Thursday, November 6, 2014

Texans Locker Room Incident Goes Unreported by Jermaine Every

Texans Locker Room Incident Goes Unreported
By: Jermaine Every

I spoke to a well-placed source that informed me of an incident in the Texans locker room yesterday that went unreported by the media. Arian Foster was at his locker when media availability time came after practice. As the huddle gathered around him, he proceeded to play on his cell phone. After a few minutes, he then turned his phone around to capture video of the media huddle asking, “Ain’t this weird?” While the same members of the huddle answered “No” he proceeded to ask and video them. This went on for a few moments, and eventually they all left. Finding this funny that nobody decided to report this incident, especially considering the way some media members roasted Foster for his “teammate” rant earlier in training camp. In the words of Arsenio Hall: Things that make you go “Hmmmm?”


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