Sunday, March 29, 2015


Below are the latest ratings and for a more comprehensive break down, check out David Barron's article in the Houston Chronicle .

Props to Paul Gallant and Brien Straw  for winning the February book.  Helluva job to make hay in the night slot but I can understand.  Brien and Paul are opinionated and have strong opposing points which provides for "good" radio at times.  I included both but really Brien is known to go against the grain.   He can come off arrogant at times but he's not afraid to go against the status quo.

As usual, Triple Threat continues to prove a ratings hog.   It's not a show a listen to but they continue to pull the ratings

Hands down one of my favorite shows.  It would be interesting to view Mad Radio's hourly numbers.   It's my theory MAD radio starts off hot but then they slow down ass the show progress and reset topics.  Its a good show, I use to be annoyed by Seth Payne's "anger but now I've notice he overtalks Mike Meltser a shit ton.   It's not a game changer but I think he could allow Mike to get his point before interrupting 

I can't listen to Proper Gentlemen Of Sports consistently anymore.  I listen but not like I want to.  I'm forced to listen to Sports Radio 610 Morning Show.  It's only so many internet viral videos or internet stories I can take.  That said, they are still kicking ass in the mornings.

As far as Sports Radio 610's morning show,   Nick Wright's Ratings Rant when he first got to Houston

The Blitz is currently my favorite and I've been trying to figure why their ratings sag.  I have come to the conclusion, they may be hurting because they have no lead in local show.  I really believe BLITZ is victim to National Programming.  

I have completely dialed out of this show.  I listen every now and then but not like I use to.

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