Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sports Radio 610's Matt Hammond favors Bill O'Brien over Mike Tomlin

Written by: Lamont

Over the last couple of months, I've decided to give Matt Hammond a second try.  I will not lie, I went at him pretty hard but he's a young man trying to make a living.  He is not a bad guy.

Matt's radio style is analogies. He relies on anlogies.  Matt was one of the few people (if any at all) who called a trade for Brock Osweiler when most thought Houston was not up for parole for another year.

Now that I've gotten the mushy stuff out of the way, Matt Hammond may have had one of the strangest takes I've ever heard.  According to the audio below, Matt favors Houston Texans Bill O'Brien over Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin.

Check this out on Chirbit

Matt was not about to be showed up by his cohost Landry Locker therefore he revisited the debate.

Check this out on Chirbit

I thought I heard wrong and I was about to listen again before seeing (ESPN 975) AJ Hoffman's tweet.

Matt's bigger point was,  look at the QBs those coaches had.  I get the correlation of coaches but O'Brien is no where near the coach of Tomlin.   O'Brien had one of the most unimaginative offenses I have ever seen in Houston.   People like to say "look what O'Brien was dealt".  O'Brien has consistently told us, he is part of the decision making, it's a partnership.

If anyone should be compared, it should be Texans Defensive Coordinator Romeo Crennel because he is the only the reason the Texans has been relevant.  Matt wants people to give O'Brien credit.  It's odd because I think O'Brien receives too much credit in Houston.


After hearing the "on air" debate, I went to Twitter and polled O'Brien versus Tomlin.

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