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Written by: Mike in DA
Date posted: 9-22-2011  

Remember that Feist rhymes with “heist’. Putting shady scumbags like Feist et al out of business will never happen because they’ve been around for at least four decades and still making beaucoup bucks, but saving money for just one listener of Matt Thomas’ show will make this blog worthwhile. Hopefully, we can save more and more good people more and more money from this shadiness.

However, if you become a sucker who falls for Jim Feist’s con job, below is a picture of him, so that you can beat him up should you run across him for taking your bankroll. He has a lot less hair now, so be on the lookout for him should you see him in Las Vegas or thereabouts because the government or law won't be punishing him, so it's up to you.

The following is for Matt Thomas, the Sports Talk 790 sales staff, and for those of you who are contemplating calling up the toll-free number from Jim Feist that is given out on Matt’s show and during Feist commercials on Sports Talk 790.

Matt and the sales people are bringing in revenue to their station and happy for that, as it helps pay their salaries. And if you get conned/ripped off  by these scamdicappers/handischemers, Matt and his pals will tell you that no one twisted your arm to do so. They couldn't care less, just like all the other radio stations, cable TV stations, magazines, websites, etc. that receive remuneration for advertising Jim Feist's con. 

By the way on last Friday's show (9/16) with Matt, Jim gave out five free selections for the weekend:

Tennessee (+7) over Florida - Loser
Tennessee at Florida (Under 52) - Loser
Chicago (+7) over New Orleans - Loser
Chicago at New Orleans (Over 47) - Loser
Miami (+3) over Houston - Loser

That's 0-5 against the spread. I can do that also. Nice going Jimbo.

Below are a bunch of e-mails sent either to me or lifted from various gambling forum websites, such as,,,, etc. If you have had any dealings with any of these crooks, send me an e-mail and I'll include it in Part 4 or Part 5.

The following will show you just how big a bunch of crooks that Jim Feist and his crew are. Just in case you don’t believe me, these are just a few of the thousand or so ANONYMOUS comments I have come across. Take a look. I couldn't make this stuff up (please note that the following have been edited for spelling and grammar):
“Can you give me information regarding this so called sports information service called Jim Feist Sports or NSS? I have been scammed big time and when I demand a refund they refuse. They are "pros" in the sports betting field that with the picks they gave me went 0-8 - 8 weeks that is..... I was never up and they continued to say, "it's a long season, you'll win your money back". If I would have bet the opposite of what they told me I would be up huge. Can you tell me the laws for credit card scams, who can I contact? Please help!!!!!” END.

Jim Feist's rating as a capper-F.........Jim Feist's rating as marketing guru A+.” END.

NSS desires to immorally steal your money. To continue receiving their "service", they politely request (at first) that you sign a service form (before you start receiving losing picks) that states:
I, < insert name >, hereby acknowledge all charges that were authorized via recorded verification made to National Sports Services to be received as stated above. I, < insert name >, will in no way make any claims against National Sports Services or any of its divisions for any charges that I have incurred regardless of method of payment including charges on my Visa #XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX as of this date < Insert date >. I, < insert name >, do release and discharge National Sports Services, a business located in Nevada, from all claims and demands whatsoever in law or in equity. It is further understood and agreed that this is a full and final release of all claims of any nature and kind whatsoever against National Sports Services and all prior services and charges are non-refundable.

NSS seeks to cross their t's and dot their i's so they practically have an iron-clad license to rip you off. DO NOT SIGN THIS! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE JERKS! Instead, go to the Better Business Bureau of Southern Nevada and fill out a complaint form and let the world know you saved yourself from being ripped off by these immoral con-artists known as Nevada Sports Schedule filed with the BBB, and also as National Sports Services. Yes, they have filed with the BBB as Nevada Sports Schedule! They believe they are so clever in ripping you off that they can get away with anything. Arrogance of deep pockets to pay lawyers to steal your hard-earned money. DO NOT BUY INTO THEIR CRAP ABOUT THEM HELPING YOU MAKE A LOT OF MONEY! TELL THEM WHERE TO GO AND STAY AWAY FROM THESE IMMORAL THIEFS.” END. 

“I called for a free pick one time. It was a scam show as far as I was concerned. They hassled me for my credit card number and told me to spend 5 dimes on a losing pick.” END.

“That is the sad thing about it all. All those handicappers have some skill, even Feist, but the way you make big money selling to that market is to do it that way. Cokin is a very solid capper, one of the most intelligent guys you could meet in Vegas about the subject. If you listen to him on radio you see he knows a ton about anything he talks about, he knows obscure college teams backup QBs most of the time. Very talented guy, but he got into this side of the business because what he can make betting can be tripled or more just selling the picks through the high pressure market Feist runs. Even Feist is a sharp guy, although I think his hired guns are even sharper. Just remember it’s all a business. These guys aren't selling advice, they are selling hype. There are some guys out there truly selling advice, but the industry is sullied by these guys because most people who will pay for picks are in it for the hype and action, not winning.” END.

"Look here is the straight scoop. I went through sales training in the early 90s and lasted two weeks. Didn't have it in me to be an outright con artist.

Feist will give you a worthless free pick, it’s whatever the sales guy wants to tell you. But that only comes after he tries to upsell you on a $200 weekend package or "just" $79 for the best game on the board. During this time he is sizing you up, figuring out what you are worth. We didn't have the resources back then, but I bet now they have software to check on where you live and they immediately try to figure out how rich your neighborhood is.

After you are sized up, the agent is going to try to sell you a month or a season. The price is purely based on his read of your wealth. As the sales manager said, "what's 10 dimes to someone living in Beverly Hills? Now if he lives in Detroit, you know what to do". After you get sold the bigger package, they give you a set of picks they are hoping goes 50-50. The 50-50 customer is perfect, he doesn't win anything, but he gets enough taste of winning to think you got something for him. If they can get that, then the real upsell comes.

Say you go 4-7 with him over a weekend, the sales guy is going to call you and say sorry, but hey the platinum/24 carat/inner circle (whatever) bettors went 8-1. Wouldn't you like to join that? Normal price is X, but since you are already a season subscriber, I will give you credit for what you paid plus a discount so that say 10 dimes a year package is only $6995. It just never ends.

As for the picks, forget it. They are put on a board in nominal terms of each package. They are totally interchangeable though. If you are in the top club picks, but they didn't tell you that, they will upsell an even "better" package, but actually just give you the picks one level down. It really means nothing. The best bet of the night is always about to kick off and the strongest game of the year goes tomorrow. He was actually selling a "LOCK" for $9.99 on Proline (a TV tout show) today.

I feel very bad for the suckers that buy into these Zombies with the Funny cigar and Hat that they think makes them LOOK LIKE SEASONED CAPPERS:lol. It makes them look like total CLOWNS. It is very sad and pathetic.” END.

“Hate to say it, but Feist, and his whole squad just look like greaseballs..... the site is a total scam.” END.

“Some people just want to be suckered. A fool and his money will soon depart. My friend used to work in Jim Feist's boiler room operation. His job was to answer the phone from the suckers calling thinking they were going to get winning picks. Feist was so bad at picking games that my friend was giving his own picks to the fools who paid money for picks. Even when Feist did not have a pick for a particular game, he was told to "pick a side" and give it to the client as Feist’s”. END

“Absolutely do not get involved with Feist. His reps on the phone will torture you. They'll start with free picks, then a $49/week package, then they'll shoot for the big $1000/season deal. They will just reel off pick after pick, gloat the winning picks in your face and try to make you forget all the losing ones they gave. Put in the keywords "feist scam" into your search and you should find more.” END.

“This company will sell a package, consistently lose, and then attempt to convince the buyer to purchase a better package with more winners. This is not completely bad. Jim Feist boasts about numerous winnings, however, never provides the results. It is not bad to sell different packages of picks, however, consistently losing and then telling your client to purchase another package for winners is not a good business practice. Complaints are also against them because even after purchasing the higher packages, they have still lost, and instead of offering free picks to compensate for their losses, they suggest purchasing a higher package again. Most handicappers who sell packages (not individual games usually) will offer some sort of freebie to compensate for a losing day, not that they have to, but out of good business practice.” END.

 “Why do guys buy picks from those liars, if they think who the winner is, why didn't they bet with their own money instead of getting a few bucks from suckers for a pick.” END.

 "If is not a scam, then how come they have to state three times on the bottom of their invoice that they are clear of all liabilties and lawsuits? I have proof that I made 4 purchases from (National Sports Service).

My purchases were all made in June of 2008:
1) $29 Guaranteed winner on June 10th
2) $25 Guaranteed winner on June 13th
3) $15 Purchase on June 15th
4) $25 Guaranteed winner on June 18th
Dave Cokin's guaranteed winners won on June 10th and June 13th. However, his GUARANTEED winner on June 18th (Cardinals over Royals) LOST! Therefore, according to the June 18th ad that was posted on the website, I was supposed to receive Dave Cokin's baseball picks for the remainder of June, 2008 for FREE! 
After Dave Cokin's first two guaranteed winners won, I didn't call up, or Dave Cokin or NSS and say: "You know what? I think I'll subscribe to Dave Cokin's picks for the rest of the baseball season." Therefore, why would I want to spend $40,000 for Dave Cokin's picks, and Jim Feist's picks, the day after Dave Cokin's guaranteed winner lost? I wouldn't! But, I had to call them on June 19th, because Dave Cokin's guaranteed winner lost on June 18th. Therefore, according to the ad that was posted on the website, I was supposed to receive Dave Cokin's baseball picks for the rest of June for free. NSS never e-mailed me, or phoned me on June 19th with my supposedly free pick that was promised in their June 18th ad that was posted on the website! NSS can't say that they didn't have my phone number and e-mail address. They sent me confirmation e-mails, along with Dave Cokin's picks, everytime that I made a small purchase in June of 2008.” END.

“Before Jim Feist went into the business of scamming suckers, he was a degenerate gambler. It amazes me how these shysters can continue to scam people. Has not the word spread around the world several times?” END.

I became involved with these idiots at the end of 2006. I was given an alleged deal for Glen McGrew Vegas Steam games - I was suckered into 7 dimes and I was supposed to be up 19 dimes by Feb 1 - needless to say I lost. The sales rep , Kevin, suckered me into giving more money for Feist picks - one week McGrew was 1-7 and another week Feist was 0-8. I was out 15 dimes - they said they would put my account on hold which they did and give me college and pro football - Feist's elite college picks absolutely sucked - pro football was decent - when I started to complain.  Kevin said that they were a "sports information service and that I should use the information accordingly" - so I guess I was supposed to deduce that I am paying for picks that were no good – brilliant. One night, another idiot, Fred, allegedly Kevin's boss gave me two picks - the Pistons in the NBA and West Virginia - their alleged Thursday night game of the year - they both lost - when I called to ask what was up - Fred said " I guess you don't have enough money for the best games " - Nice response - My friend, Fred called a free pick line in their office and who does he get on the phone - Kevin - trying to sell Smash Mouth Sports for Scott Spreitzer - whatever you are doing to expose these crooks and liars, I am with you 100% -put them out of business.”  END.

“Look at it this way. We have thousands and thousands of posters and readers here. Have you EVER heard ANYONE say that they have ever won money following Feist?” END.

“There's a scene from a TV series where a woman desires to shake the president's hand. She deceptively feigns respect and admiration as she approaches...a total farce. She shakes hands, walks away, and peels away a sheer layer with a toxic substance as she leaves. Shortly thereafter, the president looks down and sees that the flesh on his hand has started to be eaten away. This is the NSS modus operandi, except with you, it's going to be your money eaten away. Their apparent "respect" and "friendliness" is 100% fake...they're going to fuck you over. Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones who makes money with them at the expense of those who they've already ripped off??? Not likely. You'll have a lot of money stolen from you and you'll wake up knowing you got fucked bad. Don't let it happen. Don't be shy when you tell them to fuck off.” END.

“A painter was seeking to paint houses in the neighborhood. He was extremely proud to pull out his list of customers he did business with over the last few years, to provide evidence of his exceptional work for all his clients. Great businesses are proud of their work. Based on my experience, NSS Feist isn't, and their objective was to scam me and take as much money as they could from me. They believe it's ok to scam you into signing their contract, and once that's done, that's it, they own your money, and as they know, apart from a lawsuit you can't get your money back (and besides, won't you look really stupid because you already signed a contract stating that you won't take legal action against them anyway). The best way to know a business is from customer referrals and your site says the truth and says it well.”

NSS took thousands immorally from me. They could care less about me and they only care about the money they got because to them it was legal as I was coaxed into signing their contract...which is no benefit to me, only them. I wouldn't be so concerned about it, but they made no attempts towards a reasonable outcome with me, and because I was coaxed into signing their form, they feel entitled to the money and treating me like dirt.” END. 

“Guys like Jim Feist and Wayne Allan Root make millions of dollars a year because of people's stupidity and laziness (they don't want to handicap games themselves.) I have a hard time feeling sorry for people who are ripped off by tout services because of this. Although I can't stand Feist or WAR, in a sick way I do respect how smart and business savvy they are to be able to rip off so many people each year and make so much money. That's capitalism at its best!” END.

"I find touts to be annoying. Seems to me that they all claim to have a winning record with their picks, and many claim to have a record that is, quite frankly, very hard to believe. If I could win 70% of my picks I'd just get filthy rich by betting and not be trying to make money by selling my picks. I'm not sure if it's a regular show or an infomercial made to look like one, but on Saturday I was channel surfing and found Jim Feist and his cronies on the TV. They were bragging about their record so far and referring viewers to Feist's web site (where I'm sure you can get their picks for a price). Really, if these guys are that good then how can the books and Vegas survive?” END.

“These touts are leeches that pray on the type of people that lack common sense. but, if somebody is willing to pay them for their selections, then that tout is one hell of a salesmen.” END.

“It's bad enough to lose on your own picks, but even worse to lose on someone else's picks. With the number of touts out there using a binomial distribution chart you'll find that there will be guys that have one great season where they hit 60% just by flipping a coin to make picks. Will they be able to hit 60% for the next 5 years? Of course not. Hitting the 60% that one year does get them great business for a few years. There are some guys that run 20 tout services. When a service hits at an unusual win percentage that service will get the pub although it's the same guy using different picks.” END.

“The only legit touts are on Their picks are documented every week. you can go back about 7 years to see which ones are consistent and honest.” END.

“Looks like you've seen through their scam. If you could win 70% of your picks week-in week-out then you're much better off playing at books that take professional action. And additionally you could set up a network of small-time players to make wagers on your behalf. The last thing I'd be doing is selling the tips at $50 a pop.” END.

“No way I'd ever use a tout...I do listen to the Stardust Radio Show each week though and think that Dave Cokin has some good's all free though.” END.

“My strategy is to get free picks from touts and take the opposite. the ones that they CHARGE for are bad enough.” END.

“I've heard that these guys are just master salesmen and hype artists.” END.

“Paying for a tout is even more stupid than thinking you can win while gambling.” END.

“No use for touts at all, I can lose all my own money all by myself - LOL. One thing I will say for the touts, their strike rate for getting paid is always 100% @ $50 a pop no matter what!”. END.

“Touts just help you lose money, by charging you for it.:” END.

“I guess there are a lot of gullible people in this world because I can see through the touts...and could before I started wagering. And is it just me or do they all have the same aura of greedy slime?” END.

“I ordered so-called guaranteed winners and the window plays and every thing you could think of. It’s all a marketing scheme. All of the handicappers work for the NSS, Nation Sports Service, Jim Feist has given me LOSERS after LOSERS. My last five picks from Jim Feist were LOSERS. And they will call your house and harass you forever. And they say they got 3* plays all the way up to 10* plays. And they are all the same. I ordered the so-called 10* play for 500 dollars, and my buddy called for 10 dollars and got the same play. And DAVE COKIN, another handicapper at the NATION SPORTS SERVICE, gave the opposite of the same play. It is all a big ripoff. Eric was the name of the rep who called me and he is a total dumb a#$. And MARK at DAVE COKIN is another one. They all have not heard the last of me and I hope EVERYONE THAT SEES THIS WILL LEARN AND DO NOT CALL THE NATION SPORTS SERVICE. And Eric if you read this, we are not friends. You lost me a lot of money, and I will find you pal.” END


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I called Feist several weeks ago and got a free pick that lost. They've called me eack week at least once to sign up with them. Even a girl called. Wish I saw this earlier.