Sunday, September 1, 2013


Written By: LM

Have you noticed a difference in the J&R Show?  Does it seem like it's a little dry when Josh Innes is not with a guest host?  Does it seem like Josh is just going through the motions now?  Ok, I thought it was only me.

Over the last month or so, Josh has been different almost like he's not interested in the show.  Say what you want about the J&R Show but the one thing you knew, it had energy and was very unpredictable.  The main element I did not like about the show was the sexuality talk by way of Josh.  In the last year or so, it seems like I hear much less unless of it  it's a mainstream topic.


To fully understand what I am about to say, lets remove the Texans element, in terms of  ratings.

A little after, Josh partnered with Rich, Josh and I talked about what fans wanted to hear in Houston.  It was pretty dull all around Houston.  I mean, we'd just come off of a year with Robert Henslee and Rich Lord.  Somewhere, Josh went wild with confrontational interviews, impromptu bits, and on air fights with Rich.  Low and behold, the Abitron numbers showed, listeners were begining to trend toward the J&R Show.  I believe Rich Lord may have have began to view Josh Innes as a character from the 1980s Box Office Cash Cow Movie Lethal Weapon, TOO DAMN RISKY.

It's my belief in theory after Rich realized the numbers were going through the roof on the J&R Show and maybe this is not so bad hence the year of the love-fest between Josh and Rich.

If you recall, Josh was over at Rich's home eating meatballs with Agnes Lord (Rich's mother).  I mean they were the BFFs.  Numerous times, they came on air and said they had problems in the past but now they are cool.  That's acceptable, many people initially hate each other and come to accept friendships however that bond transpired during the "glory days".

Fast forward to the here and now, the numbers have begun to slip, tempers are getting a bit too heated on the air waves and in other words, all hell has broken loose. Adding to that dynamic, came the untimeliness of Sports Radio 610 undergoing a major managerial change at Program Director this is key because it gave Rich Lord the opportunity to regress to his old ways of siding with callers and texters in regards to their displeasure with Josh Innes.


I have been with Josh Ines in my criticisms of him appearing to take every opportunity possible to poke at fans by taking a dump on Houston Sports teams.  I get that if a team sucks, say they suck, I like it but Josh will reach for a criticism way too often. Example, Josh's argument that Wade Phillips falling into the Texans hand is a clear swipe of the Texans front office personnel, that argument can be made for any Professional situation for any facet of business.

However I do appreciate  the fact, Josh has the balls enough to charge up "bull" when he recognizes it which is something we don't see enough of in this media soft "swell guy" radio town.

Earlier this year, I wanted to do an interview with Josh. The premise was centered around "striking while the iron was hot".  its my theory that Josh may have suffered the same fate as Former Texans Back-Up Quarterback  Matt Leinart.  Josh Innes was on the verge of signing a contract with CBS but then former boss (Program Director) Gavin Spittle left Houston for Dallas, we never  heard any further mention else about contract extension of CBS Radio.  Not to mention, the ratings were crazy high.  Now the ratings are crappy and contract time is coming up, I'm interested to see what will happen.  I do not believe he will be out of work but I wonder in hind site if he should have signed.  Then to, maybe Josh wants out.


Then there is Rich Lord, this guy is unbelievable.  To the  casual sports talk radio listener, it may appear, Rich Lord is an  "educated sports mind" in actuality Rich Lord's sport's acumen is on par with my big toe.  For example  Rich Lord is the Houston Texans sideline reporter yet he's incapable of providing a laymen description of the Texans three four Defense which is the Texans base formation. In defining terms,  I view Rich Lord simply  as "legacy radio" and due to his longevity with CBS Radio  he's likely safe.

When I think of Rich's radio prep, I see
  • Wake up 
  • Grabs Newspaper
  • Read Box Scores
  • Turn on ESPN, grab a headline
  • arrive at Greenway Plaza (610 Studios) 1:52 PM
  • 2p Go Time
I even picked up on the CSN Rockets discussion last year about Rich supposedly being so mad he couldn't watch the Rockets on TV. Josh would tell him, you have media credentials, you can attend the games. In response, Rich would totally weasel his way out of a viable response to Josh's media credential jab.  When the conversation came up again and Josh told him he could go to a sports bar to watch the Rockets.  In which Rich replied, he does not like going to Sports Bars because people know him and may want to talk.  Really Rich Lord? How about stop being  so lazy and go do your damn job.

Another annoying habit of  Rich Lord, he never seems to actually give a hard take? No, he will not, he will go with popular opinion.  Popular opinion may be the wrong description but he clearly aims for the easy out.

It's clear that Rich Lord's best asset is his obsession with making Josh Innes appear to be the bad guy. Newsflash, JOSH INNES DOES NOT need any help in making Houston fans hate him and further than they already do.

Remember the McRib argument?  Josh made a comment about the McRib, a listener (non black) said it could be construed as racist. I'm black and I never knew ribs was a black thing but Rich went out of his way to let Josh know that people could perceive it the wrong way. That was the most insane thing I've heard Rich say.



I could be wrong but I believe the Josh and Rich marriage is coming to an end.  Its funny looking at this show implode when you clearly see Josh saying by his action "fine Rich, you want to lead, LEAD" and the show is flat out boring now.

No one wants to hear "swell guy" radio or Rich and John McClain talk about "the good ole days" or some dumb ass Luv Yu Blu story that we've heard a million times.

The show is stale because Josh is allowing Rich to run Point Guard.  In the past, I knew I could turn on J&R and either be pissed off or laughing.  Now I turn on the show, its Robert Henslee level boring with the exception of a few laughs here and there.

Rich Lord's direction of radio may have worked in 1998 but that brand does not work in 2013.



shynolan_reese said...

good Rich is just from the old school of stale boring dont need to be Josh and try to piss everyone off but man....anyway good article...thanks for enlighting me on their situation i honestly dont listen to the show at at at all though.

favorite quote and i totally agree with it "No one wants to hear "swell guy" radio or Rich and John McClain talk about "the good ole days" or some dumb ass Luv Yu Blu story that we've heard a million times."


Shecky Goldstein said...

I could've written this for you and saved you a lot of time: Josh is a pervert and sucks. End of story.