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I am in a weird place, I am defending the media.  Tuesday, two days after a big win versus the Titans in Nashville, I assume viola all Texans are available.  Thanks guys, but make yourself available after a loss too, see Albert Pujols.

Josh Innes is a self centered grade A prick, he do not want you to kiss his ass, he don't even want your compliments however I think his goal is being the best at his job.  Josh Innes is the first to tell you, he does not care about Xs and Os, but I do.  You see where I am going with this?  Last year Josh Innes at the inception of HMW made some comments we took exception too therefore we went in but in that 2 to 3 week event, we all respected the fact that he spoke his mind.  When I say "spoke his mind", I am talking about the Texans.  Josh is one of the few at 610 who will tell you what he thinks about Texans minus the fluff.  I know friends outside of HMW, who likes Josh because he speaks his mind about the Texans.

I must say, it was really hard for me to write this article because 610 is so program oriented, you never know if something is scripted or a bit.  With that being said, I am going to assume this Chris Myers' piece was legit.  Apparently, Chris Meyers joined Marc and JLo, during his visit, Meyers HMW'd Sports Radio 610 Shows.  In other words, Myers gave a quick synopsis of  610's line up.   I know this was all in fun but it get realistic when he gets to Josh.

What pushed me to write this article is the fact, that Chris Myers went through the majority of 610 Line Ups, and "went in" on a single personality.  For the most part, he was Politically Correct and nice with his analysis of each show/host but when he got to Josh Innes, he got a little salty.  Thanks goodness he didn't key in on Norm Miller or Greg Koch.  What really stood out is his true statement about Josh not knowing Xs and Os, it only stood out because I asked myself, "when do you hear Xs and Os on 610 period?"

Xs and Os

Chris Myers comments were odd because he described each personality to the "T" but when he got to Josh, he blasted the dude for not knowing Xs and Os.  When I say he blasted Josh, I really mean, he laughed at Josh lack of football knowledge.  Newsflash, Meyers, the only people who come close to Xs & Os on 610 is ND Kalu, Greg Koch and Barry Warner.  

I am really proud of Josh for not obliterating New York Jets Jenkin's prison property Chris Myers.  I am not locking ass for Myers clowning Josh because Josh will admit he do not know football to that extinct but I will clown him for not being fair and the truth is, outside of Barry, ND, and Greg, none of those guys are  Xs and Os.


Chris, if you really want Xs and Os, you are listening to the wrong station however if you and the Texans are mad because Josh calls suck "SUCK" then I am sorry, we are nine years deep in this.    It's clear that certain personalities who try to be honest about the Texans are enemies of the locker room material.  

Josh Innes does not receive a free pass, HMW said back in the gap, things would get more difficult for Josh because of his arrogance and constant negative attitude in regards to anything Houston or Texas.  Right about now, I am sure Chris Myers, seems like the hero for being the Texan "Pro" who semi called Josh out. 

As stated before, I really do not know if this was a spoof because Sports Radio 610 commonly make fun of themselves which is cool however if it was legit, Chris Myers needs to listen closer.  With that being said, I am happy the myth of "players not paying attention to media" was dispelled not only by Chris Myers but Texans NT Cody.  What is more interesting is to see the amount of Texans all over town after a win. I have no problem with Myers, but I find it a tad strange that he would only bust on Josh Innes.

Josh listen and listen good, you are in Texas, you have a feminine voice, you speak your mind, you like winning, and you see through social bull bleep, by those attributes, you are not welcomed in Texas, go to California.



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Isidro Espinoza said...

If that is at all considered "going in" then I would hate to see what you would say if he really blasted Josh. Are we as a society so sensitive, that what Myers said is considered a bad thing. I had to listen to the clip twice to actually hear what is being talked about in the article. Josh is a big boy, if he cant take the "heat" then he needs to find another line of work.

HMW said...

You are right but my main point was,,,, very few at 610 possess xs and os so why point out Josh. Thats all

Earlis said...

it could be tongue in check and Chris is a big boy...however Chris is fully aware that Josh slams the Texans so he shot back at Josh...

no big deal...

Earlis said...

well if there is a conspiracy it would be to get brownie points...err ratings yeah..puff up the ratings...
I actually listened to Rich and was that Josh one thing about Josh he does not try to hide behind the X's and O's (lol)...a dude called in and blasted Josh...for cracking on dudes who wear cookie dusters (moustache)...of course Josh was not drop dead serious but dude did not think Josh's bit was the least bit funny..the thing is that by Josh pushing the envelope he can hide behind that envelope...that is say something he really means but pretend to be satirical or just makin a funny...which to me is being "phony baloney" up and say what you really mean instead of hiding behind the sic jokes...

cxd said...

I've never taken Josh seriously in anything since I first heard him.

I do wish he would take his medications though. He's all over the map and it inspires me the change the radio channel a lot (until he seems a little more calm)..