Tuesday, January 8, 2013



Craig Shelton called 98.5 Sports Hub Gresh & Zolak to defend Texan Fans.  Gresh and Zolack are one of the best sports talk shows in the country and they chopped it up with Houston's Craig Shelton.
Listen to the audio below.



Jimbohtown said...

Those dudes are a bunch of blowhards who are looking to get someone to respond to their idiocy. I could care less what Idiotic, Cocky Chowder-heads think about us and our team. I appreciate You Craig trying to reason with these folks, but they don't care what we have to say. I listened to @JoshInnesRadio and @TedJ52 the other night and Josh totally laid down to that Zolack dude. Josh doesn't speak for Houston or Texans Nation!!! It was reprehensible. I'm a proud Texans fan Ride or Die!!! If I'm critical of my team, I've earned that right. Period!!! Thanks Craig and the rest of the HMW Crew for doing what you do!!! I'll hang up and listen!!!

cxd said...

It's Good To Be King !

Nicely done Craig.... You snatched respect from them.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Boston Guy, life long Pats fan. The average sports fan here hates these guys, along with Shaughnessy. They are nothing but muck raking blowhards who just try and drum up controversy. thats more than half of the boston media.

The real Pats fans think we'll win. But no way is it going to be easy, and if they screw up Houston can and will win the game. Im sure Houston fans feel similar about their team.

Anonymous said...

Jesus that guy is fucked up looking and I think everyone knows which of the two I'm talking about. He either looks like a paedophile or he's having a stroke. I can't decide.