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What started off as a mild joke jab, turned into a full fledged Field Strip via Lance Zierlein.  I know I am talking language Nick Wright do not fully understand but field stripping is when you break down a firearm.

I do not believe Lance woke up with the intent to go at Nick however he was included in a snarky comment by a fan.

Monday morning Manny Palomarez (Nose Bleeds Cohost) sent this tweet to Nick Wright.

From that point, it got pretty interesting, as Nick didn't waist any time firing back.  Below are a series of tweets but keep in my this was a conversation and I am parsing them by Nick's and Lance tweets in other words, it was back and forth.  

Explain 2012 ratings this time last year

This tweet was strange because I too never seen Nick take a shot at lance's family but Nick said HMW talked about his family and I know we never have, go figure.

That my friends is a BLAST

WOW, this guy is something else but in all fairness he did not start this ruckus.  I find it odd that he called Lance a fraud because of their face to face interactions when he approached Craig Shelton at Fan Fest and Craig stopped and told him you got 7 feet.

I think a few months ago, Manny's tweet would have roll off of Nick's shoulders but today I noticed, Nick is frustrated.  I believe he's frustrated with the ratings in addition to current events (Travyon Martin).  Everyone knows its my running joke that Nick thinks he's black and I think after the Zimmerman verdict Nick was not in a good mood.

Nick had one more tweet but I guess was deleted,  made a comment and ended with "Good Day".  That tweet is gone and wish I could grab it.  I need to see if it was retweeted

Lance Zierlein

One of the hardest things for a man is to be FIELD STRIP and some of what that person has to say is actually true


I understand what Lance is trying to convey but the resume card, is getting gold.   Sounds like Cowboy Fan.  

Again, I ask, explain the 2012 ratings anomaly.  Why were the numbers crazy high last year?

In all honesty, the Ratings are Andre Ware/Marc Vandermeer low. 

On the strength, not cool for Lance to put his sources on public but I am glad he didn't name drop

Truth is, we really don't know the guys that came before Lance and John but continue.

Agree,  Liberal gibberish in Texas?   Huge miscalculation.

SMH,  Lance and I come from two different backgrounds.  This guy don't want to be a damn ally, he want to bury you and your station.  He is playing for keeps, he is not trying to be chummy with you.

I will address this.


As I stated, Lance Zierlein was included in a tweet in which Nick Wright reacted to.  From what I witnessed, Lance did not set out to go at Nick but a fan, set it off.  Lance Zierlein really needs to fall back with the (Dallas Cowboys) stuff about what he did in the past.  We get it we respect but damn,  talk in 2013.  I still believe Lance Zierlein is one of if not  the best host in this town but I don't think he believes it therefore he has to remind us how great he was.  

I am hearing Lance offer advice to Nick about learning Houston and helping him out, and I'm like "WTF MAN, you need to be working on making Houston like Charlie Pallilo".  How can someone take you serious about helping Nick out,  when most of your twitter mentions are crushing your cohost.   Here is one for you baby boy,  make Charlie Pallilo a catch before you try to help Nick Wright.  

Furthermore, why do you want to help this guy learn Houston, its obvious he don't give a damn about you, the fans, callers dissension opinions. Lance needs to chill with all the "nice guy" shit and go full throttle.

It seems like Lance, when talking to Josh Innes or Nick Wright on twitter he's trying to crush them and perverse that "oh but it's cool" whereas when they are talking to him, they are like "you are a relic".  Don't play yourself Lance.  I can understand maintaining a certain decorum but you need to see it how fans see these interactions.

All in all, Lance crushed Nick, he read Nick up and down.  Lance went to the meat and stripped that boy down butt naked.  Nick will be pissed but he Lance probably told him some of the most real talk, about how he's perceived in this market by his peers and fans.


I still believe 610 and the market as a whole is dealing with the play of Matt Schaub.  Fans are not as optimistic as they were before.  With that said, Sports Radio 610 in particular  Josh Innes and Nick Wright are to blame for this ratings backlash.  Here's the deal what they don't get, maybe just maybe the "old heads" who know this town left us fans in the dark about ratings because they know what type of fan-base we are.  Don't get me wrong, from an HMW standpoint, I love the ratings dynamic on radio.  Josh and Nick beat their chest about ratings and bought into their own hype but when the ratings took a nose dive they are left saying "people are on vacation and blah blah blah" when all they said last year when the numbers were doing well, explain why we are doing good in the off season.  

The fact is, Josh Innes and later Nick Wright, made "ratings" a part of the discussion on air in Houston and now the ratings are down, they are on mute,  Truth be told, every damn host in this town should be going directly at Josh and Nick but they will not.  Believe you me, when 610 ratings climb in football season,  they will be chest bumping.

Lastly,  clearly you can see the frustration over at 610 regarding the ratings.  This is another article.

BONUS,  Lance shot a few more slugs at Nick Wright



shynolan_reese said...

both of the guys are talented...they need to quit that stuff...Lance is the man and we know that...Nick is a good radio host as well i like the fact he doesnt back down..but this is all non sense these 2 need to stop letting people bait them into this stuff plus you never know when you will have to work with that person at CSN Houston or if one of the two switch stations.


Shecky Goldstein said...

The way Nick unpredictably goes off like an injured animal on a nonsensical rant makes me sometimes wonder if he's on drugs.