Monday, October 8, 2012


Written by:  LM

I have not went in or discussed about a Houston personality in quite some time.  I guess you can say I've been derelict to duty to readers who want to know the scoop.

Thursday October 5th, I saw Lance Zierlein Tweet his lineup to guest host during Charlio Pallilo's weekly sabbatical.

The Line Up
  • Peter Burns Radio
  • Bun B
  • Bomani Jones
  • Adam Caplan
  • and many more
Of course I was going to tune in to a show that diverse.  Hands down, the two segments with Bun B, Lance Zierlein, Peter Burns, Bomani Jones and Sports Rapp was simply fun radio.  The guys hit on the ESPN's "30 for 30" episode "BROKE".  During the beginning segments, Lance worked in the Hip Hop angle with Bun B while massaging the economic angle with Bomani.  All in all, it was different and not something you really hear in Houston.  If you don't believe me, listen below.


Although the "We Are The World" segments were cool the money shot came moments later when they were joking around about Charlie Pallilo.  Lance went on a tangent defending Charlie Pallilo.  Lance has been a part of the Drive Time for nearly two weeks, but I think below is his formal inroduction.  Listen to Lance fire off on people ripping Charlie.



I will be the first to suggest Charlie Pallilo taking off every Friday.  I was definitely entertain with the studio party.

As everyone on Twitter was blowing up over the rant I had to let them know, Lance is having fun and doing what he couldn't do with Matt and Adam because they were so uncomfortable.  I mean the few times Lance tried to go off on 610 when he was a member of the Big Show, Matt Jackson and Adam Wexler went straight "MUTE MODE", they wanted nothing of it.  As far as Charlie, he just doesn't seem like a person who's going to engage so basically Lance was acting like NFL players with "replacement refs", straight up substitute teacher day.

People, Lance was talking about Josh Innes but you wouldn't know because he neglected to call him out by name which I will get to later.  Lance has a point about Josh calling out Charlie and Charlie doing nothing to solicit the verbal assault.  With that said, A little birdie told me when 1560 The Game first started up, it was "Off the chain" and Rich Lord/610 were prime targets.  In other words, Lance cannot act as if he's never seen this type of behavior before.  Granted, I can care less about Rich Lord getting blasted, but lets not just act as if Charlie is the only one who experienced unwarranted criticisms by a competitor.

As much as I cut for Lance's rant, the one thing I didn't like is Lance's "old school" radio way.  Hell we are  in 2012, the days of not mentioning competitor's name is done.  I mean the jig is up, all of us in Houston know there are 4 stations, Lance saying Josh's name is not going to force everyone to run to Josh.  Another point is, everyone at 610 is not coming on air and going at Charlie, it's one specific person.  Not cool to lump "610" with the actions of one person.

I caution Lance, go into battle with people who have your back.  Outside of Greg Koch, I really don't see a cohesive unit as it was in his days of 1560.  However, the only two who are going to buck over at 610 is Josh Innes and Nick Wright.

Friday's show was banging from start to finish.




Anonymous said...

Great stuff, glad you posted it up.

cxd said...

It's off base, but I had a coronary today listening to Josh ask his co-host on today (monday) if he looks at someone's package (again).

The dial button had to be pushed. Period.

Is he on something ? Try weed dude.....

Richard Reyes said...

I am so tired of Lance's tired ass act. While at 1560, the guy did nothing but talk shit about people at 610(specifically Rich Lord). He likes to run his mouth, but when the tables are turned he starts whining like the little bitch that he is. His whole argument is that people have no business talking about Charlie b/c he's been doing the sports radio thing for years. Rich Lord has been in the game for almost 30 years, yet Zierlein found it okay to crack on him. What a hypocritical shit bag this clown is. Typical pussy, he can run his mouth all he wants, yet when the competition does the same, he gets his panties in a wad. Btw, the reason that Matt and Adam would stay silent when Lance went on a rant is because it's the professional thing to do. Stay classy, Lance Zierlein. Fuckin idiot.

Earlis said...

Aw righty then...I have enjoyed Lance Charlie kickin it..

Anonymous said...

" People, Lance was talking about Josh Innes but you wouldn't know because he neglected to call him out by name which I will get to later."

Um I think majority of ppl.figured that out and did know.