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Tuesday, I turned on the J&R Show and heard a skirmish between Rich Lord and Josh Innes (Sports Radio 610).  Apparently Rich complimented U of H with anticipation of Josh to make a negative comment.  If you do not know, Josh is on record for not thinking U of H is as good as people are trying to make them. "If you want to be a big boy, you have to take when people scrutinize your schedule" as quoted by Josh.

I am not hear to debate U of H because frankly, if they get to the dance I am going to be happy no matter but I will discuss this conflict between the two guys.

In my opinion, there are two personalities in this market who is universally loved by the fans in a very different way.  Lance Zierlein and Rich Lord are beloved in Houston however I believe Lance is received out of respect of his knowledge whereas Rich is loved because he takes the safe route.  


I was conversing with HMW and I made mention that Rich Lord is a somewhat difficult personality to cover because he comes off as a basset hound.   A Basset Hound is one of those dogs a master can't get mad at because of his/her sad look which on a side note is commonly why they are overfed because masters pitty them.  In addition to, I said "you have to write about Rich immediately when something occurs because he will suddenly develop amnesia and forget some of the things he may have said and so will his fans".  For almost a year now I have witnessed Rich Lord put himself as the sweet lovable old man while steadily putting his partner on the defensive.

I am not saying Rich is wrong in everything I have witnessed but the correcting Josh "on air" and warning Josh to be respectful "on air" or anything Josh may do outside of Rich's comfort zone ON AIR.  Little do he know, when he is being "big brother" on air it make the fans look negative towards Josh (or maybe he does) not to say people do not like him already.

In this "stir up" though, all I can do is laugh,  This is what separates a regular listener to a "professional listener".  When Matt Jackson co hosted with Rich Lord, Matt would mention U Of H and Rich Lord would blast it.  I can recall Matt would be so mad he nearly said some forbidden words.  During that time period, it came off as RIch purposely antagonizing Matt Jackson because he knew Matt was an alumni and a big fan.  Fast forward 2 years and now Rich Lord is "Cougar Lord"?


Josh Innes is not totally innocent in this situation.   As a matter of fact when I think of Josh Innes as the personality, it reminds of the skit on the Dave Chappelle Show "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong".  It's always that person who does not know how to toggle the "REAL".  
Well here's my advice to Josh and his "REAL", real does not put food in the stomach, real does not keep lights on.  To be honest, some of the stuff Josh says or do has nothing to do with "real" it's more aligned with "cocky".  It's probably not a good idea to publicly blast a local team who's last "shine" came by way of Andre Ware in the 80s.  I am not saying lie and pump U of H Football team to be a "world beater" but I do know what not to do.  Josh Innes has to really understand, he is not solving the mystery of Stone Henge by saying U of H played a weak schedule, we all know this.

While I am talking about Josh, let me school him on what's "real".  Dude, be a real man and cut out all the bull with Rich's wife, daughter and talking his pockets.  I could be totally wrong and off base as I do not know Rich and Josh's relationship but where I'm from, Josh would be told once and the second time he would have a pistol across his head if he ever mentioned my wife, daughter or finances again.  I know Rich tries to play along to a certain point until Josh mentions Rich's daughter.  As far as talking Rich's pockets "playing or not", that is probably one of the most uncomfortable things to ever have to be around.  It reminds me of going to the "corner store" and the neighborhood friendly crackhead says "I wish I had yo kinda paper", fool get the hell out my face before I knock you smooth out.  As I stated earlier, I am not sure what kind of relationship Rich and Josh has but to me, there are certain lines you do not approach.


I like the J&R Show because they keep it live and after I get my sports fix from earlier shows, I don't mind clowning around and having fun.  I want the J & R Show to have some fun and let loose like they have been doing for almost a year now but they have to correct some of those  "loose ends". Since the "blow up", I have noticed a more subdued Josh in an obvious attempt to illustrate the "J&R Show" needs his antics.  Since the argument Josh has been very noticeably withdrawn and strangely I hear Rich going to those "triggers" to make Josh act crazy but he is not having out.  At first I thought this was the usual Josh and Rich "fight" and the next few minutes they are back to normal but I knew it was real when one of Josh's fans asked him to give us an "Update Aruba" and Josh rejected the request.  

As an outsider, it seems like a whole bunch of ego that need to be swept under the rug.  I think the guys need to take a step back and listen to the advice Gavin Spittle drilled into them "Don't make it personal".

By the way, if you have not heard the audio of the fight, you just may.



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cxd said...

Good point of view from you guys.

But it still doesn't make me waver from the thought that Josh needs to be on medication.


Anonymous said...

Personally,I like Josh Innes as thats why I tune in to him and Rich during the afternoons while im at work then at 5pm listen to Ralph Cooper from then on,Josh is a young man and sometimes says things that are off the wall and he is also not a homer also,which I can appreciate it too,he doesnt blow smoke up folks asses,He says what's on his mind,which might get him trouble sometimes,I know he mentioned getting with a black woman at one time in which I thought that was tacky of him because has currently a girlfriend and I thought he was direspecting her on the air,I really dont care about that what he does in his personal life,if he likes a brown sugar or sweet potato pie in his the more the merrier but don't dis your girlfriend if she's really that over the airwaves other than that he's cool with me.

Earlis said...

Josh is just another guy tryin to fabricate swagga...he does have talent....though he may have over estimated it...if he is smart he will get better...if he really buys into the image of himself that he is tryin to sell the listening public he will continue to sink into deep doo-doo...

Earlis said...

Ok..if u have to talk about a man's daughter to liven up your banter than you are one sorry azz that all you got Josh...jezz louise man..
it is like a comedy skit with tons of cuss words...anybody can cuss... but if u ain approachin the level kinda close to Richard Pryor your game is weak..hey anybody can cuss...for that is just being lazy..for instance writing good erotic poetry is hard as hell...anybody can get nasty..trow some nasty lines togather but to do that well require's a lot of skill..that shock jock crap i do not have the time for..if all you got is tryin to say something to shock me or over emphasize the ovious ugh!...Josh jams UH up for scoring so many points against weaker foe's..however Alabama..The Sooner Nation..USC will come in and run the friggin score up that is not new..the opposite of that is wow u only beat North Texas by 14 points.what is up with that? and Josh would do just that if you UH was not scoring a lot..he would say wow..they can't be that good they are barely beating weaker UH is not a world beater they are not LSU..but if u want to get there you have to know how to play the bowl invite game..that is what they are doing..god blessum..