Thursday, January 17, 2013


For Immediate Release
January 16, 2013
Media Contact: Gavin SPittle


Ten year NFL Veteran and original Texan Seth Payne has been hired as the new co-host of Houston’s top-rated sports radio midday show “Mad Radio”.  Payne replaces Brad Davies who will remain with the station on a part-time fill-in basis.

Program Director Gavin Spittle says on the move, “I can’t thank Brad enough for being a part of Mad Radio. In one year, we have seen a 100% increase in this time slot and while we will miss him on a daily basis, I’m glad that he wants to remain on the team in a part-time capacity.  Seth is a natural fit and from day one, he’s impressed us. We’re really excited about the all-new Mad Radio”.

Payne added, “I'm grateful to Gavin Spittle for this opportunity, and I appreciate all the guidance I've received from him and the talented people at SportsRadio 610. I especially look forward to working with Mike Meltser.  He is an extremely talented and intelligent individual, and I know we'll have a lot of fun.”
Payne played 10 years in the NFL, five with the Houston Texans, including the game-winning and first- ever safety in Texans history in a 19-10 upset over the Dallas Cowboys in the 2002 franchise regular season debut.

Payne will begin his co-hosting duties this Monday at 10a.

CBS RADIO currently owns six radio stations in the Houston market, including 100.3 KILT-FM, HOT 95-7 KKHH-FM, MIX 96-5 KHMX-FM, Mega 101 FM KLOL, SportsRadio 610-AM and Talk 650 KIKK-AM.  


D said...

I think we all knew that it was just a matter of time before Spittle replaced Brad Davies. It took a little longer than I expected, but I'm glad it finally happened. Davies might be the 2nd worst host/co-host this city has. I think we can all agree that Lance Zierlein holds that title, and it's not even close. Good riddance scumbag. Now if only 790's PD would come to his senses and shit can LZ. I won't hold my stank breath though.

J.O. said...

Good. I would rather listen to dead air than Davies. Cant stand the dude, he's right up there with Mighty Dumbass as far as the worst host on sports talk radio.

HMW said...

D, Lance is one of the best talk show personalities in Houston. What part of his craft don't you like.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how anybody can use the phrase "worst sports talk host" without including the name Matt Jackson. Say what you want about Brad Davies but he's still miles better than Matt.

WhiteGreg said...

This is great news. Now I can listen to this show after In the Trenches. I haven't listened to 610in 6 months because it sucks so bad. Davies is horrible.

D said...

Feel free to take a look at Zierlein's history. It's true that whatever show he's on, the ratings get an initial bump. It doesn't take long for people to get tired of his schtick though, and inevitably the show takes a nose dive. The numbers don't lie. This guy is the definition of a show killer. I give him another 2 months before CP kicks his ass to the curb. Get ready for Mighty/Zierlein After it.


HMW said...

I wouldn't call LZ a Show Killer, as a matter a fact he assisted the Big Show in beating sports radio 610 back in August but the fact you brought up ratings in this discussion is telling.

Before all of you "out of towners" invaded this market Lance and Granato held it down.

LZ is not flawless like none of you (Wink), but to call him one of the worst in Houston is simply out there, but check this, this is not LMW it's HMW, #Lopezing.

Thanks for the read, brother