Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Written by: Craig Shelton
Date posted: 7/29/2014

Arian Foster has always been accommodating with me. I've  never once personally had an issue in dealing with Foster. So to others in the Houston media, I say, perhaps Arian Foster is just a guy who does not value a relationship with the Houston media.

So why does the media spin Foster's surly moods as to indicate the guy doesn't like playing in Houston?

The Houston sports talk media consistently spins story lines to support their viewpoints.

The Houston sports talk media will equate Texans first-year head coach Bill O'Brien's surly demeanor to a dislike for the media,  but with Arian Foster, it's  "he doesn't love the game" or, "he doesn't want to be in Houston. "

Why is that?

I've observed Arian Foster with my own eyes on numerous occasions interact with fans favorably in an accommodating manner. If the media (or fans) expect Texans players to all be in full time #99 mode, that's just NOT a realistic expectation.

I believe it's simple. Arian Foster doesn't give a sh%t about the Houston's cornball (#SwellGuy) sports media and what they think of him. I DO NOT believe the propaganda campaign the local media is attempting to sell on fans that Arian doesn't appreciate the fans or the city. 

It's highly likely and reasonable to consider that Arian Foster feels like he has been BURNED by the media here.

I don't get how the same people who define Foster as standoffish, all claim somehow to have so much insight on what Arian is thinking internally?

Why does the money a player make become a part of the process in determining what his demeanor should be with fans and media?

Did hip hop and R&B fans who paid as much as $80 for parking to see Beyonce & Jay Z's  "ON THE RUN" tour concerts, attend with an expectation of hugging it out with the Carters on a selfie? No????

The reality is that all a ticket to a sporting event guarantees fans is a seat to watch the event. It's not a right of passage to receive autographs, hugs, kisses, selfies, etc.

When you buy a ticket to a baseball game,  it doesn't guarantee you a foul ball or HR ball to take home.

Fans should learn to enjoy what they paid for on the ticket they purchased.


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Steve said...

Why is it that you are hearing what no one else is hearing? I don't think anyone has said he doesn't want to play here or he doesn't love the game.

Do you have insight to what he's thinking? I mean, since you claim that others who make the claim (and they don't) that they know what he's thinking.

Not sure why you spent the last 4 paragraphs changing the subject to the fans.

And define "cornball", "swell guy" media.