Thursday, January 27, 2011


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I am not the one to take credit for an idea but in this case, I am.  About two weeks ago I propositioned the personalities of 790 and 1560 about going to the Super Bowl.  Why allow 610 be the only station in Dallas representing Houston when the logistics are not unrealistic?  The more I think about it, I am wondering if one of my favorite personalities was "pulling the wool over my eyes" however I asked Lance Zierlein if 1560 would travel to Dallas for the Super Bowl and he flat out told me "NO".  I must admit I am a tad bit disappointed when I learned 1560  announced they would be going.  VIOLA!! Amazingly, new revenues were recognized by 1560 AM that allowed them to participate and Lance was being 100 with me.  It's cool, I ain't tripping.  Sometimes in this game you learn not to take people's comments as the gospel because everyone has alternative motives.

So there you have it, 610, 1560, 790, and 97.5 will be in Dallas the week of Super Bowl and I am happy.  I am thoroughly happy the other stations will be participating because personalities like Lance in addition to Chance McClain's talents will make this a blast in terms of creativity.  I am a  little disappointed 1560 AM would go on the air during a commercial slot and say "they are the only station going".  I understand the nature of ignoring and discounting other stations but really, I mean really.  Do these guys really think their listeners don't know the other stations are participating during Super Bowl week?  I guess the better question is, does 1560 feel it's listeners are that naive to believe the Flagship Station (610) will not be in attendance?  1560 before you think I am singling you out, I heard a commercial running one weekend for 610 talking about DIVERSITY.  In terms of Full Time Equivalents (FTEs), I am guessing Lopez count as 1 FTE as Kalu would be like a (.19) FTE, 1.19 of Full Time diversity.   Basically, all of the stations are lying to a degree.

C'mon 1560, I know you are enjoying the "high" of being Total Spent Listening (TSLs) leader, but you can't possibly believe your listeners would not know other stations are participating.   1560, do you realize Craig had to convince me that all of you guys from all of the stations are not "Buddy Buddy".  Yes, I said it, I think all of you are sociable with each other and commonly stratigize on topics.  What else would explain how all of you guys seem to say the same lines i.e. "While watching the AFC Championship, you really see how bad the Texans defense really is".  Now maybe this is a miracle that every host could have derived this same epihany or maybe one local personality "tweeted" it and every other hosts said "that sounds cool and I will manipulate the delivery tomorrow morning".

I want all of you gentleman to have a good time in Dallas and try to stay away from South Oakcliff as if I have to tell you that, but enjoy your trip.  While you are away, HMW will be monitoring and  judging the caliber of interviews.  We all know  most celebrities in attendance are basically pushing a product, charity, or seeking attention.  This will be an awesome week because I can miss an interview on 790 and I know later I can catch that person on 610 or 97.5. The trick becomes "which station will have the celebrity first" but that can be a good thing to the following stations because you can then hear the feedback via emails and social network of what the fans back in the "H" really want to hear that the initial station didn't deliver. 

  •  Josh Innes, this is your time Big Baby but don't over do it with the theatrics in the house.  Yea right, who am I kidding, I fully expect some lude act of Josh with some poor farm animal. 
  • Lance, don't be over talking your guest and letting us know how you knew the drop on a particular subject because you are in the KNOW. 
  • Marc, please do not draw upon any Wade Phillips, Kubiak, or Texan references. 
  • Matt Thomas, don't go on vacation while you are quasi on the biggest vacation of the year. 
  • Nuno, don't give your guest the Grand Inquisition on Hip Hop. 
  • Rich Lord, act as if you want to be there, your bed at home will be waiting on you and try not to "clown" Josh in front of a major celebrity. 
  • John Lopez, easy on the giggling. 
  • Adam Wexler and Charlie P, this is your week as most gamblers will be biting on every word (stat) therefore utilize your deep knowledge of statistics errrrrr google. 
  • Matt Jackson, don't over talk Adam and avoid creating fabricated dissagreements. 
  • Dukes, don't embarrass HTOWN by telling a major celebrity to "Put Up His Dukes".
I have one DO.  Dylan Gwinn will be interviewing a celebrity for the first time to my knowledge.  I am so "jacked" to see how this is going to go.  Dylan, Good Luck.

I hope all of the personalities realize I am "busting their balls" and this is a time for them to chill out and have fun.  You guys deserve the break after this tumultuous year in Houston sports.  We realize that in a roundabout way, most of our New Years come to an end January 31 but your New Year ends with the Super Bowl just to prime you up for the next year.  Bravo Zulu to all  personalities holding it down for THE H.

P.S. When you boys return to Houston, we have to discuss these Arbitron ratings.  I would advise you to pull a "Rich Lord".  Once questioned on the air about football Xs & Os, Lord said "I don't know football Xs & Os, that's more of a Greg Koch (former professional football player) question".  HMW will totally understand any host telling us "I don't know ratings, that's more of a Sales' question".



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Earlis said...

So Lamont where the party at?

Dang what's really on....Jeff Fisher got his walking papers!

Now he wanna go run Vick off...

Talk about one crosseyed prick, Jeff you need Jesus.

Lance said...

As I told you previously, 1560 is not going to the Super Bowl. Sean Pendergast and Travis Rodgers are going on the Sporting News Radio dime and Nuno will be working for SNR as well but will help us with interviews. Pendergast is broadcasting in place of the 2 Live Stews on SNR. The local 1560 shows will be broadcasting from here in Houston as mentioned previously.

HMW said...

@SportsMediaLM i growing a bit tired of lance's routine making his little arrogant responses as if he's being mis-represented or something. he knows his station left it 2 appear as if 1560 was goin 2 dallas, no on is crazy man, this is silly. i notice he starts his comments with "like i said" as if 2 talk dwn 2 u. i'm not standing f/anyone addressing me in that manner. NO ONE!