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As stated before, I was not a Sean Pendergast Guy, my dude was and is Matt Thomas (a pros pro).  During the Astro's Spring Season, Matt's duties were shifted while the Astro's aired in Matt's slot.  I wondered in the wilderness returning to political talk before Craig told me to check out Sean.  I checked out Sean, COOL ASS LISTEN.

There you have it, for the last month and change, I've been listening to Sean on average of 2 hours a day before the J&R Show. I don't do Jim Rome for 364 days a year.  Full disclosure, now that Matt has returned, I listen to Matt on radio and tune in Sean via stream, yep you got it, LM is a "MULTITASKER".

What Sean and the whole @1560TheGame family has done is essentially replaced text messaging with Twitter feeds.  Let me further explain, these guys have capitalize on the users interacting with each other.  KGOW is not dumb, they know listeners are listening to other stations which is the reason they tagged their fans with an embedded avatar.  It's one thing to have direct contact with a personality at a station via email, text or phone, it's a whole different dynamic to interact with other fans.  It's a way of getting the real vibe of the city and what others are truly thinking.

Over the last month of me listening to Sean, I feel comfortable saying "he knows his sports".  I am saying this and I have yet to even hear him during football season (my favorite sport).  I like the occasional mix of entertainment news but mainly his sports takes.  What I do not like about the show is the caliber of interviews.  Without naming names, I am not feeling the interviews because they come off as bland with the exception of the producer from Swamp People.  I believe the interviews can go rather long and sometimes, they have to chase down the guest.  It's not a big deal just not my cup of tea.  Other than the interviews, Sean is a solid listen during the mid day.


The only way I can describe what happen Friday at 2pm is similar to an experience I had at Hobby Airport on Southwest Airlines.  I normally fly Continental and I have become accustomed to being taxied out to the runway and there's about 45 second wait before the plane takes off.  The first time I flew out of Hobby, we roll up to the runway and just took off.

Over the years everyone has been bagging on Jim Rome for not allowing Sean Pendergast (THECABLINASIAN) to participate in the annual Smackoff.  According to what story you believe, SR610 put the pressure on Rome to ban Sean because he works for a local competitor in Houston.  Is that personal or just business?  We will talk about this later.

Thursday afternoon during Sean's show he finally conceded to give people what they want, A SMACKOFF CALL.  He calmly instructed everyone to do what they had to do on Friday but be sure to tune in Friday at 2pm CST for a must hear event.  Fresh off the Greatest Best Awesome Smackoff Ever (by the way that's sarcasm) we all tuned in to Sean.  Sean begin reading a funny email story and out of no where, the Rome music breaks in and Adam Clanton went to work.

With the assistance of Adam Clanton, Travis Rodgers, Sean Pendergast, and Brandon Strange, 1560 AM put on one of the best hours of radio entertainment.  This hour was clearly produced to put Rome on blast with alot of shots taken at him.  They illustrated how Jim basically hosed Travis in addition to him being "out of touch" with his audience by talking MMA and Horse Racing every hour on the hour.

What made the hour special is they did a Smackoff with the assistance of GregNVegas, WillieNKC and Cablinasian.  All of the elements were there.  Adam Clanton as Rome, Travis Rodgers as himself, manual buzzer, music, singing and Sporting News sound.  I felt like I was back in 2002.  The whole bit was designed to give the audience a comedic historical rendition of the Smackoff.

As far as Jim Rome's Smackoff, I was not impressed this year.  I get tired of hearing Rome say year after "this was the best ever".  This year's Smackoff was filled with alot of screaming and inaudible takes.  I love the Smackoff in general but the only thing I liked about this year's Smackoff was Jay Mohr v VicNnoCal.  Another thing about the Smackoff, everything is centered around "OLD SCHOOL" when most of the "OLD SCHOOL" was running Smack on 1560 AM.


Oh where thou shall go.  At the time Sean Pendergast was winning Smackoff after Smackoff, I don't believe he was a radio  personality.  With this being said, people lets get off the gas, Sean knows the game, he knows this is business.  Yes sure I would like to hear him in the Smackoff , but I know and I think he knows it's impossible.  In other words, this is nothing more of away for a radio station to take a shot at Jim Rome who happens  to be on a local competitors (SR610) station.  I look at it as a way to make SR610 look like the bad guys and they possibly are.  I would go as far to say Sean shouldn't even want to participate in the Smackoff anymore because it reduces him back to "Clone" status.

Sean is working for a small independent radio station trying to establish a following as Sports Personality, why would he want to be reduced to a damn caller again.  I am not knocking callers but he is a personality now not a damn caller.  Lets look at this another way, say for instance Jim invited Sean, no doubt he would win, how would that acceptance speech go?  Currently, 85% of your speech has to contain an element of kissing Rome's behind, is that going to happen?  Look people, Sean is a damn personality like Jim Rome, he want to compete against Rome not for Rome.  I felt I had to take the Bull Crap out of this "I feel bad for Sean" stuff because honestly I have criticize Rome for not allowing Sean in but it was all  a another reason for me to further dislike Rome.  
Sean participating in the Smack Off would be similar to the Beatles participating on American Idol.  Sean makes my point at the conclusion of his epic smackoff call, he is doing his own thing now as he showed respect to Rome for receiving his fame from the Annual Smack Off.

Big Ups to Sean, Travis, Adam, Brandon, Greg, and Willie for an epic hour of radio.  Instead of everyone clamoring for Sean to participate in the Smackoff they can simply put on a 4th hour of Smack every year and I am sure all of the true OLD SCHOOLR'S will want to participate on 1560AM.  I am sure Jim will listen to the FOURTH HOUR and naturally be upset but if he steps back and really think about it, all of the guys that put on the performance was paying homage to him by giving him free advertising.  They pretty much gave out all of the correct information to contact his show so before he gets upset he should say "THANKS".

In all of the events of the day I was deeply sadden that Jim Rome did not mention  Stucknut.  I am not sure who shoes Stucknut stepped on but this is the number one fan/forum site of Rome and to leave all of the analysis and hard work of Steve out is in one word FUNKY.  How in the hell can I go a whole day of Smack Off and not hear one mention of Stucknut?  Stucknut, yall boys keep on mashing and bringing it like you do on a daily basis.



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