Monday, November 28, 2011



Let me begin by saying, I cannot recall in my lifetime not celebrating a win because we lost a key player (5) weeks in a row.  Outside of the Colts and Dolphins (which we semi lost Foster), when was the last time we grabbed a W without a key Injury.  Man it's like Kubiak or Bob made a deal with the devil " A player for a win".

In my usual overly emotion-ed state after a win or loss, I begin thinking about what just occurred.  Of course I am happy for the win but depressed it came at Leinart's injury.  Naturally in my upset state I am firing off different names the Texans could target when a calm hit me, THE GODFATHER.  Yes Lamont, everything always relates to the Godfather.  It is my objective to connect the pieces.

If you are a fan of The Godfather you had to really appreciate the calm of Vito Corleone.  Vito was the leader of the family, very laid back yet assertive.  Everyone marched to the drum of Vito.  Vito got somewhat lazy going to get some fruit with an enemy lurking he knew who wanted to take him down, Virgil Sollozzo.  We all know the story here, Sollozzo, pumped a couple of rounds in THE GODFATHER.  Isn't this Matt Schaub?  Matt Schaub cool calm and collected, let his guard down against Albert Haynesworth (known enemy).  Although The Godfather is shot upt, he is still serving as the concierge (Schaub on the sideline).

With The Godfather down, in comes his son Santino "Sonny" Corleone.  Corleone is a hot head, raised up in this mob ish in addition to being a whore of a man.   One thing about Sonny, he is either going to be in some trouble or some panties.  Immediately after Sonny took over the family, everyone expressed their confidence in him but his reign was short and over before it even started. You all know who this is, Matt Leinart.  Ladies' man anointed to be the savior and knocked out of the game in 27 minutes.   Sonny's anger and allowing personal to cloud up his judgement with business thereby entertaining his sister's domestic dispute was a little different than Leinart.  Leinart just got hurt.    The only true comparison between the two besides being "ladies men" is the fact their tenure was very short lived.

After Sonny was  wacked a very unexpected candidate was up for the job, Michael Corleone.  Michael is not aligned with this life style, he just returned from the war.  He did just enough in order for the family to survive to the 50s but he was basically managing.  This is now TJ Yates.


Texans, stick to the script, "YOU GOT TO BRING _____ TO GET  _____".


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