Sunday, October 15, 2017

Local Media "leaving" Twitter, BULLSHIT, LAME

Written By: Lamont

Do you know how long I've heard local sports media complain about leaving Twitter and jump right back in the cesspool?

Josh Innes mastered it.  Josh was quitting Twitter and social media every other week when he was with Sports Radio 610.  I am sure he used this bit in Philadelphia too.  Have not heard him draw from this well as of late.

Then it was Lance Zierlein.  Granted, I never heard lance say he was going to quit but he alluded plenty of how negative Twitter is.

Fred Faour ass has been threatening to quit twitter for nearly four years.  Fred actually had a two segment hit of him contemplating leaving Twitter last week.

Then their is Seth Payne. Seth has quit Twitter more than words I can spell correctly.  When Seth leaves Twitter, the shit is funny because he's opinionated and loves to engage with "SWELL" guys.

There are many more in this market who use this gimmick.

All of the "I am leaving Twitter" shit is grand standing.  Are we stupid?  When you don't want to deal with shit, you stop, you don't announce it on some bullshit pullpit.  It looks really lame when you can control what you see on social media.

I have seen two people, alter their social media without an announcement in Craig Shelton and Manni Fresh.  These guys didn't have some "GRAND" speech.

Most people I know who wants to stop social media or draw back, do it.  They don't go on social media or radio and give a Preamble Speech. 

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