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Date posted: 6/29/2011

Here's a cliche to get your day started, "flying under the radar". The odd thing about the subject of this particular cliche, is figuring out how such a nationally successful duo like the "2 LIVE STEWS" could "fly under the radar" on a station considered by many to be a sinking ship? (The 2 Live Stews is a syndicated sports talk radio show originating from WQXI, AM 790 the Zone, in AtlantaGA, hosted by brothers Doug and Ryan Stewart.) 

For some strange reason, Atlanta's hot duo of the 2 LIVE STEWS was never heard on KGOW's airwaves here in Houston, even after the purchase of Sporting News Radio by David Gow. Even as 1560 The GAME continued to struggle in the ratings (mid-days 10-12n) and the 2 LIVE STEWS continued to shine nationally, their broadcast was never pumped into the Houston market. Who knows, perhaps David and Ryan Stewart may have been a value to the bottom line on a station struggling in number$ of all varietie$? Now David Barron of the Houston Chronicle is reporting that the 2 LIVE STEWS have been dropped from Sporting News Radio altogether

Revis Island
Coach KGOW, if you were Houston Texans' head coach, Gary Kubiak, and you had Darrelle Revis on your roster last season, wouldn't you have played him at some point over Kareem Jackson? 
Okay Coach KGOW, let's say you're Rockets GM Daryl Morey and Dwight Howard is on the Rockets' bench, you think Daryl would have demanded that Rick Adelman have played him at some point over the past couple of seasons?  

What if you were Astros GM Ed Wade Coach KGOW and C.C. Sabathia was in your minor league AA ball system, do you think old Ed might consider bringing the fat 6'4" plus kid up for a (cliche incoming) "cup of coffee" in the Bigs

C.C. bringing the heat!
Personally speaking Coach KGOW, I would take a chance on any of the aforementioned three examples from our little imaginary scenarios from our Houston big three pro franchises I outlined for you. (I would have given you folks a Dynamo scenario as well, but what do I look like over here: @patchmc42 or something? #SoccerGuysCanDanceToo) 

In drawing the above examples folks, I hope to point out the obvious pattern of mistake after mistake that were all made under the leadership of John Granato. The latest move to drop the 2 Live Stews altogether from the Sporting News lineup was not the decision of John Granato; I want to be clear about that. I also wish to be clear that the pair were an option while Granato was in a decision-making position before he stepped down (allegedly) from his "shot caller" position at 1560 The  Game.

Buffalo Bill
Rich Lord & Mario Williams

The fact that KGOW, or 1560 The Game, or Sporting News Radio, (or whatever the hell they're known by these days) appears to have lost the ratings battle in the Houston sports talk market, even with all of their assembled talent. I find it very telling of Houston's market stability overall, that the station with the most talent, has fallen on such hard times under Granato's model. Forget about winning the ratings war, they so boldly came out of the shoot promising to dominate, while spitting professional insults at the likes of Rich Lord (S/R 610), and former S/R 610 PD, Bill Van Rysdam. After all the tough talk from 1560 The Game, and all the insults at the competition, the fact of the matter is that the John Granato #ClickRadio101 model has without a question, or a doubt, FAILED!!! 


I never would have expected to write this blog, mainly due to the talent assembled at 1560 the GAME. Between Lance Zierlein, John Granato (meaning the radio host Granato, not Granato the radio administrator guy), David Nuno, Sean Pendergast, and John Harris, I fully expected 1560 The Game to succeed. Clearly I was wrong, right about the talent, but wrong about my expectations of that talent, under Granato's leadership. 

Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle -
one of several obvious options overlooked by
Coach KGOW
Not long after 1560 The Game was launched, I learned of Granato's persistence in ignoring recommendations by a former high-ranking official with the Texans to diversify his station's on-air staff. I can remember myself e-mailing John Granato, expressing my willingness to join 1560 The Game in any role, no matter how small, but he never even bothered to reply to my e-mail. Now folks, I know Granato received my e-mail as one of his colleagues confirmed a brief conversation they had with him about my e-mail, and how surprised they were at the manner he handled it. Don't get me wrong, It's not to suggest that I would have been some 1560 The Game "Golden Boy" that would have saved the day. My intention here folks is to point out the arrogant, stubborn, irresponsible approach by John Granato aka Coach KGOW, that's now costing folks JOBS left and right at 1560 The Game. 

Think about it in an objective manner for a moment, and stay with me here folks...

Then there's Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle and Max Edison of the Houston Defender to name a couple of guys around town that would have entertained 1560 The GAME. How about my co-host on THE CUT, Marcus Coleman, who actually hosted a weekly show at 1560 The Game, (one hour show) but never was offered anything of true relevance, but Granato you genius, you actually paired Raheel Ramzanali with John Harris at one point in morning radio on a major-market sports talk station????? That was nuttz brah!
The Good Ship 1560 The Game?
John Granato ran the good ship 1560 The Game into the ground running it like a church, with his "homeboy network". My god man, even churches don't run things that way in these economic times. Then, when the good ship 1560 The Game began taking on water, John Granato bravely stepped down (allegedly) from his role to take on a lesser role, all for the team, right? (Please?!)  
Chance McClain & V.Y. in happier times...

Its no oversight that I'm omitting recently fired 1560 The GAME PD, Chance MCClain, of any responsibility in my perceived failure of the Granato radio business model.  I liken McClain's role to that of  Daryl Morey, Rick Smith
, or Ed Wade under their perspective bosses/franchise owners. I believe McClain may have had restraints on how he was allowed to infuse talent into the 1560 dynamic. McClain himself may have been victimized by Granato's poor judgment in delegating roles, as now he himself is out on the streets. (Is it just me, or does this business model of John Granato, smell a lot like that funky "Kirby Street" thingy over there on the S. Loop?)

Rick "Pay Me" Smith
Chance McClain was in the executive producer's role when he left Sports Radio 610 for 1560 The Game. Like Rick Smith coming to the Texans as a GM, McClain moving to 1560 as a PD was unwarranted. Rick Smith was an up-and-coming star that was thrust into a role two or three years too early. McClain, like Smith, had nothing resume-wise to say he should have been a PD in a major market at the time he was given the job at 1560. Clearly, McClain was well-respected in the market for his creativity, but his process of growth was incomplete. 


When you look at the John Granato model for success, it eerily resembles the Texans/Bob McNair model for the "Smithiak"
five-year tenure with the Texans. Too many people in key roles doing critical jobs for the first time in that role. Not bad people or necessarily bad talent, but bad decision-making from the top in regards to hiring a qualified staff. Ask a simple, but critical question: "Who were all these folks at 1560 The Game, placed in roles for the first time supposed to learn from or bounce ideas off, especially with all the burned bridges in the market after insulting former employers?" 


The night prior to the release of this blog, I tweeted the release date of this article. Some supporters of 1560 The Game, as well as 1560 The Game staff members, were angered by those tweets. I 'd like to challenge those 1560 staffers and twitter followers, i.e., listeners to "keep it real with yourself"? 

KGOW launched 1560 The Game into the Houston market in a bullish fashion several years ago. Many of the 1560 listeners were all to eager to join up with the bullies in attacking Sports Radio 610. KGOW 1560 The Game has continued to openly attack other local personalities on air as evident in recent attacks on Mike Meltser of Sports Radio 610. Mike Meltser is harmless and that's how you folks roll over there, and that's cool with me, trust me. 

Understand this Gamers, HMW isn't Mike Meltser, Josh Innes, Dylan Gwinn, or Gilbert Lu for that matter. I'm a self-made, independent Negro, understood? I don't need you, nor do I have to conform to your corny ass, goof-ball radio culture to be accepted. HMW will be respected and we will respect those who respect HMW. 

Personally speaking, I have no issue with a good clean, entertaining radio beef, but....
If you can't take what you dish out 1560 The Game (listeners & tweeters too) I strongly suggest you never, EVER, attempt to climb the Mighty, Mighty, Thorny, HMW Oak Tree. 

In other words folks, bring it how you want it brought to you.

Signed: Lesbo aka yo mama's favorite Lesbian   
Double Rods Coach KGOW! 

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