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WAKA FLOCKA NEARLY "FLAMES" OUT! - Craig Shelton - 2-18-2011


Written by: Craig Shelton

Three men, including rapper Waka Flocka Flame, were questioned Wednesday after a shootout where reportedly Waka Flocka's tour bus was struck up to four times. Waka Flocka, his brother, and an employee of the car stereo store were all detained by police after the shooting.

The incident occurred outside a car stereo store with reports of one individual being wounded. The 24-year old rapper who's real name is Juaquin James Malphurs was at the location (Car Stereo Warehouse) attempting to "pimp his tour bus" with an upgrade to the buses sound system according to the Charlotte Observer.

Reportedly two vehicles drove into the store's parking lot as Waka Flocka was having his picture taken with some fans when gun fire was exchanged between one of the vehicles and Waka Flocka's security team.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police confirms one person was rushed to Carolinas Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

Waka Flocka has had no official comments on the shooting, but it has been reported that he did tweet that he was not injured in the incident.

No charges were filed at the time this article was written..

Currently Wocka Flocka's hit, "No Hands," is fourth on Billboard's Hot Rap Songs list.

Several months ago when Waka Flocka Flame appeared on @97.9TheBox, I came away from listening to his interview cautiously optimistic. My optimism wasn't full throttle after listening to Flocka because he reminded me of the volatile yet amazingly resourceful enigmas i.e., "hood katts", that make up the hip hop industry. As much as I respected his story and his path to success, I also came away wondering how long before I turned on BET or THE BOX only to receive the type of story regarding Flocka that I'm writing about this morning.
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Honestly, my feeling's are that the whole "rapper getting shot" deal is tired. I mean we've seen it all now and you guys need to up the game somehow. Why don't you guys really impress us loyal hip hop fans with a "breaking news" story that doesn't involve one of you katts gettiing shot? I mean really now, why can't one of you "Gs" run in a burning house and rescue an old person or something? (Don't start the fire yourself.)  

Maybe one of you "killers" can become a super hero and fight crime in the dark of the night and clean up the streets of River Oaks where all the real convicts live? Word on the street is that those villainous "River Oaks Crips" aka The ROC are seriously bringing the property value down.

If all else fails, you guys can always fall back on the boring lifestyle of being a 20-something-year-old millionaire and the whole rock star lifestyle thingy.   I know, boring ha? What the hell then, go ahead and get shot, at least it's good for your record sales, right?

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