Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Written By: LM

In late March, I was working on a concept comparing Sports Radio 610 historic ratings and the Houston Texans historic season.  This article was money because not only did they share histories but they also had somewhat of an exodus of talent.  Sports Radio 610 didn't suffer as many losses as the Texans in terms of raw personal however if you were to compare by percentages, then it's another story.  The idea was to showcase Josh Innes as Arian Foster being he's one of the premier retained talents by SR610 while other free agents (Greg and Kalu) test the market.

Thank goodness I didn't, if Arian Foster is about to become Josh Innes, then I'm nervous.  Over the last couple of weeks, Josh has become somewhat unstable or a better word to describe what I am hearing is angered.  Josh Innes is a competitor, he has made it clear, he wants to crush the competition.  Since Josh has been on the air, he always publicly bragged and boasted on air about their talent compared to other stations.  

The first blow came when the news of Marc Vandermeer's departure.  I really didn't see any outward signs of anger.  To be honest all I heard was Sports Radio 610 collectively trying to explain to fans Marc would still be on the station which I found very ODD.  We are not dumb, for Marc to broadcast with the Texans it would have to be on SR610 in addition.  I really wonder why everyone at 610 is going out of their way to let us know Marc will still be around but not be around, huh?

The second blow came by way of Greg Koch and N. D. Kalu's.  I can remember when the news first became public, I listened to J&R that evening and Josh made a reference to other stations poaching their talent.  From what I can recall he was not happy.

The third blow was probably the one in my opinion that probably got to him more than any.  Sports Radio 610 Producer Ben Nance resigned to go live in Chicago.  Josh openly expressed anger about the decision.

The fourth and fifth blows came by way of Frank Caliendo and Rich Lord's behavior with Frank after Josh left the interview.  


All SR610 listeners were under the assumption, Josh, Greg and ND were tight.  I mean some of the most memorable shows came by way of Josh being paired with one or the other but you wouldn't know this if you've been reading Josh social media posts.  I admit, I have not seen Josh call Greg Koch out by name but if you can pick up on context clues, he is going all out of his way to make it known he and Kalu is cool in addition to Kalu being a guy that's going to bust his ass to learn.  It's one of those situations where I was waiting on Josh to say something about Koch but it never happened.   Evidently, I am not the only one who picked up on this because Greg Koch quickly replied to a Josh post pretty much putting him on blast telling Rich and Gavin to visit his message board to see how Josh really feels about them.

Speaking of Rich Lord, after Frank Caliendo's interview, Josh been on this tangent about no one having his back which was obviously aimed at Rich Lord.

On the "back" issue, all I can say is, I was raised that if one of my relatives were in a "one on one" fight, I would not jump in.  The rule also stated, if they were losing in that fair fight, break it up and let them catch their breath and go another round.  What would not happen win or lose is me dapping up the dude my family just fought with.  In other words, that fight was between Frank and Josh however once Frank become belligerent by default he now has invoked Rich because it's the J&R Show.  To add insult to injury, Rich didn't exactly stop Frank from going in on an absent Josh.  I never been a situation with a celebrity and cohost therefore I really don't know what Rich could have done to get out of the situation.  Hell, most will say, Josh shouldn't have got in the situation to begin with.


I don't want to go conspiracy theorist but I have to.  With the recent antics of Josh, I have to wonder if Josh is at the end of his rope and trying to get out of Houston.  Although he still has friends at the station, three of them just blazed out.

I constantly see him refuting any notion that SR610 is dying and I'm like why are you doing this unless the shit bugs you?

All of this pissing a fit about people having your back is for the birds, it's a cold world.  If you ever find yourself in a position to depend on the backing of another man, you have already lost.  even if that is the case, you don't come out and whine about it.  Josh may have needed this weekend to collect himself because this was a bad week.




Mannifresh said...

Let me state this first, I only know of Innes on the dial. I don't know him outside of his voice coming through my speakers. So what I say is directed towards the "radio" Innes.

It seems to me that once Josh didn't get his way, caliendo, he pissed and moaned. This is the case with most spoiled, entitled individuals. Once their free flowing lifestyle gets side tracked due to someone not cooperating.....a fit insues. They get mad. They take personal shots, they block you on twitter......you get my drift. So, to me, Josh is acting exactly the way I thought he would act when he was "checked". My ? Is this, Gavin has been outspoken in having Josh's back. To me, Josh is Gavins pride and joy. Gavin even sounded like Josh during the "ask the pd" segment when he was talking to Brad in Spring Branch. Josh is safe. Why would he leave if his PD let's him get away some crazy things he says and does on air? Josh will stay and it'll all go back to normal. The drive home on 610 will consist off bathroom etique talk 75% of the time and sports talk during the sports flashes.

mike_in_bc said...

The only thing I'd like to point out is Caliendo didn't give anyone room to get a word in during that 'interview' so I don't see how Josh can complain about Rich not having his back. I think Rich was doing his best to stay out of the line of fire. I generally enjoy the show, but Josh seems like someone who can dish things out but not take them. He continually interrupts callers who dare take an opposite view than him. Anyone who calls to chastise him about questionable subject matter is labeled 'intolerant.' It's pretty obvious that he and Rich Lord are opposites and that's usually entertaining. I just wish Josh would show a little maturity and grow up just a tad.

Anonymous said...

i listen to 610 on the weekends and at night. as of late since the moves of ND and Greg i have paid more attention to HMW therefore calling for me to listen to listen to 610 a little bit. i have turned my radio to 610 about 7 times over the past week and a half and Josh has been on each time and not once has he been talking about sports, not 1 time, its always been about something that had nothing to do with nothing.
im not even sure he has any sports knowledge because he is never EVER talking about sports.
i cant say i dont like him like lots of others but he seems to annoy alot of people and be proud of it.
i did go and listen to Frank Caliendo spot and i think Frank was out of control. Frank should have handled that differently. Rich shouldnt have fought Josh's battle for him but it seemed like Rich chose Frank's side. Rich could have tried to calm that down before it got out of hand.
now going back to the fact that i didnt hear it when it first aired 610 post the whole spot like that was great radio of one of their personalities getting slammed by a guest. that i didnt understand either.
looks like Josh might need to go to another city when given a chance and take a new approach besides trying to be the hated one

Reese/ @sdrhuxtable

Anonymous said...

I've googled/searched Greg Koch's message board with no luck (I'm internet handicapped).

Do you know the url to get with it so I can see what Josh said about his boss ?

HMW said...

Manni, in answering your question, I feel he would leave if he honestly felt the momentum shifting to 790 or any other competitor not to mention he basically blasted everyone on his station in some capacity. It seems he only respects Vandermeer and his boy Meltser as for as talent but now he's beginning to see "friends" leave. Like I said though, it's my own little conspiracy theory however I would not be so quick to say Josh has unlimited leeway with Gavin. Remember Gavin has kicked Josh off a show before and sent him home. I think Gavin probably gave BRAD the PC version on air


HMW said...

Mike, well said man.


HMW said...

Reese, that's one thing about Josh we can't hammer him on, he openly says he do not possess the sports knowledge or Xs & Os. Think Josh is more based on end results, if he's winning I think he could careless what people say or think


HMW said...

Anonymous, I am not sure of what thread Greg Koch was referencing but like I mention in the article, I didn't see anything directed towards Koch by name


J.O. said...

I just want Josh gone. I refuse to listen to 610 when he is on. He is an attention ho big time. All he does is talk about himself, and try to be funny, but fails miserably. Then, he pouts when things dont go his way. I dont know who is worse, Josh, or Dylan. If anyone wanted to torture me, they could lock me in a room with those two, lol. I would be begging for death. If Josh were to go to 790 I would lose respect for the station. Let the fool go back to LA, and host some backwoods radio station.

Josh_Innes_Sucks said...

I stopped reading when I read you suggest Innes is the premier talent at 610. He's an embarrassment and an immature perverted snot. Nothing more.

WhiteGreg said...

Innes is a joke and he is awful. No talent at all. I hope he quits or gets fired very soon. What a hack. I think Koch was refering to his message board on facebook. Man, if I worked with Josh I would leave too. 610 sucks now.

Anonymous said...

Look no matter what people say on comment board of the HMW blog or the chronicle's blog Josh Innes is still part of the top rated show in time slot.Kilt dominace in the market is not fading away any time soon no matter what you think of some of the on air "talent". I do think eventually Josh is going to self destruct as he has stated many times on air. As far Rich not having Josh's back, I think he stated on the air that he sided with Frank in the fight.

Earlis said...

well I do not think 610 is going anywere they are king of the mountain in H-town...they hold most of the face cards...as i say over and over no station in Houston has the guts to be different and really come head on at 610..they want to make money and they are happy..kind of like the poorly skilled player's in the NBA who sit quietly on the bench collecting millions...with all that time you would think these individuals would work on their game..some do...most don't...hey is ESPN biting the dust in Houston?...does not look good to me on this end...

Earlis said...

Mark is a class act..no doubt..I like him more as a football broadcaster...he is really really good at that...I alway's liked him, I like a man and you know where he is at...he is a company guy he bleeds Texan...he does not apologize for it or fake the funk...some of his colleges would do well to follow his lead..wake me up when that happens.... it is called HUMILITY folks..write this down Josh, you will need it on your way back down...(trust) I really do not think Mark leaving the morning show is going to hurt KILT though...I did not like the pairing of Mark and Lopez..but hey a lotta people did evidently..and he will still have dealings with 610...I will continue to say there is nobody out there ready to go toe to toe with 610 by breaking the mold of the H-town sportstalk on air style and delivery thus creating a real alternative to what your hear in Sports Talk Radio here in Houston...Coporate catz fear losing money...they will not rock the boat they will just copy what 610 programs as in style...although I enjoy 790 more...and there is a difference in that sense...it is not like they are playin run and shoot football..or Air Coryell style bomb out and outscore the opposition...they figure defense win's championships but alas second or third is not a championship baby...
now if u are leading with your defense..take the ball away with vigor and changing the game that is very different...but these guys are accepting their follow the lead dawg position in hopes it will keep them goin to the bank on the plus side...now 610 could in some way fall back but they would still be in front and they will get further in front later on....I still think giving Charley a sidekick on 790 would be great..but that costs money..this guy Charlie Pallilo is sharp as a tack a quick wit and in possession of a solid mind...these companies are cheap and they will stay cheap because they are not bold enough to take market share and keep it by being a real alternative sportstalk option in this town..
...Here is what I would do....I would create a shop or a "strip-mall" yikes "no pun intended".. where peeple could drop in ...I would say, partner with sporting goods store sell jersey's and market 790 or 1560 hyping the station brand with all sorts of gear...I would do broadcast from that location perhaps on the weekend or special times..draft day etc... you dig..come out and meet Kalu...come out and meet John the sports talk godfather ..yada yeada yada...you could have a cell phone boutique...one vendor or you can be a shop with any brand out there...just my opinion..basically u just outsource the venue's being used to draw the public...hell there could even be a sports bar...ok I can get gaudy at
times...but I am just saying...1560 you need to get froggish wit it...790 get some pep in yo step...hello

***It will be interesting to see how far Koch and Kalu can take this thing...

****I wanna be like LaMont when I grow up...put up some circles and arrows and widgets graphically breaking down my concepts while bumpin some retro ghetto's boy's..hmmm..
damn maybe I should have stayed in college..