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Written By:  LM
Date: 3-01-2011


This write-up is strictly for diehard participants of Sports Talk Radio.  Over the last four months, I have come to the conclusion, I'm in the Twilight Zone.  These are uncharted waters.  Over the years, I have become accustomed to local personalities coming to the defense of the Houston teams and players.  Occasionally, you will get your Dylan's, Josh's and John Lopez's that will go "against the grain" but when you have the majority of the Sports Talk Family echoing the same sentiment as the fans in regards to the home teams, it's mad crazy.

There are still some optimistic "glass half-full" personalities out there but for the most part, there's a consensus of disdain for sports in Houston.  Everyone knows I'm a "Hopper" ie station hopper and I listen to the local guys thoroughly when I have a chance which has somewhat dwindled in the last month or so.  The apathy for the Houston situation has put me in a position of content towards radio in general with the exception for the personalities I have respect for.  With all of that being said, if you are a hard core listener, you begin to learn the "tricks of the trade" and if these guys are universally down on the local teams, think about things they are not telling you?  In other words, in the sports media profession, you are rewarded to information the general public do not have access to.  My thought process is as follow, when I'm all over the local teams, usually a personality can give you a glimmer of hope but now we have come to a point, there's no glimmer at all.


Here is my quandary, I am use to calling the stations arguing my point while getting off the phone thinking "yea I got my point across".  Well now the dynamics have completely changed, if a negative caller gets on,  recently the hosts agree with him or her.  I am not sure how to operate this era of Houston Sports Talk because I'm totally confused.  I guess in the long run, I am reduced to picking on the few that still protect local teams, coaches, players or in some cases general managers.  Not only are the personalities "down in the dumps" but even some of the team stakeholders; did any of you happen to catch how brutally honest Daryl Morey was at the "THABEET" presser.  Daryl basically said everything but "this guy is a total dog but at least I got something for Battier before he walked".   You have Dreyton McClain publicly announcing his intent to sell the Astros.  At Gary Kubiak's last press conference, he was happy to still be employed.  It's ruff in Houston.


Ok here it is, we are Houston, HOUSTON TEXAS.  Currently we are swaggerless; I can remember life without a football team and I still pumped up my city like no other.   Houston is the fourth largest city and 6th largest media market, we need to demand more to get this ship back on the right course.  

The one thing I noticed in this "dead" period of Houston Sports, not only is there nothing to bitch about when you are a fan of Boston but you can't even bitch when the collective market is dead. 

I admit, over the last 4 months, after witnessing what has transpired in Houston Texas, I have slowly changed into Midshipmen Mayo from the movie An Officer And a Gentleman screaming "I got no where else to go, I got no where else to go".


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