Saturday, August 5, 2017

AJ Hoffman: If prospects prevented a trade, he do not like the way Astros are ran

Jeff Luhnow & AJ Hinch

Written by: Lamont

Upon AJ Hoffman's (ESPN 975 Host)  return, he had thoughts about the Astro's quite deadline.

There are not many in Houston I trust talking baseball, AJ is one of the few I do.  He watches the game and comes off fairly knowledgeable of the game and conveys it to his audience.

AJ made a comment Friday that floored me.  AJ said if the Astros allowed one or two prospects to cloud their decision on what they can do this year to win the World Series, he don't like that team.

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I disagree with his take mainly because we do not know what happened within these negotiations.  I have not heard Jeff Luhnow confirm anything.  People are assuming we know what Jeff was doing based upon a bunch of writers and empty gossip.

It's as if, if trades would have been made, the Astros would have assured themselves a show in the World Series.  I know AJ did not say this but it's the type of rhetoric I am hearing and reading.

I understand fans, media and players are disappointed because a trade didn't happen at the deadline but they are acting like the Astros did not make an attempt.  The Astros did not pull a Houston Texans and watch the off-season"pass them by" without a single attempt.  Luhnow struck out and didn't get a major deal done, it happens.  I have seen people go at Luhnow and make comments like "he suck" or "I don't like how the Astros are ran".

Jeff Luhnow has the Astros as popular as the Texans in August.  The team is playing with a triage unit and still busting ass, yea Jeff Luhnow is a bum.

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