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When I first learned of Marc Vandermeer blasting a caller for saying Matt Schaub "sucks" did not surprise me.  We are talking about a guy who's former name was "VanderCarr" (David Carr).  I am not going to blast Marc Vandermeer nor Matt Schaub.

It's truly funny how things happen, earlier this week THE BIG SHOW stumbled on some Schaub talk which caused the fans to over and under analyze Schaub, the next day Lance Zierlein did not want to go hard on Matt Schaub again.  In other words he wanted to get away from the bashing of Schaub.  When I heard that I told him, you guys are hearing all of this Schaub hate because the "other" radio station go out of their way to protect him.  Let me be more specific,  Marc Vandermeer and Rich Lord go out of their way to protect him.

Here it is, a caller told Marc, John and Mike, "Matt Schaub sucks" a furious Marc provided some sarcasm leading up to his epic blast while at the same time calling out John and Mike for not being as passionate as him.

Later Craig Shelton called in with a comparison of beauty that actually had me saying "WTF don't give them that kind of shine" as he pretty much told them, you should act like a leader.

I was listening to call Carl Dukes (97.5) during the Drive Time when I decided to peep Josh and Rich.   Greg Koch was in studio and they started talking about this blast of Marc Vandermeer.  I don't need to be descriptive of how they built it up but they played the clip again.  Now this is where the story gets interesting.  Josh and Rich, were super crunk like it was money and telling stories about Marc being upset.  Of course Rich Lord has to cosign Marc for being upset.  I mean these guys were actually excited about Marc's reaction while totally avoiding the content at hand.  Throughout the time I was listening they kept going back to to "you suck hot key" by Marc.

Peep game, while Josh and Rich are talking like media boys in laughter,  Greg Koch jumps in to cool the "laugh fest" and said and I am paraphrasing "why if a guy who has concerns about Schaub's performance is" and well Rich Lord didn't let him finish his question.  Rich Lord set a pick for Matt Schaub that would have made Karl Malone realize, you are nice player.  Hell, don't take my word for it, listen below.


I keep saying, "y'all don't believe fat meat greasy".  When I call Marc Vandermeer "Bagdad Bob" this is nothing personal but how I perceived this guy.  The funny thing is, I can accept Marc taking it "raw" for the team but I'm stoopafied of why Rich Lord feels he has to do it.  I wish fans in 2011 could have heard Rich Lord before he got the sideline job with the Texans.  Rich Lord was like the biggest critic of the Texans when partnered with Marc doing 2-6P.

With questions looming out there of Texans taking Marc "in house" as David Barron reported and basically putting him on the "pole", I can understand Marc.  However, I look at Rich Lord and I am like "why the ____ are you kissing ass, you are a sideline reporter".  I have not heard Barron report anything about Texans contemplating bringing Rich Lord in.

The world would be a beautiful place if the Texans as a team was ran like Rich Lord.  The Rich Lord way is, I'm phony, you know I'm phony, the Texans know I'm phony, Josh knows I'm phony, Gavin knows I'm phony, man even Les Moonves knows I'm phony but I'm going to continue to be phony as long as I make this paper.  Now picture Kubiak saying, you know I'm going to give that HOG to Arian Foster, now STOP IT.



On Wednesday's (9/21) afternoon show on SR610, Josh Innes mentioned that Arkansas joined the SEC after the SWC was dissolved. The Big 12 was officially formed on February 25, 1994, when all eight members of the Big Eight joined with four schools in Texas from the Southwest Conference. Athletic competition in the conference commenced on August 31, 1996. In 1991, the SEC expanded from ten to twelve member universities with the addition of Arkansas and South Carolina. The two new teams joined for the 1991–1992 basketball season. At the same time, the SEC split into two divisions—a Western Division comprising most of the schools in the Central Time Zone and an Eastern Division comprising most of the teams in the Eastern Time Zone. Therefore Arkansas left the SWC almost five years before the SWC was officially dissolved.  

On Thursday morning's show (9/22) on 1560 The Game, John Granato said that the Astros made a mistake letting Andy Pettitte get away after the 2005 season. It was actually after the 2006 season that Andy left the team to go back to the Yankees.

Also on the same show, John congratulated Houstonian and outfielder,Chad Huffman, a  Cleveland Indian property, for being a member of the Columbus Indians, the team which defeated the Omaha Storm Chasers, 8-3 in the Triple-A Baseball National Championship Game to win their second consecutive AAA baseball title. However, the Columbus franchise is known as the Clippers, not the Indians.

Sean Pendergast on his Saturday morning show (9/24) on 1560 said that the previous Saturday (9/17), Temple played a close game withPenn State in Happy Valley (aka Penn State's Beaver Stadium). The game was actually played in Citizens Bank Park in Philly as a Temple home game.

Nielsen, the TV ratings system, announced it has discovered a glitch in the way it collects data. Nielsen began informing clients on 9/21 about a software problem that has been generating incorrect data for most of this year for GRPs, reach and frequency estimates. Earlier this year Nielsen changed the way it handled DVR viewing, so that if a show were watched multiple times on DVR, those views would be counted and included in GRP reports. Nielsen says those DVR viewing numbers may have been inflated due to a processing glitch that delivered "incorrect data for time shifted streams.”  If interested, you can read about it (

On Tuesday's "The Big Show" on Sports Talk 790, when the topic of Bar Mitzvah came up, Matt Jackson said that Rod Carew was Jewish through conversion. Matt was misinforming us because though Rod is married to a Jewish woman (Marilynn Levy) and his three daughters were raised as Jews, Rod never converted. Matt said that he got his information from Adam Sandler's, "Chanukah Song":

"OJ Simpson - not a Jew!
 But guess who is: Hall of Famer Rod Carew—he converted"

When sports talk hosts have to depend on Adam Sandler for sports-related information, sports talk is in trouble.


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TP said...

i love me some greg koch. the dude dont hold back at all on schaub or the texans. and he is so right; schaub is bad inside the red zone cuz he dont have the zip and velocity to zoom the ball in. his balls tend to float a little and youre ALWAYS holding your breath when he throws. and the caller who called in saying schaub sucks, compared to playoff and superbowl qbs, he do. thats why i will always say and im sure others do to, the you can win a superbowl with schaub but he wont ever win it for you or be the reason they won it. hes another trent green........not dilfer.....but trent green.

and i love andre but im not callin him the best wideout inb the game until the texans use him like the best in the game. calvin johnson is number 1 to me right now. all he does is score in the endzone, go deep with his head leaning allll the way to the back. or you can say the detroit is getting the MOST AND MAXIMUM out of calvin johnson.....same thing for larry fitzgerald...... while andre is limited to schaubs weak arm and kubiak's wack play calling. until i see andre do more spectacular plays and scoring than calvin, then hes number 1. you cant say "andre is the best, but....." no more buts please. i wanna see it done. thats like saying "the texans are the best team, but......."........JUST DO IT!!!

TP said...

and heres another thing im done with. when the radio (barry warner and other 610ers) is confronted with fans talking about schaubs weak arm, they play the "jamarcus russell/jeff george" if big ben, josh freeman, aaron rodgers, peyton manning, mike vick, tom brady, phillip rivers, matthew stafford, joe flacco, tony romo, matt ryan, even eli manning... dont have bigger arms.......these days you have to have one and most of the qbs above made the playoffs or won superbowls and made the most of the deep threat wideouts they have at their disposal.......

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Schaub sucks is an idiot.