Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Written by - LM

After a tumultuous last three weeks, you can always count on Matt Thomas (790) to make the day more soothing.  Very lightweight article.  For those who are not fans of Matt Thomas, he has seized upon a feature I seen done in other formats. Bad or left field callers!  Usually when a host receives a bad call, they will typically eject and move on but I like the host in this position who has the ability to highlight the ridiculousness of the call.  In most genres of radio who takes advantage of a bad caller, they normally have some out loud burst of "Get Off my Phone" or a sound effect but Matt is the first personality I've heard with MOOD MUSIC.

Definition of Mood Music

  • When a callers says some utterly stupid
  • Wacky names
  • to a lesser degree, an out of market calling to complain about a Houston not talking about the Toronto Blue Jays, Atlanta Hawks or Denver Broncos
  • Bad Jokes
  • When a caller's premise is race or social commentary and his or her facts are not properly aligned (see 1)
If a caller falls in one of the above categories, you will hear Matt Thomas count down from 5 while @sportsrv (producer) cues up Lou Rawls or the Spinners.  I think the tag team implemented Mood Music a little over a year now but now I think it's time for the catalog to be expanded.  Don't get me wrong, Lou Rawls and the Spinners are a staple and must remain in Mood Music but wouldn't mind hearing one of the following.

1.  Simon and Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson (Chorus only)

2. Mamas and Papas - California Dreaming  (because it takes you to a happy place)

3.  Michael Jackson - Beat It (for obvious reasons)

4. Ray Charles - Hit the Road Jack (for the really horrible callers)

5.  OJAYS - Use To be My Girl

6.  Temptations - I'm Losing You

7.  Guns N' Roses November Rain (the first 4 lines)

8. Eminem - Stan

9.   Al Green - Tired of Being Alone

10. Foo Fighters - Best of You


If Matt Thomas is a man of the people, at least three of my selection should make the cut in addition to the two in the arsenal.  I have to admit, I may be doing more harm than good because there's a part of me which believes the impromptu bit is such a hit, people are purposely calling Matt with the chance of sucking.  It's not only the music that makes Mood Music a hit but it's the total set up leading to it:  Matt's mannerisms, twitter peeps edging it on, the caller continued ignorance and of the of course the count down.




Anonymous said...

It looks like they only articls that get any comments on this blog are the one that mention Josh innes.

HMW said...

and this sounds like Josh Innes or a Josh Innes fan. If that's your analysis, I can't knock, thanks for the read.


Earlis said...

Anonymous did you actually do a count?...yeah that is what I thought..

....lol and hell you can comment..be the dogg not the tail bro...

Anonymous said...

you found it!