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One thing I have learned in life is to never pick on the weak, but in this case I can't help myself - Marc "THE VOICE" Vandermeer.  Let me begin by saying I think Marc is one of the most professional guys on radio.  Marc is nice and kind; very seldom condescending towards the callers.  Marc is the guy that still believes in a land called Utopia.

I listen to Sports Radio 610 Morning Show sparingly.  I probably catch a combined hour a week of total listening time.  Why is this?  I like John Lopez's tenacity although I am not feeling the extreme giggling.  My decrease listening  towards their Morning Show is centered around Marc, i.e., Baghdad Bob.


Do you remember Baghdad Bob?  In the midst of Shock and Aw, the Prime Minister of Iraq was telling the Iraqi people, America was lying and we were showing footage from a Hollywood set.  He was pretty much telling his people "everything is fine", so don't worry.  The guy was clearly delusional.

I feel we have our own Baghdad Bob here in Houston sitting next to John Lopez.  Currently when I hear Marc talk about the Texans, I instantly see Iraq's Prime Minister.  Don't get me wrong, Marc will come with the fire in regards to anything other than the Texans, but once he begins talking about football, I become disgusted.  I would much prefer him remove himself from all Texans talk, if he is not going to be as forthcoming as he would be about the Astros.  As the play by play analyst, I would put Marc up against anyone although the Rock & Roll is a little played out.

For the life of me, I am trying to figure out the logic in placing a guy in a prime slot who has to be careful with his opinions.  No one on Planet Earth is going to tell me Marc talks about the Texans as he would other local professional teams.  Before any of you brainiacs try to tell me that he occupies a position that prevents him by its very nature, then you have to follow that up with the powers that be in radio are saying "we are going to purposely mislead you".  How can I as a fan tune in and feel as if I'm getting the full truth when I know for a fact that I'm not.  Don't get me wrong I know there is an element of BS with John, Lance, Adam, and Matt but at least it's not blatant.  As far as John Lopez, it's truly sad to see a Hispanic try to validate his heritage by telling you how bad "HIS FAMILY" had it.  This seems to be his card to let you know that he's real.  Word to the wise for JLO, your Hispanic brethren will let you know if you are real or not, no amount of story telling is going to convince anyone and if that is the case then it's sad  all together.

I am not naive. I do realize these other personalities have their favorites whom they refuse to barbecue, but Marc's situation is more extreme.  Even at this point, if he were to come out hard against the Texans, his reputation as a "homer" would negate his ability to be taken seriously.  In other words, he needs to continue being "VanderHomer" or whatever name he's giving himself during the off-season.  

Although I gave him the name Bagdad Bob, it would have been more accurate of if it was Queen Elizabeth "Figure Head".  Come on lets keep it real, dude brings NO SPORTS to the table compared to his peers.  He is only there because of his name recognition with the Texans.  If you were to be honest and had to rank the six of them: Marc, John Lopez, Adam, Matt, Lance, and John Granato, Marc would come in dog ass last and that's a fact.

I will give you a "blast from the past"; Marc's partner, Andre Ware in the broadcast booth while employed with CBS as Marc's cohost on the air had no problem with calling a decision or situation by the Texans irrational or flat out dumb, but Marc will not go there.  Here is the trick, I wouldn't have a problem with Marc's delivery at all if he represented all of the teams the way he represents the Texans, but he don't.  


Lately my morning listening is centered around Matt Jackson/Adam Wexler, John/Lance.  There was a statement made by someone at SR610, radio is not good when you have the same serial callers and texters, well they got they wish because I have observed some of the most notable callers of SR610 communicating and listening heavily to the other stations now.

It's weird because I feel John and Lance particularly are the best in the morning but I feel as if I have to be a part of a "secret society" to get the full message of the show.  It's good to build a show following to that extinct but it's also bad when some don't understand the meanings of certain inside information.  It goes without saying how interactive they are but they even have another weapon in their arsenal, they have a national following. At any given moment, these guys are communicating with people in Wisconsin, Florida, North Cacky Lacky and this could very well be the case at SR610 but you will never know because there is very little fan/personality interaction.

Matt and Adam show is interactive and they are not afraid to go after the Texans.   Yes I am Texan fan therefore "real talk" regarding the Texans is going to hold major weight for me.  They don't give excuses for the ignorant things the Texans may or may not do.  If anything they may flat out tell you, the Texans are going to do something ignorant.  

The truth of the matter is, I can bitch, moan and gripe like a battered wife about Marc's delivery on air, but he will continue doing what he does as long as they are 1 in ratings.

With all of that being said, Marc is a pretty nice guy and like him but I don't want him giving me Texans talk, oh wait, HE DONT.



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Earlis said...

Yeah Marc has a great voice...I like in doin the Texans...and I thought that over time he would be better at talk radio...but he is a house man...he does not try to hide it or at least he did not in the past..i don't really listen anymore...I listen to Ralf mostly and that not even a sportstalk radio station...if you compare sports talk markets..Dallas vs. Houston you already i wonder is it the content or yall just wanna see some pictures...Houston Sports Talk is a joke....maybe thats why the audience size is anemic..