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There are very few in this market it pains me to write about in a negative light because I like them.  To be honest this wouldn't have even been an article an article until I questioned myself "did Matt really say what I thought he said".  Trust me you will find out what "he said"  shortly.

When I hear a media person attack a Professional athlete and they don't know the fundamentals of the professional athlete's job, it really gets my blood boiling.  We got a taste of this last year when Rich Lord could not tell Craig Shelton (1430) the basics of the 3.4 defense.  Although Rich Lord ejected, that is baby food compared to the conversation between Craig and Matt Thomas.

Let me set this up, Matt Thomas along with all of the media in Houston has suddenly keyed in on Jacoby Jones (Scapegoat Jones).  Matt Thomas ended his weekly interview with Mike Florio (PFT) and said he had two callers on hold, he would get to them after the break. Matt took the first call and proceeded to the next call, Craig.  Craig's beginning statement was Schaub should have ran the ball and he had NFL players who agreed with them (ND Kalu, Tony Brackens and Marcus Coleman).  If Schaub would have ran and no matter the outcome, he would have built more equity.  It was a nice back and forth conversation as Craig begin to really get to the "meat" of his call, basically he did not understand why Jacoby Jones is all of a sudden the focus when all of Houston saw Matt Schaub make plenty of bad plays.  Matt Thomas replied with the media "talking point" Jacoby ran bad routes.  It was at this point Craig asked Matt "do you know what a route tree is", Matt replied "No".  OK, I feel as if I don't even have to write anymore, I was shocked. However it did not stop there, Craig went further by asking "how can you say Jacoby ran bad routes when you don't even know what a route tree is", Matt replied by saying people he trust and know told him.  I was absolutely done.  In case I misremembered,  the Audio is below, just click. and listen


Let me begin by saying depending on the levels or areas you learned football, it was either "Route tree" or "Passing Tree".  When the guys finished, Matt Thomas made a few "route tree" one liners in an attempt to shoot back at Craig after the call ended and that's cool, it is what it is.  HMW is not tripping on Matt Thomas because his show is one of the few all of HMW "CUT" for.


The passing tree as I learned in the 5th grade were the most fundamental elements learned as a receiver.  In other words if you were a transfer kid/student to a school/league with sophisticated language such as dig, drag, flare, or fade routes, the coach could simply tell you the numbers instead of the language.  The Passing Tree is universal.

  • 1&2 are direct slants
  • 3&4 are down and cuts in (45 degree)
  • 5&6 are curls
  • 7&8 are Post
  • 9 is a Fly
Of course all of these routes are solely based on what side of the ball the receiver is on.  


As I said earlier, I had no intentions on writing this but I see what the media is doing in this Jacoby/Schaub situation.  It seems as if they are giving Schaub a pass while "going in" on Jacoby.  As I listened to Craig and Matt's conversation, for the life of me I could not understand the fact that everyone agrees that Schaub has not played well all season.  I am thinking to myself, Schaub is the most important person on the roster, he's worth more money, and he touches the ball every single snap so why are we focusing on Jacoby Jones.  

Instead of focusing on Jacoby Jones as the culprit of the Raiders game how about the media discuss ways Gary Kubiak (quarterback fixer) can improved Schaub's mechanics.  Ankle Balls and Tip Passes don't get the job done,  No one is asking to replace Schaub but how about a discussion on fixing the messed up stuff Schaub is doing.  The funny thing is, in Kubiak's presser, Matt Jackson (790) came out of the gate asking questions about Schaub's mechanics and I thought he was going there but with time constraint I guess he couldn't.

As far as Matt Thomas, not cool to come on "Major Market" radio and say Jacoby ran bad routes when you admitted to not knowing the fundamentals of route running and follow it up by saying "people you trust told you he didn't run good routes".  What really sucks in this whole Matt Schaub fiasco, Matt Thomas freaking interviewed an Oakland Raider who told him that Matt Schaub CHOKED.  That Oakland Raider didn't say Jacoby ran the wrong route, he along with million websites and message boards singled out Matt Schaub. "Ole Boy Choked" Tommy Kelly is viral.



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Ya Boy Blue said...

Lesbo, once again you hit the nail right on the head. Its one thing to have an opinion but, make sure it YOU OWN opinion. People I trust should not be the sole basis of your take Mr. Thomas. I've said it since the play happened and had went back and forth w/S. Stradley that Shaub should have just took off. OH! And by the way the Raiders only had TEN, yes 10, men on the field. If my 6'5" QB can't put a DB on his proverbial *** from 4 yards out then we know exactly where his heart his: In his pocketbook. Worrying about injury is no excuse. Don't get me wrong Jones has not, nor do I think he'll ever be, a solid #2. He's a speedster and a good return man but not a # 2 or even a 3 for that matter. K. Walter is the #2 and should be looked at more than he is. But, this team looks to throw to Andre first, ANY TE second and, Foster third. After that is when the rest of the receiver corps is targeted. I appreciate what you do by checking the talking heads on radio. Having been one, even for a short time, and a long time listener to radio in Houston there are a lot of members in this media who don't know how to make an original statement. I do give credit when and where it is due. Everyone makes mistakes but PLEASE make your own mistakes and the answer "I don't know" IS an answer. I'd rather hear that and "I will get someone who knows that answer better" than just reiterating someone else’s uneducated commentary.

Earlis said...

The Texans suck...I made excuses for them for years...get off the pot texan's u can't piss straigh no way...the kid they ran out of town that was the number one receiver before "Gary Ball" is still in the league..he is better than most of the Texans Receivers he just was not a number one recevier..but he was faulted for not being one and scapegoated...he plays for the redskins now jeez..let me google...aha.Gaffney..I do not know when the Texans will become a real good football team maybe not in my lifetime I will be 62 the derth of talent on that team is frightening..hence it puts so much pressure on the good players to carry the team when a team is more successful with a solid core rotation players the giants killed the new england by rotating defensive linemen they were relentless, gave them boyz an old fashion azz whuppen not in the score column..but in the toe to toe battle on the field they flat out whupped some azz..dare i say it?... it was a team victory....ask the Miami Heat what a bench is..cuz you damn sho get clue's when u don't have a good (James) or hell (Jeff Bagwell) feel like it is all on you because when you look behind your back all u see is a dung heap..(da bench)
now that's great for growing marigolds but we are talkin football here folks.