Friday, December 23, 2011


Written By: Snow Black


I am going to jump in head first, the NFL officiating of the Texans versus Colts Thursday Night was atrocious. I can take getting my ass beat, I mean I'm a Texan.  What I cannot take is being jabbed by the refs.  NFL Referee Jerome Boger, he is enemy number one and I don't care about letter of the law and rules.  Jerome and his crew flat out determined the outcome of a win or loss.  I just wanted to key on (2) plays in particular, the Chaon full nelson on Joseph and the Glover Quinn breathing on a Colt receiver.  Below is the video.


As far as the Local Media, I don't know if there is an unspoken code of not calling officials out but I swear if I hear someone say "I am not the one to whine about officiating, BUT".  Man what's the deal, y'all have eyeballs, y'all seen what America saw.  It's nothing wrong with blowing a gasket on BS calls.  You are not whining, in fact you may garner more love from your audience.  All day Friday I listened to a media who tried everything in their person not to elaborate on the officiating determining the outcome of the game.  Hear me out, they talked about officiating but it was  like a sidebar when to me that was the main story.  Man we are talking about a playoff bye and media trying to analyze the game when we were cheated.  I am not singling anyone out because I understand professionals trying to conform to objectivity.  I am not advocating anyone writing a letter to the NFL but man, they could have simply been a fan.  All Thursday night I was retweeting National sports pundits echoing the officiating of the game.  

Last but not least, I have been one of the loudest opponents of this new NFL officiating.  I don't see how you tell 2 to 3 hundred pound barbarians to become tinkle bells.  The Subjectivity in NFL officiating is making the game a football an event not a sport.  It's almost like they are marketing this great game to females and men are a bonus.  




Anonymous said...

I go along with you. The J.J. Watt penalties were wild. How do you tackle the quarterback? This crew of officials were not in the background. They were the difference in the game.

cxd said...

Could it be that the NFL Refs are coming down with the same sickness that the NBA Refs have been suffering from over the years ??

You know.... When they actually believe that the fans came to see them and not the players ???