Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Written by: Lamont Mann

I relate most real life events with cinema.

Dave Tepper (97.5 Program Director) finally allowed Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman (Blitz Hosts) to air a very controversial  bit on the radio. At the time, 97.5 ESPN was not under the Gow umbrella and previous management forbid them from ever airing it.  What is THIS you may ask.

I am not sure who's brilliant idea it was but AJ and Fred decided to pepper spray their producer (Jong ) "on air".  It was an epic fail as you will hear in the audio but it was freaking funny as hell.

Keys to the Audio

  • Jong yells "you got it in my mouth"
  • Jong moaning in the background apparently in pain
  • Boss comes in and says  "Wassup"
  • Boss comes in and says "Not, Wise, Guys"
  • Jong on the floor telling the crew not to use profanity because they can't dump
  • Fred is giving play by play of events
  • Fred is reading twitter and facebook posts
  • AJ explains to Fred, Lemon Juice is not readily available
  • AJ ask Jong is it like eating some hot sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Fred and AJ holding a conversation while Jong is moaning int he background
  • AJ and Fred sad and scared at the end giving their goodbyes to the Blitz because they thought they were fired
  • AJ says "we've been talking about it like forever and no one told us not to do it"

Click Play

As soon I heard the audio, the one movie scene that came to mind was Dumb and Dumber Pepper/Poison scene.  Harry and Lloyd picked up a hitch hiker.   The hitch hiker planned on poisoning them but they didn't know.  The hitch hiker went to use the phone and the two morons put an extremely hot pepper in his burger. Long story short, they thought it was a goof but it aggravated his ulcers.  With their quick thinking they went for his pills which was really rat poison.  Basically they killed a guy.


Leading up to the audio, I thought they were over-hyping the event however when I heard the audio for myself, I laughed my ass off.  How in the hell do you Pepper Spray your producer.  How in the hell your producer agrees to be pepper sprayed?  

All jokes aside, I like the fact both accepted blame for the incident and Jong didn't press any charges.

I give the Pepper Spray an A+.  So damn funny.


Lamont Mann

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