Thursday, August 21, 2014


Written By: LM

Thursday, Sports Radio 610 Afternoon Drive's Triple Threat talked Arian Fosters interview in Denver.

Rich Lord called Arian Foster an A Hole (asshole).  I am over the media bitching about Arian's behavior, they are collectively feminine but Rich Lord got personal.

I warned everyone, after Rich Lord was replaced as the Texans Sideline Reporter by John Harris, his takes would change.  Nearly 7 or 8 years I witnessed Rich Lord bootlicking the Texans.  Now, all of a sudden, we are hearing a more vocal Rich towards the Texans.  I will venture to say, some of Josh Innes and Rich Lord's epic fights was because of Rich's Texans Brown Nosing.

In the audio, you will hear Rich will mention Robert Hensley (610 Employee/Sports Director) pissed about his interaction with Arian.  I can understand media people at practice working to get sound being upset but I don't understand some guy in an air conditioned studio that much rather be in a Lazy Boy Chair in Sugar Land displaying fake anger.  Listening to Rich go in on Arian Foster, you would think he actually cared.

It's laughable to hear Rich Lord have a take about Arian Foster or any Texan Player at practice.  Rich Lord is the absolute last person in the Houston Media Market I need to hear blast a Professional Player.  Let me put this in perspective, Sports Radio 610 is located on 59 and Weslayan, 19th Floor Greenway Plaza.  The Triple Threat, runs from 2-7p, I honestly believe, by 7:01pm, Rich is already at 59s/Beltway 8.  Rich Lord is the absolute laziest host in Houston.  Rich Lord's sports analysis is a joke, and most who actually follow sports, think he's full of it.

As far as the media and fans in general that have a problem with Arian's responses, grow up.  If you know the dude don't want to talk, move around, but the media is slick, Arian snubbing media is now the story.  Therefore, the media will go to him even more and complain.

Sean Pendergast alluded to media's job in terms of out there getting audio.   In the meeting, is the media supervisor telling foot soldiers "Ignore everyone else at practice and talk to Arian who's not giving you anything". Yes, yes that's exactly what's going on,  Arian Snubbing the Local Media has become their little story-line.

I can read the stitches on the fast ball.  Below is the audio of Rich Lord calling Arian Foster an AHOLE.

In this Audio, you will hear Rich Lord calling National Personality Mike Francesa a "blow-hard".  Jokingly, Sean called Rich Lord, the Mike Francesa of Houston. Rich Lord told Sean not to say that because Houston may begin not liking him. Are you kidding me?

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HankHill'sMurderousGolfClub said...

Francesa is a blowhard but he's also about 1000x more entertaining than Lord or any of his drive time morons will ever be