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Written by: Craig Shelton
Posted: 4-22-2011

Recently the very brave Black activist John Granato aka "Super G" of KGOW advised me via Twitter correspondence that he was a "brave" Black activist, and would be happy to engage me publicly in conversation regarding top NFL QB protect, Cam Newton.

Super G contacted me on Twitter after observing my tweet to a fellow HMW CREEP @SportsMediaLM aka Lamont Mann. I tweeted Lamont regarding a conversation I had with common sports talk radio caller and lunatic Titan fan (sorry Rick) the infamous Titan Rick (Rick).

What Titan Rick explained to me was his personal discontent with comments he believed John Granato made on 1560 The Game (@1560TheGame on Twitter) during his morning show, that Rick believed to be aimed despairingly at Cam Newton. In fairness to "Super G", I have received information from a trusted HMW source (that means Lamont) that one of the HMW station monitors advised him that Granato's alleged comments may have been in jest.

Nevertheless, Titan Rick was not entertained or amused by those comments. What Titan Rick explained to me was that he heard John Granato aka the "Super G" say regarding Newton was [paraphrasing] "that's kinda stupid and retarded." The alleged comments towards Newton were apparently in response to Newton choice of wardrobe for his meeting with former NFL head coach & current ESPN analyst, QB guru Jon "Chuckie" Gruden

"Don't act like you are brand new Super G!"

Let's not confuse things hear. I've looked into this situation because I didn't hear the initial comments myself. I've spoken to Titan Rick about what my sources have relayed to me regarding his conversation with the "Super G" John Granato and Titan Rick was forthcoming about his role in the incident.

My sources reported that Titan Rick's call to the 1560 The Game morning show on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 was aggressive, angry, and combative. Rick admitted to me that he did become angry on the call because John Granato wasn't  forthcoming in Rick's opinion in refusing to acknowledge the comments he made prior to Rick's call into Granato's show.

Titan Rick went on to say that he took issue with Granato and in-studio guest, Sean Pendergast, questioning of Cam Newton's level of intelligence. Rick believes that there is a commonality among white media member towards Black quarterbacks (QBs.) Rick accurately pointed out several examples of this trend of local and national media generalizing Blacks at the QB position as "athletic with questionable football IQs".


I've had conversations with 1560 folks who have worked with John Granato in the past and the majority have stated that Granato is temperamental and a guy that's comfortable with "giving it, but not taking it".  It's commonly known that Granato is comfortable embellishing a bit for entertainment purposes, at the behest of guys like Gilbert Lu, Mike in DA, or Brad in Spring Branch.  Those same folks will tell you that John Granato is a cowardly when it comes to taking on callers with strong opinions and aggressive personalities. (Hmmmmm..why is that Mr. Super G aka "brave morning show & Black activist guy"?)

Titan Rick
Titan Rick was very clear about several things that occurred, that I believe to be true based on my dealings with John Granato. I also know Titan Rick well enough to have a pretty good idea of how he conducted himself on his call to John. Add to that, the fact that Titan Rick was forthcoming in admitting he didn't handle himself well on the call after he became angry at Granato, adds credibility in my opinion to Titan Rick's angle and opinion of the Super G, John Granato. 

Here's what I believe folks:

1. I believe Granato made the comments Titan Rick accused him of regarding Cam Newton. I also believe that Granato may have been attempting to be humorous. Problem for Granato is, for some reason, Granato just plain and simply rubs many Black folks the wrong way. I'm not sure there's anything that John can do to change that, to be fair.

2. I believe Titan Rick did not handle himself and make his argument in the best and appropriate manner on the air with Granato. I've had many conversations with Granato in the past as a caller and I know personally how thin-skinned Granato is, as well as others he's worked with confirming it.

Rumored to be Cam Newton's girlfriend & fiancee
3. I believe John Granato "muted" Titan Rick as Rick told me as he's known to do (even by his own constituency) and continued to speak critically of Rick to make himself look good. 

4. I believe when the caller, Tim, phoned in after Titan Rick and made an intelligent argument in support of Titan Rick's comments. John Granato brushed off Tim's comments after he hung up as it was reported to me, and immediately went back to conversation and calls that supported Granato's angle. That's what you have always done John and you should be man enough to admit what's common knowledge to most that know and observe you. 

5. I believe Granato's correspondence to me on Twitter was nothing more than grandstanding. I know you don't want none of this bro? You're drunken sounding corny suburb "smack" won't stand up Super G when I cut loose. That said, if you want to go on Twitter and try me out, hey man, let's do it then Super G!? Please....

6. I believe that if John Granato "really" wanted to have an open dialogue discussion with me on Twitter, he fully knows I wouldn't waste it on freakin' Cam Newton.

7. I believe John Granato fully knows that if he EVER wants to conference with me regarding important issues in this market, he knows I'm all in and all he has to do is name the time & place!

8. I believe John Granato knows that I know what "he's all about" in my personal opinion and I don't have an issue relaying those opinions respectfully to him face to face like a damn man. ANYTIME JOHN!

Besides, many of my opinions mirror those working closest to you Granato based on things they have said to me on many accords. Therefore, my opinions shouldn't sound as though I'm speaking Russian to you Super G.    


The bottom line here is that we're all acting like children in some ways. If we ever just would sit down and talk it out, we all would likely be surprised at the quality of the individual on the opposite side of the table.

Granato, please don't insult me on Twitter acting as if you suddenly wish to engage me publicly, because that's bullshit and you know it as much as I do. As for you tweeting how you have "stood up and defended Cam Newton", that's mighty "brave" of you to do so John. I mean its clear, at least to this blogger anyway, that you are Houston's bravest super-hero the Super G (the "G" is for genuine.) "Who doesn't?"


Craig Shelton


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Anonymous said...

I would have to disagree with your assessment of Granato's comments. I listened to the exchange, and Granato may have been messing with Titan Rick more than mocking Newton's abilities. In the course of listening to many of the Titan Rick rants, Rick tends to talk over any comments made in respose to his takes. This was clearly the case in this situation. Obviously, Rick doesn't listen to John very much, otherwise he would know that Granato is one of the biggest Cam Newton apologists on the radio. HE has never waivered on his opinion that Cam has been , and will be, a successful qb on the next level.

robnemar said...

I didn't hear the conversation because I don't listen to 1560 to be honest. But one thing you said in the piece stood out to me that frustrates me. I get and understand that this is how it is and how the world works, but for the life of me, it still frustrates me because there is nothing we can do to change it. You wrote that Granato tends to rub the black corner of the market the wrong way and that chances are there is nothing he can do to change that. That is the problem plain and simple of our world and society. Because if it is safe to say that he is who is and there is no realistic hope of him seeing things differently about himself or the perception of himself, there is no "Super G" in effect because the entertaining of the conversation between you and him would be very less than genuine. I tend to notice that the only time people can truly entertain the idea of change is when they are on the verge of losing something. But as long as there is nothing to lose, they don't have to change. In Jamaica they have a saying of "who feels it, knows it!" If you don't have to feel it, they you don't have to know it. So in this case, he doesn't have to know the core of your piece because he doesn't feel it. There is nothing for him to lose at this stage. That is why in society we tend to gravitate towards people that are we are on the same wave length with culturally, spiritually, ethnically and the like because when we surround ourselves with people that are basically a reflection of our own skin, we don't have to be anything other than what we are. I hate that. But so it goes. There is nothing we can do right? Keep on calling a spade a spade even though you are playing against a stacked deck.

Earlis said...

Year's ago Granato had a tv show in day to my surprise he spoke on affirmative action and how it screwed him...he really tripped me out...he was real honest..he was a white boy and he came first and nobody had dibs on nothing till he got his..what alwayz fasinated me about people whining about this is that they feel so entitled to shyt in America and for no reason should they have to adjust to benefit the masses of people suffering and disenfranchised as Americans...I use to here cracker's in the day so often say if you don't like it here go back to's like mofo i was hear before your peeps were up in heah..your grandma may not even have spoken English but I am supposed to stand behind your white azz while you get your benefits...the importation of slave's ended before many white folks ever migrated to this country so duh bubba we was alreay i don't trip on who got here first and I have no problem with someone who became an American last week hey you are American I am cool with that..but when a mofo tell me to go back to Africa like me and my kind do not we came to America on a prop 48 basketball scholarship and took white folk job's are something! is so true right now people without citzenship are doin job's that nobody else wants to do..they ain takin they makin...this economy would crash if the folk not citizens were deported...give me a break...
Granato is a classic white boy who has no problem keeping the good old boy system going...and he plays on the edge with his comments always has...but guy's like that when u jam them up have no ball's they are just in position to make snide commentary and get away with it under the guise of free speech...when if they were
out here in the work place with that shyt they might get they ass kicked...tire's slashed...sugar in the gas
the corporate commmunity of broadcasting supports guy's like Granato and Gavin in denying opportunity to women, and to people of African Descent or Asian Descent or Hispanic talkin people of color..that shyt don't just is "policy"..
If it were not so Granato or Gavin at 610 ass's would have been fired long ago..ok?...oh wait their ratings/numbers are so high they have job security..yeah right.