Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Pat's Starr is shining

Written by: Lamont

Pat Starr is the founder of State of the Texan. I've followed his commentary for some time. I use to view him as overly zealous fan.  He and I have had some disagreements and put it aside and argue again.

John McClain is the Texans official Beat Writer.  Before Bill O'Brien, Texan fans were at the mercy of John.  John was the source of all information related to the Texans. I believe John's relationship with Kubiak's regime was better than O'Brien's.

I't did not appear that Pat's relationship with the Kubiak regime was similar to John's but Pat was doing his thing back then.  Difference is, Pat is ascending and John is not.

I follow both on all mediums from social media to radio.  I listen to all radio in Houston and commonly hosts reference Pat.  Hosts will mention John but in terms of volume, it's Pat.

These days, when John is mentioned, it's to mock him depending on the station/show while using Pat as serious segment discussions.

On Twitter, Pat is considered the  Unofficial Texans Beat Writer by a lot of Texan fans.   He tends to get sensitive about the Texans, especially when the information is inaccurate and it's all good. I like the fact he's grinding and is a solid source of information in Houston.

Pat is not only a fan of the Texans, he's a huge Astros fan; State of the Astros?  Outside of sports, he loves late 90s and early 2000s Hip Hop and R&B, especially Busta Rhymes.

Ways to reach Pat Starr

Twitter:    Pat Starr
Website:  State of The Texans
Podcast:   State of the Texans

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