Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Josh Innes fights back after Adam Clanton tries to get him fired

Josh Innes is no stranger to controversial confrontations with members of the media and the hierarchy Houston's local sports franchises. After being blindsided over the weekend by his fellow Sports Talk 790 colleague Adam Clanton and reportedly being discipline by 790 management Innes it took to the airwaves to defend himself. 

Innes fell out of favor with the Houston Rockets brass years before joining Sports Talk 790. According to comments Innes made in an interview on his show with Daryl Morey on Monday, Clanton received a text message from Innes on Sunday of Innes wearing a Russell Westbrook t-shirt on his off day in Austin TX, in which Clanton forwarded to a Rockets administrator. Innes was reprimanded by 790's management on Monday, Tuesday, Innes took to the airwaves to state his case publicly.

Josh Innes Goes Off 

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Josh Innes explodes on Adam Clanton, Dary Morey and 790

Josh Innes explains the full situation at Sports Talk 790 

Josh Innes explains the full situation at Sports Talk 790 


Allen Wynn said...

Adam Clanton is the biggest bitch on Houston Radio...period. Constantly kissing the Rockets and every sports teams ass and acting like a hoe when someone thinks anything different. Sending a personal text message to another is the biggest bitch move ever

Brandon Sharp said...

Josh Innes should be fired. He's horrible as a Sports Talk host. He would be a good Shock Jock host, but that's about it. He's very racist and veers off on tangents more than staying on one topic. He respects no one. Not his callers, not his sponsors (often talks or is giggling during), not his radio brethren and certainly not Houston's sports teams. He's always singing to songs and is a complete clown. His show is Busch league if not worse.

Anonymous said...

HAHAH what a thin skinned fool. A tweet completely made Josh Innes cry.