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You guys know me, I am always trying to prove my media wrong.  How many times have you called in September with a take and received and answer later to find out in November that the personality was wrong.  You call back and let the the personality know he or she (yea right) was incorrect and they say "I didn't say that" or "go find the audio of me saying that".  With that being said I challenged most of the radio & print media to answer a simple question.  Below you will see the reply of your Houston Media in regards to the draft.

OK, I am about to write an article on the 2011 NFL Draft and I need to know, what would you consider a Bad Draft from the Texans. You don't have to get elaborate just give me 2 to 3 sentence hitters.


John McClain


Here's the deal about drafts: A team can start and play a bunch of them and act like it was a successful draft, but they might be 5-11. The only way to fairly judge a draft is to wait three years.

But I would say this in general: The defense better get two picks who start as rookies and two more who come off the bench and contribute.

In three years, we'll see how those players turned out.

Haywood Jeffires didn't do squat until his third year, and then a light went off, and -- boom -- he became a Pro Bowl receiver. There are so many examples of that around the league.

Let me know when you're ready for me to take you and your friends to lunch.

Take care.


John you sneaky devil, you had to go to the Haywood Jeffries Card?  You must know he was one of my favorite players with thoughs long lanky arms pumping in the in zone after a touchdown however, I am with you on your take.  As far as lunch I hope you got deep pockets because I Have been starving myself for this lunch.  Just kidding.

Raheel Ramzanli

This will be a draft if they don't address the defense.  More specifically the secondary.  With their first round pick.  

Totally agree with Raheel, the Texans must address the defense but I wouldn't be upset if they were to go in the other levels of the defense.

Matt Jackson

I have the utmost confidence that whatever decision Gary and Rick make will be the wrong one.

Although he kept it comical and he's on record saying this repeatedly, I have to say I agree with him.  I have no respect for this tandem whatsoever.  You cant fault Matt for his disbelief in this duo because they have proven time after time they are to incompetent to make a sound decision.


Bad Draft=Julio JOnes with first round pick. DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE first and foremost.  As much upside and natural ability Aggies Von Miller has, you can  not give away high picks this year to move way up.  Easy way for Rick Smith and Kubiak to make bold splash, but the wrong year to roll the dice.

Without Free Agency Texans must use all picks to get corner, outside linebacker,
two safeties, wide receiver and nose tackle. Whatever holes are filled after labor crap is settled must be looked upon as a bonus.

I am definitely not a Julio Jones fan in the 1st round although i do think they should address receiver in Free agency (Moss or TO).  Yea yea yea, I know they are a cancer but that's a risk I am willing to take.  I have to disagree on Von Miller, if you have the chance to get Vonny Von Von Von, you gots to go after him.

Mike Meltser

I would consider a bad draft one where the Texans reach for a few players, don't add at least 3-4 players on defense, and also fail to add at least 2 players in the secondary. Without looking at a list of names, that's my general thought.

Mike delivered what I wanted.  Short yet very descriptive.  I know we have to address the secondary but I am afraid to get secondary help via draft, we are already in daycare with the secondary as it is.  Rooster Boy is the youngest we need to go.

Matt Thomas

They must go with defense in at least the first 2 rounds.

No tight end for the love of god.
I would endorse moving up to get players like Patrick Peterson and Von Miller.
I wouldn’t be a fan of them moving down in the draft.  I think an impact player can be found at 11.

There you have it, the Judge speaks


I'm not a huge fan of putting grades on drafts or saying too much about good and bad drafts until after we've seen how guys actually play in the league.  From a general standpoint, however, I would say that it is a bad draft if you don't come away with speed off the edge to rush the passer, add depth at the defensive line and find a corner back within the first three rounds.

I agree, you can't truly assess a draft the same way I feel you can't assess a schedule with no free agency, training camp nor draft.  I am feeling the edge rusher but is Marcus Anderson getting lost in all of this talk or will the Texans retain him?

Lesbian Craig

I believe if the Texans had the first 5 picks of the draft, they would mess it up.

But the Texans have 8 picks so you are saying there's a chance?

Thanks to all of the media professional for taking time out of your busy lives to shoot me a quick liner.  The one thing I notice from those who responded, noone mentioned a high profile offensive draft pick.   I can't blame them but I am not 100% sold on this offense.  I like to follow patterns and if the Texans pattern follow true to form, this year would be an off year in the offense.  Follow me when I say this, from Slaton rookie year to the fumble year of Moats, Brown and Slaton to Foster.  LOL everyone one likes to slang around Wade Phillips pattern of winning just thought we could look at the Texans Offensive pattern.

As far me, I have been reduced to cosmetics.  I want the Texans to do something super sexy so we can get swag in Houston again.  I am talking about trading some late round picks and picking up Von Miller in addition to AJ Green.  The truth of the matter for me is, Gary Gilbert's play pretty much took me out of college for the latter part of the season therefore I couldn't follow particular players as much as I would in the past.   As of this point I am clearly at the mercy of the media to gauge these players outside of the Big 12.   

The one thing I do know is, if the Texans do not address defense in the 1st or 2nd round, this guy will go ATOM BOMB.


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