Saturday, July 19, 2014



Written By: LM

Sports Radio 610s Program Director Ryan McCreeden created a challenge amongst the shows.  For five consecutive days, each show had to compete in a challenge.  At the end of the week, which ever show won would be compensated with a day off.

Some of the challenges were typical College Frat Boy pranks but others were gay.

Wednesday, while the 610 Host challenge was in full swing, Brien Straw and Paul Gallant of the Night Show talked about two hosts from Boston that berated Erin Andrews.  In the audio below, you will hear Brien Straw say the Boston show is reaching and pulling stunts.

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Brien was correct however I couldn't believe he said it in a week:

Sean Pendergast is getting his back waxed.  Nick Wright sucking Dorito Dust off of John Lopez's finger.  Ted Johnson and Sean Pendergast sharing a pretzel, mouth to mouth with practice wrapped around their face.  Paul Gallant and Brien Straw licking something off one or the other's neck.

None of the challenges actually appeared as disgusting as verbally described on the radio but they were going for "shock" value. 

What Program Director in a genre dominated by men, actually thinks this is a good idea, Ryan McCreeden, that's who.  Since McCreeden has been Program Director, some of the hosts have made jokes about him being gay or having a dark-side and even this week, some of the hosts were questioning his games.

Easy, is to say Sports Radio 610 is gay but it's much more.  They are mocking "gay" and will be the main ones that crush others who say one word.

It's clear that Sports Radio 610 is also trying to recreate the environment Josh Innes created at 610.  I thought I was the only one that noticed, but Mannifresh picked up on it as well as he mentioned it on his show.  The problem they are up against, Josh Innes was predictably unpredictable and all of these goof ball antics are not.

As far as the hosts, what can I say?  If your boss wants you to perform weirdo acts, its not like you can actually say ummm, NO I will not do that.  I'm curious, what if Ryan McCreeden asked the hosts to dress up as Black Face would they?  Of course they wouldn't because they know it's not cool but they have no problem at all joking about gay.

 I am glad no other stations in town are scraping the bottom of the barrel for show content. "It's a slow time in sports" is not an excuse.  Since Gavin Spittle's departure, Sports Radio 610 has dropped off big time in terms of entertainment.  Sports Radio really needs the Texans to return in a hurry or these Ryan McCreeden may just have them performing sex acts on air because Sports Radio is WILD AND WACKY.

Brien Straw, did Sports Radio 610 "reach" or "stunt" this week or is it routine workplace behavior?



lockmat said...

Local sports radio has become like a high school gossip rag. They sound like a bunch of women a lot of times.

Although these are local shows, I think we don't branch out and talk about national topics enough. And not just ones on headlines.

And when we do talk about local sports it usually not about the game and plays themselves. I liked it last week when 790 had all the Chron sports writers hosting in place of Charlie. They actually got into the nitty gritty of baseball etc. You know, details! And they were well informed opinions, not something they just thought of off the cuff.

shynolan_reese said...

i agree with Lockat...i wish the local guys would cover national headlines more as well...and these local shows never talk baseball enough