Sunday, December 31, 2017

Josh Innes accuses Rick Smith of using his wife's cancer

Written By: Lamont

I am not the type to get touchy about things but there are some issues I don't play with it.  Sports Talk 790 Morning Josh Innes accused Rick Smith of using his wife's cancer diagnosis to hide the fact he's being demoted.

No matter if it's right or wrong, it's wrong to say some shit like that.  I am cool with Josh, but his tweets were shitty and disgusting.

But I know the game, in the climate of trying to get attention in a depressed market.  Job well done, he got the attention he wanted but at the risk of losing fans.

I told Josh, the shit he tweeted would have gotten his ass whooped. I feel everything is fair game but you should not be bumping your gums about shit you have no clue about.

Funny how Josh will crush JJ Watt for being an attention and immediately fire off at Rick Smith.

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