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Jim Feist - Matt Thomas' new "buddy"

Written by: Mike in DA
Date posted: 9-15-11

Continuing with the bashing of Jim Feist as a crook, I lifted the article below from the Las Vegas Sun of October 25, 1999.

Here's some background info. National Sports Services is the name of Jim Feist's company. It supposedly houses five completely independent sports entities: Feist, Dave CokinScott Spreitzer, Glen McGrew, and Roz Juarbe.

The article gives you an idea of the actual goings-on inside one of the biggest sports service conglomerates in the country. Here's what you're buying into when you give people like this your money:

"Five former employees of National Sports Services Inc. of Las Vegas denied allegations in a lawsuit that they misappropriated its customer lists to start a competing telemarketing business called Monaco Sports, and plan to file a $10 million counterclaim alleging unethical work practices and an unsafe and hostile work environment.

In an Oct. 20 Clark County District Court suit, National Sports Services sought an injunction against its former telemarketers, who are now employed by Las Vegas handicapper, Jimmy Spats, alleging they were bound by an employment agreement to not engage in any competing sports information business in Nevada during the contract period.

"We believe this is an invalid contract because it was signed under duress," said Paul Wommer, the defendants' attorney.

The defendants, Perfecto Bobadilla, Bernard Peraino, Roy Perry, Joseph Panzica, and Michael Roshkind, said in response to the lawsuit that they were forced by National Sports to participate in an alleged wire fraud scheme where customers were allegedly duped into thinking they were receiving sports betting information from several unrelated sports services when these
services allegedly belong to handicapper Jim Feist.

The defendants allege the customers aren't aware that five sports services were related because the mailing addresses of these services were at different locations in Las Vegas. They allege these services were actually all located in one office in Las Vegas.

Once a customer calls in to Jim Feist, within the next five days, whether he wins or loses, his name and information will be passed on to the five other services," said Bobadilla.

Perry agreed. "I would ask Jim Demasi (National Sports' vice-president) if I could keep my customers to myself. He told me this is the way we can get the most money out of the customer."

The defendants said National Sports also didn't tell customers they were allegedly being recommended to place their bets with an alleged offshore sports betting company in Costa Rica called Guardian Guarantee, which is allegedly owned by Feist.

They disputed National Sports' allegations they had stolen their customers. "Cynthia Gordon (National Sports' president) sold its leads (customers) to Jimmy Spats even before we joined his company," said Roshkind.

The defendants also disputed allegations that they sabotaged National Sports business by telling customers to "charge back" the payment for the purchase of the information on their credit cards.

The defendants also disputed National Sports' allegations that they illegally operated and unfairly competed against the company when they failed to obtain a telemarketing license and a $50,000 surety bond for Monaco Sports.

"There is no such company as 'Monaco Sports.' Jim Feist called Jimmy Spats and spoke to him two days after we left... He called us 'unsavory characters.' He knew we are now working for Las Vegas handicapper, Jimmy Spats, and still he claims we're working for this fictitious 'Monaco Sports' " Roshkind said.

The defendants said they plan to seek an injunction prohibiting National Sports from releasing false information about them and allege they suffered abusive treatment and intimidation and unsafe working conditions." END.

Now that you’ve seen the inner workings of a classic boiler room organization, why would you ever consider giving any of these people your hard-earned money? Jim Feist, National Sports Services, Monaco Sports, Jimmy Spats, and all the slime bag salesmen, have exposed themselves for all the world to be exactly what they are.

To Matt Thomas' loyal listeners and fans, and don’t you be a sucker, too.

Please note that the priority of Jim Feist (aka "Jim Heist") and his accomplices is not helping you make money, it's acquiring your money. Without a doubt, people hate getting ripped off. And you will, too.

It's  like some type of competition for them to steal your money. Look closely at the verbiage of their contract (yes, you must sign a contract with them). It's all written to take your money, and a lot of it. Legally, too, if you happen to get sucked into signing their contract without amending the contract to protect yourself.

Their contract is written to effortlessly take a lot of money from you. What guarantee are you receiving? None. They aren't guaranteeing anything except to give you advice, good or bad, for the timeframe specified. Under their contract, you aren't even guaranteed to receive back even a small portion of their outrageous service charges for poor service, let alone the money you'll end up losing following their advice.

Again, what do you receive? Picks which can be consistently bad because they aren't guaranteeing anything. On the other hand, they are guaranteed to get your money if you sign their contract. Is that fair? No, not in the least. Subsequently, if or when you realize you've been misled by their dazzling actually unguaranteed promises (which you may have thought you were guaranteed verbally), and you decide you want most or all of your money back, the gloves will come off. You'll need to be prepared for a lawsuit.

Once again, their number one priority is to take your money, and they'll try to gain acceptance by convincing you that your expenditures will grow quickly into piles of cash. Prudent risk management and a little common sense will tell you that the risks are too insecure for such an enormous outlay of money. But they'll do all they can to entice and feed your desire to make a lot of money, and make you feel like you are truly a friend, in order to cause you to overlook extremely important facts like this.

They've been effective tactics for them in the past. Don't be fooled, they do not care about you, they care only for the money you'll sign over to them, and they're salivating all over themselves to get it. To repeat and please don't miss this crucial point, they don't really care about you at all, they only care about the money they can get from you. Be smart, this information is much more valuable to you than what you're going to pay them (to lose).

Parts 3, 4, and 5 will consist of e-mails from some of those who were conned, scammed, lied to, etc. by Feist et al. And it's not just Feist's guys who scam the wagering public.  But since Feist is a weekly guest on the Matt Thomas Show here in Houston, he has been singled out.

If you have had an experience with Feist or any scamdicapper for that matter, drop an e-mail to and it will be included here. There is no need to use your name.

You can listen to Jim Feist on the Matt Thomas Show on Sports Talk 790 Friday afternoons during the football season. Don't get conned by this guy like thousands of others have over the last four decades.

P.S. - Last week, as mentioned here in Part 1, Jim's free pick of the week on his website was UCLA (-21) over San Jose State. UCLA won, 27-17, but didn't cover. The game was tied in the fourth quarter, 17-17, and the Bruins needed a TD with three minutes and change left to ice the game. Nice try Jim, but this Saturday, you can try again to bring in some new suckers with another freebie. 


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