Tuesday, April 16, 2013


For my taste in talk and news, I really evaluated the four sports stations in Houston, my results are below.

I do not care about your "sports" when a National Tragedy is occurring.


The Boston Marathon Shooting was a dose of reality.  I love sports, i really really love sports but when an invent happens on the National Scale, I love America more than sports.  There are some in this town who want to keep it "Sports" and that's cool but just know I will not listen to you.  I do not care if you can break done the ZONE BLITZ or your MOCK DRAFTS when American limbs are splattered about the streets of America.


1. J&R They went wall to wall with Boston bombing.  By far J&R of all shows kept us up to date with everything

2. The BLITZ, they went heavy Boston the first 2 Hours then lightened it up and tried to cheer people up

3. The War Room with John Harris for containing his composure and trying to make a show of his remaining 53 minutes

4.  In The Loop -  They went in hard the morning after.

I do not agree with everything the shows had to say, but it caught my attention.

Again, I love sports but in the times of a National situation, you go National Tragedy and splice/Flash in your sports takes.

I will not blast anyone but just know, I think some simply do not get it.  I do not want to hear about the "GREAT" job you did in past events.


J&R 610  and The Blitz 97.5  Big Ups.   I thought John Harris did the best he could being limited as a solo host and on air while the events transpired.   I give it up to In the Loop for hitting hard the next morning.

No one cares about "Sports Takes" when Americans are on the ground, I really do not care about sports at that point but hey maybe I am just stupid.

The point is, after a major American city has been BOMB, you go NEWS,, not "Sports and we will give you updates as they happen".  Pisses me off.


Lamont Mann aka LM aka SnowBlack


Earlis said...

Indeed sports is entertainment...
way to go LaMont

Earlis said...

Then too.this is another good reason to have trained journalist doing sports...and if you are not a trained journalist then the employer should have some sort of program teaching the basics i.e.with drills... etc practice sheets...video taping then critiquing..more drills yada yada yada...and if it was a industry wide standard
than a guy or lady who had worked on a previous gig would come into a new job with training from a previous job..etc...just my opinion...
I think the NFL does this with guys who have a interest in becoming journalist after sports careers end...but I am sure many who do not participate in up in sports journalism..if you train for tv you are ready for radio...so radio should be taught like you are goin to be on tv that is you learn to present yourself as if a audience can see you...