Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Written by: Craig Shelton
Date posted: 9/3/2014

When Texans fans woke up Sunday to the news that former Arkansas Razorback, quarterback Ryan Mallet, was a Houston Texan after three years as an understudy to Tom Brady in New England, the fan (and media) buzz was set forth at God speed.

Unfortunately for Texans fans,  the news broke of Mallet's trade to Houston over the Labor Day weekend, which meant Houston's vibrant sports talk market was being manned by third-string talent or sports talk's version of street free-agents. As a result, coverage and analysis of the Mallet trade was poor to unlistenable until Tuesday morning when the first teamers rolled into the locker room and took control of the M.I C.

Irregardless of which side of the proverbial "line in the sand" you find yourself on in terms of projecting the level of success Ryan Mallet will have as a Texans signal caller, chances are you overlooked what took place as a result of the Ryan Mallett trade to Houston. What was achieved via the Mallet trade was the further confirmation that Jayson Braddock (SportsTalk790) is currently Houston's most valuable football mind. 

As far back as OTAs when the rumor mill began to flurry around the possibility of Ryan Mallet possibly coming to the Texans by way of a trade with New England, Jayson Braddock told me of information he had that the Texans were definitely in trade mode - all out, full-time, in an attempt to acquire Mallet. As time went on, many in the media including some of Jayson's contemporaries at Sports Talk 790 discredited any thought that the Texans were efforting to acquire Mallet via trade.

Many media members across town even argued that the Texans should not even consider going after Mallet because he didn't have the experience and, "we've already been down the back-up quarterback road with Matt Schaub."

As time progressed further throughout the NFL off-season without any movement in regard to Mallet coming to Houston via trade, doubt permeated throughout the Houston market with other members of the media (including Houston Chronicle/Texans beat writer John McClain) ensuring Texans fans on several occasions that, "there's no way the Texans are trading for Ryan Mallett."

Well, John McClain was incorrect as it has become commonplace with McClain's analysis of circumstances regarding the Texans operations.

Personally speaking,  I do not find any level of remarkability in the fact none of the local media around Houston came out and gave Jayson Braddock credit for his steadfast position and hardline on Mallet being traded to the Texans at some point by New England. 

What I do find remarkable and (somewhat suspicious) is the fact that none of Jayson's teammates at Sports Talk 790, many of the same guys that he has gone on air with, gave Braddock any credit for getting it right in regard to the Mallet trade.

I totally understand the competitive nature of the business of sports media and sports talk media specifically. That being said, to completely snub one of your own guys when there was a clear opportunity for the people at Sports Talk 790 to waive the glorious 790 flag in saying "WE GOT IT RIGHT," when John McClain who works with CBS RADIO, the home broadcast station for the Houston Texans, "got it wrong!" 

I just find this set of circumstances, very, very suspicious.

HMW will be looking further into the odd circumstances around Jayson Braddock being snubbed by his own teammates at Sports Talk 790.

Trust me people when I tell you, it's just not commonplace in this market for any sports talk station, let alone any individual sports talk host, to pass up an opportunity to boast and brag and wave their flag.


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