Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Written by: LM

It’s public knowledge that Josh Innes’ contract with Sports Radio 610 is up in November.  Over the last four years, Josh has been vocal when he is about to re-up but this time; I've noticed he’s been silent. 

Sure, during various on-air fights with Rich Lord and some of the audience wanting him gone, Josh will say, “I’ll be gone soon”.  We've heard it so much, it's a local punchline.  In fact, we've heard it so much that Lance Zierlein and Adam Clanton spoofed about Josh threatening to leave only to return. 

That said, this time is a little different.  I am picking up on certain clues that make me believe, he’s really leaving.


It just hit me, I have not heard an “old fashion” Rich Lord versus Josh Innes fight.  I am only speculating but it appears,Josh may be trying to clean up that part of his image if he’s planning on a career elsewhere. Lately, I have heard several exchanges that would have led to an on air fight in the past but over the last few months, I've noticed that Josh refuses to engage and allow Rich to have his way.


In most workplace environments, employers refuse to pay-out for sick time upon resignation or termination.  Every now and then you will come across a company willing to pay for “sick days” but not too often.  The last couple of months, Josh is utilizing his sick time.   If you have “sick time” use it or you will lose it.  It seems like Josh has been using a lot of his sick days.   Initially, I didn't think much of it until last week when  I heard, Josh was out sick taking his dog (Luther Van Dam) to the vet and that’s when It got my attention.  Not only is it strange that a company would allow a sick day for a dog but equally strange that I know why Josh is out.   I mean screw the whole HIPPA Laws and the whole confidentiality thingy in regards to medical confidentiality.   When an employee is burning through their Sick Days, they are likely about to bounce


This may very well  be the last J&R Fight.  Audio is a month and a half old and unless you heard it live,
this will be a shocker.  Unlike the countless Josh and Rich on-air spats, this one got a little “real” especially with Josh’s contract situation looming.  Rich Lord took Josh flat out, why are you still here if you hate it so much and I’m not going anywhere.


Check this out on Chirbit



I believe Josh Innes is leaving Houston however I wonder if I’m wrong.  As much as I believe Josh is leaving Houston, I hear him say things like “I’m looking for a home because I don’t like apartments” makes me wonder.

Josh’s contract is up in November, will he stay or will he go?   Makes you wonder if the "baseball ball park tour" Josh and Jilly were on this summer was more about feeling out other markets. Not to mention, Josh just returned from Philadelphia, the plot deepens

If Josh leaves the J&R Show, who will be a  suitable replacement,  Travis Johnson, Brien Straw,  Fred Davis or the Wild Card Marc Vandermeer.  I have some external CBS/610 candidates but I don’t want to tip my hand.



Jay Owe said...

If he does leave, I will actually start listening to 610 in the afternoons again. I have not listened to the afternoon show in 3 years. It would be some of the best news I have ever heard if he does leave.

Shecky Goldstein said...

Innes is a narcissist jerk. Nener should have been hired.

xrae said...

Well it's December 5 and Josh is still on 610. Dam you LM for getting my hopes up! Even though I don't care for Josh at all, I like Jay Mohr even less. Honesty I'd rather listen to Josh talking about other men's junk on a 24 hour loop than listen to 10 minutes of that whining d bag Jay Mohr.

Katlikeafox said...

Well, you called it. Josh announced he is leaving for Philly today.

Katlikeafox said...

Well, you called it. Josh announced today was his last day and he's leaving for Philly.

Mike Mace said...

Thank you very much for this douche bag. I'd pay you to take him back. I'd say 9 outta 10 calls that he takes are of people calling to rip him. If we're not listening to him talk about blankets, cats, or rap music we're listening to him get ripped. I need your help to bring this guy down. You have to flood his Twitter, Facebook, and WIP pages with harassing messages. Help us bring him down!!!

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