Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Derrick "Day Day" Foreman addresses Tom Herman UT's Offense

Monday, Derrick Foreman (the dad of Avanti Foreman University of Texas's WR) was on the Chop Shop (Amazing 102.5) with Jim Hicks and Robert Hatter. Unless you have been living under a rock, Derrick went off on UT's Offense.  I will not elaborate on his his words because he was very "frank" on how he feels.

I am a Houston native, and I critique talk sports talk radio;  I follow most radio programming and I was happy to find the Chop Shop.  If sports talk hosts can critique Owners, General Managers and players, why can't fans critique them?  

That said, I really enjoyed the Chop Shop.  The atmosphere felt like a Sunnyside or South Park Barber Shop where cats speak candidly.  They definitely have a new listener.

Below is Derrick Foreman's words

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