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Written by: Craig Shelton
Date posted: 6/5/2012

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 The "boys of summer" are a tad bit beyond a quarter of the 2012 MLB season.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 became an opening day of a different variety. Houston sports talk radio enthusiasts got their long awaited introduction to "In The Loop", the new morning drive show on Houston's sports talk leader, SportsRadio610 (610 AM).

As 610's program director (PD), Gavin Spittle, hits refresh on the 610 morning drive show, and introduces Nick Wright (@getnickwright) as the new co-host alongside John Lopez (@LopezOnSports) as the host of, "In The Loop", twitter followers made their initial assessment of the show. I won't attempt to dignify what I observed on twitter by quoting them in the blog. What I will share with you in this blog, is a bit of my very own personal template in how I absorbed the initial broadcast of "In The Loop".

The first thing I did in regard to accessing Nick Wright, was to actually research Nick Wright, and listen to podcasts of what he was doing in Kansas City.

Nick Wright 

Secondly, I was honest in asking myself what typically annoys me with many sports talk hosts? A host voice is something that can be an immediate turn-off for me. Guys like Matt Jackson, Dylan Gwinn, Brad Davies, and Joe O'Donnell  are a few whose voices don't translate for me. Then there are guys like Matt Thomas, Fred Davis, Greg Koch, Marc Vandermeer, and Charlie Pallilo, whose  voices appealed to me the very first time I heard them come across my radio. Then there are guys like Mike Meltser, John Granato, ND Kalu, Adam Wexler, and others whose delivery over time grew on me to where I either began to enthusiastically anticipate hearing them (Kalu/Granato) or at a minimum, tolerate their delivery (Meltser).

The next phase of how I built my template on how I accessed what I heard on "opening day" from Nick Wright on "In The Loop", is "the relevant information decimated within his takes". In other words, when Nick Wright spoke, was I compelled to listen because of an intellectual component? Did I feel Nick Wright was delivering a sincere product that was based on tangible knowledge of what he was discussing, or was I being snookered by a skilled orator? Don't get me wrong, skilled orators that entertain, but don't offer substance, are fine by me. In ideal circumstances, I prefer the opportunity to define how much I allow shallow content to participate in my entertainment process.


There is a component to my scrutinizing listening template that's so subjective, it would likely vary with ten different people if asked the question of "the it factor". When I listened to Nick Wright on the morning of June 5th, did I hear what I heard the first time I heard Josh Innes? Did I hear in Nick Wright, the "it factor"?

The "it factor" doesn't mean you like, you love, or even that you will listen regularly to an individual. But the "it factor" is an invaluable intangible to have that can permeate the culture of an NFL locker room or a sports-talk station. With the arrogance and cockiness that Josh Innes brought to 610, along with his production, we witnessed its affects on lesser talents in the building.

Did I hear a game-changer in culture, when I heard Nick Wright on June 5th?

I'll answer these and more questions in my follow-up article soon.

Craig Shelton

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WhiteGreg said...

I can't believe you left us hanging. Looking forward to your comments though. I tuned in for about 2 minutes and went back to 790. I'll listen more on Friday when I am off work. I want to give the guy a fair chance. I don't like his voice though and that is irritating enough.

Kevin Brittain said...

i'm from kansas city and listened to nick wright everyday on my way home. nick and his crew had great rapport and would often having me literally laughing out loud. his info was on point and he didn't hold his opinion back or sugar coat it. if he can build the same rapport with his co-host in houston that he did here you guys will definitely enjoy the show. wish he wouldn't have left.