prepared?



With just a season behind him, Blake Griffin is in the discussion as the greatest LA Clipper of all time.
The LA Times is running a poll on that subject and there are 15 players on the “ballot”. The rule for the poll is that the player had to be a Los Angeles Clipper (1984-present) and not a San Diego Clipper (1978-84) or a Buffalo Brave (1970-78). Notwithstanding his extremely short tenure in the NBA, I would have to say that Griffin is on most Clipper fans “Top 3” of those on the ballot.

Some of the others on the ballot are Elton Brand, Danny Manning, Michael Cage, Marques Johnson, Ron Harper, Eric Piatkowski, and Loy Vaught.

To date, Griffin has 43%, of the votes, more than twice the votes as the second-place finisher Manning (18%). Brand is third with 15%. Granted, the sample was a small slice of fan representation, less than 1,000 votes when I last checked, but it certainly favors the here-and-now and the rapidly increasing buzz of Griffin.



On Sunday morning (1/23), the Lovely Sybil of SR610’s Texas Motor Speedway's Total Access (7-8 AM, Sundays) was talking about a motor car race in Dubai. She said the temperature was 100 degrees or more all year long there. She may be lovely, but she’s also dumb and has never been to the Middle East during the winter months.

FYI - Sybil Summers is #12 on's annual list of "50 Hottest Women in Radio". If you need any advice, you can e-mail your question to


If you listen to the Evening Show on SR610 with Barry Warner and Shaun Bijani, you may know that there is a segment near the end of the show entitled, “Barry’s 'Bedtime' Stories” in which the guys ask listeners to call in or text sports-related topics for the segment and Barry will pick one and talk about it for several minutes.

Here are some suggestions for Barry:

1. Tell us how you avoided the Vietnam Era draft
2. Tell us about other jobs that you’ve held outside of sports and radio
3. Tell us about what the life of a Fuller Brush Man was like

4. Tell us the story behind your "Apollo XIV" gold pendant and your friendship with astronaut, Alan Shepard.
5. Tell us about your firings from radio and TV stations
6. Tell us some personal Texas Employment Commission related stories
7. Tell us how you got involved with the Asian Southwest Media
8. Tell us how you met George W. and some stories about hanging out with him

9. Tell us about your time as the “Honky in the Hood”
10. Tell us why you were once banned from broadcasting SWC football games for a couple of weeks

(List to be continued when Barry tells us half of the above suggested bedtime stories.)


Earlis left a comment on the 1/23 post: "COMMENTS FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY - MIKE IN DA - JA..." (

"In general, I don't think much of the Houston sportstalk scene. The market share size is so trivial it's like WTF. In sports crazy Texas, this is ridiculous. It is obvious that the current daily content does not interest the Houston population to any significant degree.
Having said that, I must admit placing Josh Innes in the drive time slot has been quite a significant improvement, everyone has sucked and Josh has handled his transition well, not that he really impressed me with sports swagger, but he is just better than the guys that preceded him in recent times..... Another dumazz is Greg Koch, the former Green Bay Packer who appears on 610 radio segments each week. Perhaps 24 hour sports coverage plays into this lunacy by making up crap to talk about......Jay Cutler and Michael Vick, wow, people just love to hate them. The media exploits this by contriving stories and calling it news, but what it really is hypocrisy. Wake up America." END.

Earlis also left a comment for one of the responders in the 1/18 post, "COMMENTS FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY: IMAGE OF THE BLA..."  (

“I think you will find that a first year white coach makes more money than a first year black is a problem in society in general. The trends in the NFL reflect the trends in the overall society. A white female professional earns less than her white male counterpart with the same level of experience; hence, if you think that same dynamic does not exist across racial lines you really have not paid attention to what really is going on in the workplace or society in general. There are more whites coaching in the NFL because they get more opportunities to coach, you cannot have experience if you do not have opportunity; hence, if you don't have a shot at being a coordinator you cannot become a head coach. If you don't get interviews you cannot become a head coach. Hence, the Rooney Rule is to insure that people of color get in the process. You need to get interviews to know how to give a good interview. You need interviews to let people in management know who you are through out the league.” END.


Today’s sports nicknames are terrible, such as A-Rod, L.T., and K-Rod. They are nothing more than a combination of a player’s first and last name. But nicknames haven’t always been so bad.

Here is another cool one from the past: “Meadowlark” Lemon.

The longtime clown prince of the Harlem Globetrotters desperately needed a nickname in order to spice up his otherwise forgettable and girlish birth name: Meadow Lemon. Instead of suffering through life with an assemblage of random nouns for a name, Lemon picked up the “Meadowlark” tag, which honored his leaping ability. And, boy, did that nickname take him far.

The Basketball Hall of Famer (inducted in 2003) joined the Globetrotters in 1955 and played for them for 25 years, before leaving to form one of his multiple other Globetrotters imitators, the Bucketeers until 1983, then moved on to play with the Shooting Stars from 1984 to 1987. In 1988, he moved on to his Meadowlark Lemon's Harlem All-Stars team, for which he plays currently. Last year, at age 78, he played in over 60 games with his own touring team. Lemon returned to the Globetrotters, playing 50 games with them in 1994.


Last week, the announcing pairings were announced for the first joint-production of the NCAA Tournament between incumbent CBS and newcomer Turner Broadcasting. It will all be starting on Tuesday, March 15.

For starters, Marv Albert and his TNT/NBA partner, Steve Kerr, will work some games. TNT's NBA studio team, including Charles Barkley, will be in the mix. Perhaps Barkley will use a few seconds of his time to clarify his condemnation of Auburn for hiring Gene Chizik as its head football coach last season. Barkley called the hire racist, claiming there were far more qualified black candidates, and that Chizik was not the least bit able. This season under Chizik, Auburn went undefeated and won the national championship.


Also, the first games will appear on the Turner cable network truTV, formerly CourtTV, which is a huge step up for that channel, as it has come to specialize in staged street fights and cat fights presented to morons in primetime as the real things.

Among the hollerers, CBS will return Gus Johnson and Kevin Harlan. Thoughtful and reserved CBS analysts Len Elmore, Mike Gminski, and Jim Spanarkel, all ACC guys, will also return.

Below is the roster of announcer teams for the second and third rounds:


Jim Nantz/Clark Kellogg*
Marv Albert/Steve Kerr*
Verne Lundquist/Bill Raftery*
Gus Johnson/Len Elmore*
Spero Dedes/Bob Wenzel
Tim Brando/Mike Gminski
Ian Eagle/Jim Spanarkel
Kevin Harlan/Reggie Miller/Dan Bonner

*Semi-final and Regional Final Announcing Teams

Nantz, Kellogg, and Kerr will be calling the Final Four on CBS.

Reporters during the tournament will be Craig Sager, Tracy Wolfson, Lesley Visser, David Aldridge, Sam Ryan and Marty Snider.

There will be two studio crews, one in Atlanta and one in New York. The Atlanta studio crew will be hosted by Matt Winer with analysts Seth Davis and Steve Smith. The New York crew will be hosted by Greg Gumbel and Ernie Johnson, who will share hosting duties, with analysts Greg Anthony, Kenny Smith, and Sir Charles.

Reggie Miller and Davis will join the studio rotation during the second week of the tournament.

I noticed that one of the best college basketball analysts, Jay Bilas, was not included on any of the announcing teams. The studio crew with Gumbel/Johnson with Anthony, "The Jet" and Sir Charles is very good, but what really makes the tournament are exciting games. Some years there just aren’t that many, but that’s what I watch it for, not the announcers, especially if I have action on a game.

As a matter of fact, I think the NCAA Tournament has become overrated during the last decade because the best players are gone after their first year of school. What made the tourney great in the past was that most of the stars stayed around.


The biggest baseball signing out there, which remains undone, involves Albert Pujols. He supposedly has given the St. Louis Cardinals an ultimatum that either he has a new long-term deal by the beginning of the season or he will go on the free agent market at the end of the 2011 season. I have no idea if that is a bargaining ploy or a statement of pure fact, but let me take it at face value for the moment.

Albert Pujols is the best player in baseball at this time. I have no intention of demeaning other outstanding players by that statement, but I think Pujols is the best of the best right now.

Earlier in the baseball off-season, Jayson Werth signed a contract for $18M per year on average and Carl Crawford signed for over $20M per year on average.

If you consider productivity on the field plus age and if those two big contracts in this free agency cycle “set the market”, then Albert Pujols is worth a minimum of $25M per year on average and maybe as much as $28M per year. He is the franchise in St. Louis, just the way Stan "The Man" Musial was the franchise and the way Bob Gibson was the franchise. And Albert is gonna get a gigantic contract.


1. "Tigermania" is back. An ESPN screen scroll this week featured a Tiger Woods tweet, in which he reveals he’s working hard on his game and can’t wait for his first tournament. Great breaking news!

2. Who is the least popular sports figure in Chicago these days?
A. Steve Bartman
B. Billy Sianis' Billy Goat
C. Jay Cutler

3. In order to be more fan friendly, PGA Tour officials are allowing fans to bring cell phones to this year’s Pebble Beach AT&T Pro-Am during the second week of February. However, the phones can’t be used for photos or videos. That rule should be easy to enforce, as long as the California State Police are brought in to do the policing.

4. In 1874, C. F. Bennett of a Chicago sporting goods company invented something called a "cup". Hockey players began using them that year to protect their testicular area. It wasn’t until 1974 that hockey players figured out it was a good idea to wear a helmet on their heads. It took hockey players a century to realize that the “large brain” in their cranium needed protection as much as the “little brain” in their lower regions likewise needed protection. Now it would be nice if NFL and NBA players grasped the idea of "protection", so that they'd have less child support payments to make for kids whose names they might not even know.

STEELERS NOW (2000's) AND THEN (1970's):



Yesterday’s Record ATS: 5-4
Cumulative Season Record ATS: 282-185

Today’s Action (for reading purposes only):


HOUSTON (+6.5) over DALLAS*
The Rockets suit up and play hard every single night. Houston is in the Top 5 in the league in scoring and they do it by moving the ball from side to side. Dallas was exposed a bit when Dirk Nowitzki was hurt because it was extremely evident that they had trouble putting it in the hole. The book on Dirk is to put a smaller guy on him and make him work very hard to get to the spots he wants to get to on the floor. Shawn Marion thrives in a run and gun game but can’t get his own weird shot up. HOUSTON, 105 - 101


With such volatile “talents” as Renardo Sidney and Dee Bost in harness , HC Rick Stansbury could pull one off here against a Vandy outfit who’ve served us well (including that nifty win against St. Mary’s CA), but may not be up for Sidney’s style of uber-physical play. MISSISSIPPI STATE, 74-73

Forgive the Aggies for that loss to Utah State that we had. Current ruler of the WAC roost owed NMS for beating ‘em in last season’s conference tourney final. Boise has demonstrated all season that they travel well, but this price figures to be very inviting, with little more than a straight-up win needed to cash the ticket, and with a healthy Troy Gillenwater and the imposing Hamadu Rahman, anticipate home side can achieve comfortable margin. NEW MEXICO STATE, 73-64

The Blue Demons are trying hard, but we’re not bullish about the idea of a team as physically overmatched as DePaul going out of their way to press, early and often. You need markedly-better athletes to make that strategy work. The Bulls are marked underachievers, but they figure to be able to capitalize on their size advantage up front. SOUTH FLORIDA, 78-61

Two sides headed in opposite directions, as acclimation of ex-Dukie Olek Czyz into Nevada’s system has yielded tangibly-improved results for the Wolfpack. Can’t envision Fresno successfully trading buckets in bunches with this foe given their defensive shortcomings. NEVADA, 79-65



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