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This article was inspired by an earlier post written by Angelo Lawford THE CONTENT of CHARACTER. Angelo was pretty much sizing up Kubiak to Belichick and Andy Reid in terms of players' character.  Angelo's observation is very interesting because the day I first learned of Gary Kubiak, I said this guy reminds me of someone in my life.  For the longest of times I tried to connect the dots of who is Gary Kubiak and all of a sudden it hit me.

I asked the Houston Sports Media and trusted fans a question and they replied with the following.

LM: I'm working on an article soon to drop and I need input from you. In 1 to 2 sentences, can you please describe Gary Kubiak's personality and coaching style.

John GranatoGary Kubiak is real quiet and not that easy to get to know. The most I’ve ever gotten out of him on a personal level is a few sentences. As far as his coaching style, I think he’s a player’s coach. They love what he represents and how he has their back. They haven’t shown it on the field though so that’s a problem.  

Jay DirtI see Kubiak as a coach who only thinks about his team, instead of what the other team does or doesn't do good. I feel that he is a front runner and does not know how to handle adjustments on the fly or at halftime if things are not working.

Max EdisonRelaxed, low key, somewhat unassuming. A former player & definitely a players coach. Will defend his players & fall on the sword in their defense. Really not brash or arrogant. Good, descent guy, just not a good NFL head coach!

Greg Koch: Gary's personality is laid back and he tends to see the good in everyone, which is a fine attribute in life, but a horrible attribute for a Head Football Coach.  I do think he has a great offensive football mind, despite the fact that he always seems afraid to make the bold decisions.

TyMo: Gary comes across as an affable guy that never gets too high or too low about anything and he coaches the same way. Kubiak's Texans play like their coach, NO PERSONALITY.

John McClain: As coaches go, Kubiak is as honest and genuine as they come. He doesn't have an ego. He never complains. The players like and respect him. Fans don't like it when he takes the blame for losses, but the players sure do. He's tough on them in practice and in meetings but tries not to embarrass them. They play hard for him. They never quit on him last season.

Brien Straw: Gary Kubiak: low key coach whose loyalty endears him to players and coaches perhaps to a fault.  His teams’ have lacked the necessary fire and intensity to compete and his record has not matched the promise from when he was considered among the brightest assistants in the NFL six years ago.

Barry WarnerKubes has a split personality-the public sees the "it's on me" never throwing guys under the bus.  Behind closed doors in the locker room as well as the practice field he is far more vocal, animated and to the point.  Coaching style will change dramatically this year with Wade taking care of one side of the ball.

Matt Thomas: Guys clearly want to work for him because he’ll defend them to a fault.   His even keeled approach has kept the team together despite the adversity of the last few seasons.  It’s playoff or bust time for Gary and he knows that.

I would like to first thank those of you who took the time to hit me back and secondly I like to point out, all of their answers hover around a particular trait, loyalty.


The first thing I noticed about Kubiak was that smugged look and the hair cut.  There is only one profession in life you will see a hair cut as Kubiak's rocked as a fashion statement but that was not enough proof for my conclusion.


Since I can remember, every time I seen a school with A & M in it, I was always lost on what the acronym stood for.  It was not until recently I realized it stood for agriculture and mechanical but what some don't realize about Texas A & M is they are heavily rooted in the military culture.  I am not advocating Kubiak was in the cadet program at A & M but a part of a school who is rich in military traditions.

Colorado Connection (Airforce Academy)

I first begin to suspect Gary's style when I learned of one of his coaches leaving the NFL to go coach Airforce Academy.  It means absolutely nothing on the surface however the Airforce Academy is based in Colorado Springs yet another military connection which is rooted in the Texans philosophy of players.  Very surprised Coach Kubiak haven't broken out the triple option! #AirForceBall

Texans Player Personnel

I think all of us are guilty of misrepresenting the Texans as soft when the more appropriate word is disciplined.  Lets revisit the Jim Calhoun signing with Airforce Academy.  If you are a fan of college football, the one thing no one can deny is Army, Navy, Airforce will never  muster a team able to compete with the likes of the big schools.  Think real hard why the military academies can't compete with the "BIG BOYS".  It's simple, size differential.  
LM, what does this have to do with the Texans?  Think about the mystery at one position in the new 3/4 that everyone is puzzled about, Nose Tackle.  Everyone seems to want a fat road hog while the Texans typically are conveying a notion of lean and quick.  Isn't any of this sounding like military style?  Even looking back at players like Amobe Okoye and the constant reporting on people being overweight and generally having a military bearing in the way they go about business is blatant.


This goes without saying how loyal everyone from the players to the coaches to the damn owner how they covet loyalty.  I am not saying everyone is locked in on this notion of loyalty with the organization but clearly most are.  Their loyalty is displayed by way of ND Kalu stedfast refusal not to blast them, Garys friendly hirings, the good ole boy network in general.


While making these observations, it challenged me to change my view of recognizing the Texans as soft as it is more evident it's military style.  If you were never a part of the military some of the things laid out may be gibberish to you but for those who have served in the United States military can see the similarities in the Texans.  I loved my service in the military but I know the organization is rooted in values and loyalty and if that come at the detriment of losing so be it as long as they know they did it according to the rules.

Of course I am leaving out the obvious part of this whole military connection, Gary Kubiak's love for the troops.  I recently took a vacation to New York City, Gary Kubiak recently took a trip to Afghanistan.  If you are not informed, taking a trip into a war zone is not your typical past time.  If you are going in a war zone, it's because you have agape to what the troops are providing unless you are Jane Fonda and u just want to sit on a missile and demean the US Military.

The way Kubiak is running the Texans is more of a military style not soft.


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