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Since I was ten years of age, I have always had an attraction for the Mafia.  I can remember my stepfather watching The Godfather's scene when the horsehead was in bed with Hollywood director Jack Woltz.  Yea, Yea I know, most of you would say, "Geez what kinda parent allows their kid to watch that" and I would reply "the greatest pops on planet earth".  Every since that scene I was intrigue with the secretive nature of la cosa nostra.  It didn't help that in the early 80s, John Gotti was always in the news therefore I begin researching the history of the 5 crime families (THE COMMISION) of NYC.

The most intriguing of the families to me was THE GAMBINO FAMILY followed by the Genovese family.


The Gambino Family is actually named after Carlo Gambino.  Anastatia went against the status quo of your typical "mob boss".  Most  mob bosses operate secretively "under the radar".  Anastatia purchased a huge mansion in Pallisades, New Jersey.  In addition to enjoying a flamboyant lifestyle, he broke two of the most coveted rules: killing a mob boss (2) and a civilian.  After Anastatia, murdered a civilian, the Genovese deem Anastatia a nuisance (too much attention) therefore Genovese ordered the hit to be carried out.   The hit was set in motion by Anastatia's "Under Boss" Carlo Gambino. Anastatia was wacked in the barbershop while getting a shave.

CARLO GAMBINO (1950s-1970s)

Carlo was my dude.  Although he was involved in the wacking of a boss, he carried the "Boss" as it should be.  Out of the "Lime Light".   Carlo Gambino lived in a modest home in Brooklyn and never wrote orders down.  For example: if a hit was to made on someone, the family would meet in a room at Carlo's home and he would simply shake his head.  Although Carlo is my dude, I was not all that happy about him appointing Paul Castellano (cousin) as his successor.  The true successor of Carlo was suppose to be Aniello "Mr. Neil" Dellacroce but Carlo selected his cousin (Paul) instead.  Aniello was more aligned with the mafia "soldiers" while Paul was trying to make the mafia a legit organization.  Newsflash Paul, you are the freaking MAFIA.  Carlo Gambino died of an heart attack.

PAUL CASTELLANO (1970s-1980s)

If Carlo was my favorite "Boss", this guy had to be my least favorite.  Contrary to Anastatia being the most ruthless of the bosses, Paul actually ordered more hits.  In a nutshell the rap on Paul was, he was trying to take the family "white collar" and his under bosses did not like it.  One of the under bosses (Gotti) also felt he was a pig when it came to the distribution of earnings.  Some of the soldiers were so strained for money they begin dealing drugs which was forbidden by Paul.  Gotti (already mad because Mr. Neil was passed over) was chastised by Paul which led to one of the most public killings of all time.  Gotti waited for the death of Mr. Neil to assassinate Paul with the assistance of Sammy "the  bull".  On a cold winter night, four men dressed in brown trench coats and hats (like Russians), unloaded on Paul at Sparks Steak House in Manhattan.

JOHN GOTTI (1990s)

John Gotti was another one of those flamboyant types but I could actually respect his style.  Gotti was the "people's guy", he was always doing things for the community.  Sharp dressed and walk on his tip toes because of a foot deformity.  After the wacking of Paul, John assumed "Boss Status" and quickly gained the name "TEFLON DON".  Gotti was labeled teflon don because he alluded multiple criminal charges and nothing could stick on him.   Although he was labeled teflon don, he was still facing legal issues and he said some unfavorable things about his under boss Sammy "The Bull" which got back to Sammy.  Sammy gets pinched by the Feds, the Feds play the recordings of Gotti talking about him which led Sammy to cooperate with the prosecutors.  With the assistance of Sammy, Gotti was sent to prison for a long time where he eventually died.  Gotti had one of the shortest reigns.


Of course the origins of the Gambino should have begin with the Carlo Gambino but I feel Anastatia was an integral part.  The Gambino Family also is still active but of all bosses, the four mentioned  were the most known of the FAMILY.  After researching these personalities I am always drawing back to the central question, if you are that smart and innovative to create a multi million dollar enterprise "underground" why not apply it to legit commerce?   This is not a movie or play I chose to blog about, this is real life stuff.

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