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When Mike wrote about 1560 AM welcoming Travis Rodgers to the lineup, it got me to thinking.  I can remember a few years ago when Jim Rome announced that Travis would no longer be a part of the team, I didn't think much of it because there was nothing to think about.  Jim Rome was considered the "cream of the crop" in Houston.  Fast forward, the dynamics have changed in Houston.

Everyone knows that Houston is Jim Rome's adopted city.  On numerous occasions you will hear Rome say Houston was one of the first major markets that gave his show a chance and for that he is thankful.  Back in the Travis Rodgers' era with Rome, Houston had less Sports Stations now we have four.  In addition to, back in those days Jim Rome had Houston on lock from 11AM - 2PM.  There is a change of atmosphere in Houston with regards to Jim Rome's Show.
The Jim Rome Show is SR610 AM National Show and as mentioned before everyone use to listen to it, but lately I have been hearing  people say they don't listen to Rome anymore.  I have also noticed when I am listening to Matt Thomas (790 AM) or Sean Pendergast (1560)  fans are tuning in to their shows.  I have heard everything from Rome is arrogant to it's dull to he only take calls that kiss his ass.  I myself use to be a fan, but in the last two years I only listen during the Smack Off.                                    

I stop listening faithfully after the Cablinasian's last Smack Off win.  I did not like the fact that Sean "The Cablinasian" could not participate in later Smack Offs because of "radio loyalties".  The Cablinasian is a current employee of  Yahoo Sports Radio which is a competitor of the local affiliate which houses Jim Rome's Show.  I don't listen because I prefer local programming over National.  The minute other options became available, I stop listening to Rome.  It's very hard for me to listen to National Shows because I don't feel I have a connection with them as I do with "local talk".  Now my choices are Matt Thomas and Sean Pendergast.  


The above passage was written over a year ago with minor changes.  At the time the article was written, I felt local competitors of Jim Rome would eventually benefit because people are not feeling Rome anymore in Houston.  The only time I listen to Jim Rome currently, is when Houston in some form is being represented on his show: guest host, story, local players.  I would not be surprised if Houston listeners habits are identical to mines.

Is Jim Rome's Show really bad or is it listeners naturally gravitate to local shows?  The one personality who benefited from Jim Rome Houston decline is Matt Thomas (790).  As mentioned with Jim Rome, does this mean  Matt's shows is good or people prefer local?  For what it's worth, I like  Matt's Show.  

As long as Sports Radio continue to air Rome in that time slot, we will continually hear people tune in to Matt Thomas.


There are a couple interesting things I see at play here.  It appears Gavin Spittle should probably consider moving Rome to overnights and close the deal with another local show in that slot.  There is no surprise Sports Radio 610 is enjoying record ratings when over 75% of their programming is local in addition to the Texans being good.  We all like to say 610's ratings are high because of the Texans but I am beginning to think that's an incomplete statement.  Instead of only notating the Texans how about including the fact, if you are a Texan during football coupled with a good product, at any given point the majority of the time, you can turn on 610 and hear something about the Texans?

For the life of me, I do not understand what's so hard to understand about this.  There is more than enough local talent to support all four stations in this town but three of the four stations want to continue this antiquated form of programming. They really believe local programming is a farce at nights and weekends, the people don't listen and meanwhile Sports Radio 610 is signing 10 year deals with the Texans.

Wow is all I can say, JIM ROME gone?  Although I am not overly excited about MAD (Mike Meltser and Brad Davies), it is local therefore I will listen.  All I have to say to Bryan Erickson, my letter to you just became a tad more tangible. QQ

David Barron: Houston Chronicle
Jim Rome Out/ Sports Radio 610 New Lineup


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HMW said...

Yo Mannifresh, I do not want HMW as a whole to take criticisms of my doing. For the most part that's on me being anxious to get my point out. You are correct,I do need to proof and I promise going into 2012, it will be better on my posts. Thanks for the support


DJ said...

Whoever it was that commented on Barron's story about KILT not hiring minorities needs to shut the fuck up. I don't doubt that it was someone that's affiliated with this site. What color is ND Kalu? Last I checked, John Lopez is a mexican. Enough of this pulling the race card shit. It's tired. Craig Shelton was fired because he sucked as a host, NOT because he's black. Get that through your heads.


DJ said...

Who is in charge of editing?? Good lord LM, did you graduate high school? Your grammar/spelling is for shit. PLEASE proofread before you submit your next article. Thanks


BillyTheBigDeal said...

You can only hear about how the texans won or lost so many times and need an escape to the comedy of sports and not the same routine of how the stros suck and rockets need a super star and texans need a quarterback. Jim Rome rules and Houston radio is 99% crap music and sports related. War Internet radio cause Houston radio just keeps getting worse. Also i just want to say this to my fellow Houstonians. You may want more Texans talk now, wait until they go 6 and 10 again and you'll wish there was something else other than talk about Houston sports.

Billy in Spring

BillyTheBigDeal said...

DJ, if you think color has nothing to with lay offs and firings you might want to open your eyes a little. As someone who doesn't know Lesbian Craig personally or anything I must say his show along with adam clanton experience were my favorite on 610 at the time. And I am white just for the record but N.D. Kalu being a former Texan is the main reason he has a job at 610.

Also D.J. if you have a problem with grammar or spelling you might want to remember they are pumping out articles for free. Just click the "cool" button and keep moving.

Billy in Spring

HMW said...

Thanks Billy but to keep it real, last night when Rome broke I jumped the gun on an article I wrote almost 3 weeks ago and I dropped it without proofing and again thanks. And Billy u still a Creep 4 life. DJ thanx for taking the time to read and nah man no one affiliated with HMW commented on David Barron's article


DJ said...

So you liked Craig's show, but because he was fired you automatically think it was because he is black? I don't follow your logic. Ted DeLuca was canned from KBME a few years back, where was the outrage? Sometimes shows aren't good enough to hold an audience, and stations have to make changes. Were Craig's ratings through the roof? If they're such racists at Kilt then why didn't they hire Todd Wade, Seth Payne, Steve McKinney,etc...I can go on and on. The reason ND was hired by 610 is because he knows what he is talking about, plain and simple.

cxd said...

Look, I've been drinking hater-aide so bear with me.

Listening to J. Rome is like listening to Josh Innes. I can only do it for a minute or two, then flip the dial.

Rome as always reminded me of the nerd that loved to hang around jocks just to make himself feel good/big. He can say he knows them.

I'm not in tears that he was dismissed from 610, but some other station here will pick up his drivel...

He's a 2 minute conversation and his 2 minutes are UP.....

Anonymous said...

Some people just aren't smart enough to get the Rome Show. It's funny, sarcastic, and enlightening.
But, if all you wan't to know about this world is what happens in your backyard, that's fine, just stay off of these crazy computer machines and keep all of your podunk friends off too. It's unintelligent people like you that cause the rest of us to get screwed over. Thanks Gavin and all you other Houston yokels.

cxd said...

Ahh...... No need to get personal, but I understand. You lost your god.

Again, he's a nerd, trying to be a jock, but could not. So he brags to say he met and knows the Fella's....

TexasITGuy said...

I enjoyed Rome and will be looking for an online outlet. The national break was nice to have across lunch time. I enjoyed hearing his or jays takes as well as the callers. I guess looking back I used it as a nice breather between vandermeer and rich, two personalities I feel add little to the discussion and are more mouth pieces of the station. Personally I feel 610 has gone down hill in the recent past. I feel segments such as the whiner line are stupid and add no value to the station. Honestly a lot of times I cringe when I hear those words or some/most of the local takes. I like meltzer and I hope he does well but I feel all the talk of ratings hinges on the success of the texans right now.

HMW said...

TexasTGuy, although I am not a Rome fan anymore, your statement was on point and I understand. For me, I think Rome is suffering from my overall feeling about National Media.