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Numbers Education
A share means a % of all radio listeners in a  market that are tuned into a station.

Example:  If The Boxx (97.9) is rocking a 7% share that would equate to 7% of the Boxx's market.  I will keep this simple, with population.  Houston is about 4.6 Million strong, 7% of that is 315,000 listeners for the month.   However, do not confuse Metropolitan areas with Radio Signals.  Signals can go far and beyond Metro and I have personally been in Austin Texas and have picked up 790, 97.9 and 610 with ease.


BIG UPS to Nick Wright and John Lopez for recapturing the lead in Houston Sports Talk Radio.  Honestly, I no longer serial listen to In The Loop because I'm checking out the Proper Gentlemen, Sports Talk 790 Morning Show however I still get enough  In The Loop in to know things are pretty much the same.  Over the last couple of months it's been rough in the numbers but as expected they bounced back to regain the lead upon football season's return.  I believe Nick is the leader of In The Loop and moving forward Nick may want to consider talking to John.

Sports Talk 790's Morning Show The Proper Gentlemen are in transition after relieving former Big Show hosts (Matt Jackson and Adam Wexler) of duty.  I'm a little short of saying Adam Clanton and Lance Zierlein will beat In The Loop however I fully expect Adam and Lance to be a force in the mornings.  They have a good thing going on their show.

Mid Mornings 10a -3p

I am really happy for Sports Radio 610's Mad Radio for bouncing back.  It was puzzling to see their numbers sag because I think they are the best show currently on Sports Radio 610.  Mad Ups to Mike Meltser and Seth Payne.  I think they put on a damn good show but I wish Mike had a little more "pop" in his personality however Seth's witty sense of humor and cerebral takes makes the show fun and interesting.

Jerome Solomon and Dave Tepper over at the Rush on 97.5 held steady.  I do not listen to the Rush daily  therefore I don't have an in depth feel about the show.  That said, I think the Rush may suffer in numbers without having a Local Lead In.  I also believe the Rush can layoff the black man/white man radio.  The times I have dialed, I am guaranteed to hear some type of racial joke.  It's not bad but Jerome is too damn opinionated to be reduced to black/white jokes.  I want raw unleashed Jerome on sports.  Not saying that's all they do but every time I listen, that's what I hear.

ND Kalu and Greg Koch (Sports Talk 790 In The Trenches) after being the top show in July witnessed a minor setback.  I have started back listening to In The Trenches on the regular and I'm enjoying it.  I am not sure how much of the schedule change is effecting ND and Greg but I  do know most Twitter fans are not feeling The Jay Mohr Show (National Show 11-2).  What I thought was pretty odd last month, we were praising In The Trench but that time-slot is reported as 10-3 which would have included Matt Thomas and we never recognized him.  

Drive Time 3-7p

Big Ups to Sports Radio 610s J&R Show's Josh Innes and Rich Lord for regaining the lead and being the highest rated show in the market.  Outside of giving them props for winning there's not much I can say because I think the show is boring at times a lot more often than it has been in the past.  Maybe cooler heads will prevail between the two and the energy level will return.

ESPN 97.5 THE BLITZ with Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman held serve at 2.1.  The Blitz is currently one of my favorite shows, I listen everyday and I believe the Blitz has the  potential to be huge.


As I look at the numbers, the one thing that stood out, all Sports Radio 610 shows increased whereas other stations either held steady or decreased.

As much as I didn't totally believe this in the past, but the proof is in the pudding, Sports Radio 610s numbers are greatly effected by the Texans.

Although Sports Radio 610 is winning across the board, their numbers are still down compared to last year.

What he have seen over the summer is Sports Radio 610 listeners either leaving the market or jumping to other stations.

Bottom line, football season, expect all Houston sports talk shows to receive a bump in their numbers however, Sports Radio 610 is reaping the benefits a little earlier.



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