Friday, August 4, 2017

Houston's Podcast Fever

Written By: Lamont

When HMW formed, Craig Shelton (Founder) said he envisioned more people branching out and delivering alternatives to standard radio.  At the time, I received it as foreshadowing the internet and social media age.

Seven years later, damn near everyone has a podcast.    I love it because podcasts are raw and unregulated by the rules terrestrial radio are governed by the  FCC.

Disclaimer, I do not listen to all of the ones listed on the regular but time to time, I will give them a listen.

Below are a few podcasts in Houston.

Lima Time -   If you do not want to hear routine radio Astro's bullshit, and want laughs accompanied with in depth Astros talk, Lima Time is your spot.  I've checked them out several times and they are fun and loose.

The Raheel Show -  The Raheel Show is a mixed bag.  Hell, if you want to be interviewed, to talk about your weekend chores, contact Raheel.  Raheel is fun and laid back and likes to talk to people.  He's a people person.

Lance Zierlein -  Old man Lance left the studio's in the Galleria to do radio at home on his own terms.  I have not listened to any of his episodes but I'm sure it's football driven and wouldn't be surpriseed if some food creeps into discussions.

The Sideline - The sideline is hosted by ESPN 975's Rock The Mic winner Craig Koshkin.  I have not listened but I plan to.  He covers two of my favorite meals, Sports and Game of Thrones.

Paul Gallant -  Sports Radio 610's Paul Gallant has a podcast.  Sadly, I have not listen because I was confused if this was his TV Show on the Cube or truly a podcast.  I plan on listening especially since he is also a big time Game of Thrones fan.

From the Couch -  I am thoroughly convinced, Josh Innes is not operating on a 24 hour day like regular humans.  Dude has three shows going in various markets.  I've checked FTC from time to time.  From what I've heard, it's a podcast inclusive of Philly (his prior home) and Houston.

Geek Media Corps -  GMC is hosted by my Mike.  I will not front or stunt, he's a true geek and go way beyond I'm willing to go in TV and Comics but he's a Game of Thrones book reader and I love stealing that knowledge when I can.

State of the Texans -State of the Texans is hosted by Pat Starr and Cleave.  It's all Texans.  They have been around for a while in various formats but it's cool if you want to hear more informed shit versus the bullshit from John McClain.  They go beyond the surface talk commonly heard and read on radio and print.  They are more intimate with the Texans.  I like to call Pat my Texans Google.

Jerome Solomon -  Jerome has a TV Show Podcast thingy.  I have not watched, but I'm about to because weekend radio has gone to complete shit.

From The Nose Bleeds -  By far, The Nose Bleeds is my favorite podcast and I can even put them against terrestrial radio.  They were the first I can recall who "made it do what it do".  Hosted by Manni, Del and Dustin they are traditional podcast.  Traditional in the sense, they are live, take calls, responds to twitter, unfiltered language.  I love the podcast because they are pure fans and just talk like fellas with the boys.  In addition to, they love TV and have no problem covering various TV Shows of their interest mainly hovering around Game Of Thrones.  I have an affinity for them because in my mind, it's the audio version of HMW.  They are cats I know who love Houston area sports and very opinionated.  Did I mention, they have a cool ass Set Up.

From the Nosebleeds has taken a hiatus but I fully expect them to return with a bang.   From The Nose Bleeds is the Cadillac of how I would like Podcasts to be. The funny thing, in the Nosebleed's infancy, some would laugh at the whole premise of podcasts and now people can't wait to start one.

I am sure I overlooked some and I apologize but these are the ones that peaked my interest and future interest for that matter.  I can see more podcasts coming.  Hell, I am even thinking about doing something with a few friends on a hood level.  BOLO


TClay said...

Good stuff Lamont...thanks...I have never listened to anyone's podcast but this info was very helpful..

TClay said...

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HMW said...

Thanks Dawg - Lamont