Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Jim Mudd: 610 not allowed go 90 Seconds without talking Texans

Written by LM:

Josh Innes and Jim Mudd are confirming all of my conspiracy theories.   I do not believe Sports Radio 610 are homers but I think they cling to the Texans well.  It's literally all they talk about and they do not hide it.  As a matter of fact they may even send this shit to Texans to prove they talk Texans 24/7.

Since Josh and Jim assumed morning duties on Sports Talk 790, they have been dropping nuggets about 610.  Josh and Jim were former 610 employees and know how the stationed is programmed. 

I'm a radio slut, and I love hearing shit like I heard today.  During an Astros give away,   Jim revealed that the Texans are mandated to talk Texans and they couln't go longer than 90 seconds without it

Audio below

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Ninety Seconds

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