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Friday morning, Febuary 21 during one of In the Loop's reoccurring segments, Nick Wright mentioned Lance Zierlein's breaking down football film.  It was not mentioned in a complimentary fashion but as a way of saying what he's not going to do on air.  A few fans heard it, and took it Twitter.  Eventually the word got back to Lance and the "exchange of words" began.  I have heard "BEEF" on air, initially I do not think it was intended to be a "shot" but later it became much larger.  I also feel Lance did what any man would have done hearing his name and game being mocked. This has been brewing for quite sometime now and I wanted to address it from my point of view.  Lance and Nick's mix up is much more telling than the average fan can  comprehend and there's a power struggle at play.



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As previously stated, Nick mentioned Lance "on air" and Lance replied via Twitter.  If you are truly looking at the psychology of "First Place", Nick Wright is not displaying it.  In all things competitive from Politics, World Dominance, Hip Hop, Cowboys, Yankees, or Lakers, rarely do you hear "First Place" even acknowledge who they believe are beneath them.  Example: The United States is not going to beef with the Country of Belize and if there is a case of America beefing with a lesser country, believe me, there's a resource we want that we don't have or have a limited supply of.

After, Nick made his comments, Lance and Nick exchanged a few words via Twitter. 

Coming at Lance with the Vocation Tweet was somewhat surprising being that John Lopez giggle for four hours.  How can Nick tell Lance to work on his craft when his partner has a major flaw.

It was some more tweets but I think I captured the "meat" of their conversation.

I liked the back and forth between the two and it could have went longer but that wish was short lived because of "SIR LANCE ALOTS".  


SIR LANCE ALOTS is a term, I came up with talking to Craig about Lance Zierlein's fans who think it's their duty to defend Lance.  Nothing against Lance, in fact if I was him I would just lean back, smile and tell them "MORE SPIT PLEASE".  I get it, Lance is cool, he is not a pompous arrogant prick, he makes you feel like he's your friend but the truth is, you are a fan to Lance.  I will not say some of the fans are not Lance's "true" friends but for the most part you are a fan, it shouldn't get that serious that you are fighting his battles.  But LM, if someone say something about Craig, you will jump in!  Craig and I have a family/friend relationship.  Craig is my dude and if anything popped off and I thought I needed some back (although never utilized) I know I can hit him up on the "hello" and ask for his assistance but I would never invoke him because I don't need back-up.

It boggles my mind when fans feel the need to "shit talk" for hosts when they are getting nothing out of it.  I don't understand this behavior because men don't jump in men arguments.  If two hosts are going at it, let them go because fans jumping in, will make them pull back.  In other words, the fans skew the argument and personalities  feel the original argument is lost and there's no use to talking anymore.  


610 Personalities love to boast ratings and I have no problem with "ratings" smack.  If this is the defined metric of listener-ship,  it's all good. I listen to many talk about ratings on the winning and losing end and it appears people have their reasons for 610's success.  Everyone seem to go back to the Texans and if you are simple with quantitative analysis, that would make sense but over the years, my thoughts have changed a tad.

I will try to explain using the Dallas Cowboys Flagship station 105.3 The Fan.  We all know Dallas Cowboys are one of the most popular brands.  If we are in Texas where football is supposed "KING" how do you explain the flagship station of one of the most famous teams in sports, struggling?  If you don't know,  610's former Program Director took a position in Dallas with the Cowboy's flagship station because they need help.  

I can go many directions with ratings. When The Big Show surpassed 610 for one month in 2012, they ran with it via "Promos" like school school girls.  Yes, the Portable People Meters (PPMs) have flaws but that's that the ratings standard in radio.  Like the NFL Salary CAP, ratings and radio listening habits are hit or miss.  I do not think anyone has a solid understanding or do they?

I am about to go Nick Wright (he knows what I mean) and exposed something that was conveyed to me in private and say it publicly.  When Lance was a Free Agent basically working at 1560 the Game and pondering a move he called what was about to happen with 610.  Lance told me in so many words (post Texans first Playoff appearance), if the Texans go on a winning run, Sports Radio 610's ratings will "blow up".   In other words, it's more than simply saying "610 is doing well only because of the Texans).  We will discuss these Listeners who drive the ratings in Part 2 of Nick versus Lance.

 I am beginning to wonder if Nick Wright is jealous of Lance Zierlein's status in Houston because it make no sense to keep invoking his name.  If Lance's football acumen is so dry and not what the fans, why do 610 constantly go after "Football Experts".  I hear a station constantly telling it's fans "knowing sports is second place behind knowing radio".  Here is a thought, go learn football and you won't have to feel inferior what another man is doing.

Bottom line, trying to discredit Lance Zierlein's knowledge of football is going to fail.  In the past HMW had major words with Lance but we were not dumb enough to go at this man's football, that's freaking crazy.  Let me put it another way, Nick going at Lance's Xs & Os is like Lance saying "Nick cannot prepare for a show".  You see where I'm coming from?   HMW have issues with Nick's phony persona but we are not about to say the dude don't bust his ass at doing his job.

When I resume this article, you will hear a few words from Lance Zierlein and Nick Wright regarding Friday's fiasco.  In addition to, I will also discuss Fans, Home Grown Houston Personalities and Nick Wright's on air behavior.  


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