Friday, April 5, 2013


Written By : Lamont Mann

In the last year, I have noticed an epidemic in Houston,  Content and Style Jacking. Outside of the Rush hosted by Jerome Solomon and Dave Tepper, I am tuned in enough to every sports show to know their styles.  Some shows I pay more attention to than others but I have enough of past and current listening habits to justify knowing a show's style.

Trying to prove jacking is tricky when it comes to media because they all have access to the same information.  Basically, when it comes to content it's hard unless In The Loop listens to another show and massage the words of another host into their own takes. Then there are the "BITS" which can also prove to be iffy because, a host can say  "everyone is doing this" similar to None Of Your Business, Celebrity Birthdays, Whiner Line or this new one everyone in Houston is catching in on "Idiot of the week" or some variation of it.

With that said, when it comes to character impersonations, the burden of proof becomes less cumbersome.

Josh Innes - BUBBA

About three weeks ago, Josh Innes purchased a voice module from Guitar Center.  I can remember when he first introduced it to the show, and he played with the various effects.  However, of the effects, there is one he settled on and it sounds strangely familiar to something I've heard before.  Full disclosure, "Bubba" (Josh Innes voice) actually makes me laugh because is impromptu and I know Rich Lord is only playing along because the ratings in the pass supported Josh's talent, maybe this will too.  In other words, if the ratings support Josh, Rich Lord will dance like MC Hammer.

Lance Zierlein - SEC GUY

I will not pretend to know the full history of SEC GUY but I would give it at least four years.  SEC GUY is a Lance Zierlein character who is over the top SEC Football with a heavy southern accent.  SEC Guy is sure to make an appearance anytime there is big news in the SEC and since Texas A&M moved to the SEC, we have been hearing more.

I am not making any accusations, OK maybe I am  but I would like for you to be the judge.  And before any of you 610 Hunks try to say, "That's impossible" Sports Talk 790 is one of the only stations that Podcast full shows in addition to having a dedicated section for SEC GUY.

Below is the  Audio, listen for yourself, Press Play.  I have them as a mix an parsed.  Please, listen to both.




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